Monday, March 24, 2014

The Affectionate Biewer Yorkshire Terriers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Biewer Yorkshire Terriers were parti colored dogs, having colors of black and white or other colors. These breeds originated in Germany. Gertrud and Weiner ner Brewer were responsible for producing these dogs. They used the recessive genes of Yorkshire Terriers. With the birth of the female, they were able to produce a piebald puppy. They both found this puppy very attractive and they started a selective breeding process so that they can produce more piebald puppies. The next litter produced white markings. Through these constant breeding, they were able to form what they called the Biewer Yorkshire Terriers.

Biewer Yorkshire Terriers are quite sparse and not easy to find. It's a toy dog that has lengthy hair and it goes straight down the sides of their bodies. This breed was brought to the U.S.A. It's almost the same like the Yorkshire Terriers except for it's colors. They have heads that have 3 kinds of colors: black or blue, white and gold and it does conform and blends naturally. With their bodies and coats. Their stomachs, chests, legs and the end parts of their tails are white. They have a full tail,. The colors of their backs are blue or black and with white colors included. They have hair that is silky and does not curl. Their coats need to be maintained. Those owners who want their dogs to be their companions will want these dogs to have the puppy cut look. Give them a bath once only in three weeks. Owners must comb their hair every week and they must use a wire comb.

If you want your Biewer Yorkshire Terriers to participate in shows,owners must pay more attention to their dogs. For this they need to be groomed specially. Have their coats wrapped,, this way their coats will reach the floor. They will look remarkable.

These little Biewer Yorkshire Terriers are very energetic. They are unmindful of their sizes\. These dogs want to satisfy their owners. They are lively but can be difficult to control. Give them the proper obedience training. It has most of the characteristics of the Yorkshire Terriers. They can be very suspicious of strangers and they can become assertive with them. Though these dogs are sweet and loving, they do demand a lot of attention from their owners. Do not tease or provoke these dogs or else they will snap at anyone who does these things to them.
One of their main instincts they have is that of guard dogs. Do not be too protective of these dogs, because they can become mentally unstable. They love to b e a part of the family and they like lying down on the laps of their owners.

These dogs will do alright living in apartments but they must have their daily exercises to stimulate their minds and for them to let go of their pent up energy. Give them time to play and bring them out for daily long walks.

Biewer Yorkshire Terriers are prone to eye diseases, tracheal collapse, dental diseases, patellar luxation, bronchitis, tooth decay and stomach problems.

These dogs will reach heights of 8.5 inches and will weigh 7 pounds.

Biewer Yorkshire Terriers will live between 12 – 15 years.

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