Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fun Loving Beagles

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Beagles appeared during the 1500's. Hunters in England during that time would take these dogs with them and track down rabbits, rodent like mammals like hares, pheasants quails and small animals. Probabky these breeds were the results of crossbreeding other kinds of English hounds. These dogs are so popular in the United States. They can hunt alone in pack, pairs or alone.Their names could have originated from the french word “be'geule” meaning gape throats, from the french word “ beigh, “ the old english word “ begele,” or from the celtic “ beag,'”and all of these words means small.

Beagles are strong, tough small hounds and they look like miniature foxhounds. They have square like buitl bodies. Their skulls are a bit long and slightly round. They have square muzzles that are intermediate in length.They have big eyes that are colored brown or light golden brown and they are separated well apart. Their ears are white and look like pendants that are set rather low and long. Their noses are black and wide, with full nostrils. They have round feet that are sturdy. These dogs have tails that are set moderately high but it does not curl all the way to their backs. Their coats are of medium length, close, sturdy, smooth and glossy. They do have colors like lemon, three colors, black and tan, red and white, orange and white, lemon and white, blue ticks and red ticks. These dogs have a deep prolonged howl.

Beagles are loving, charming and clam. They are always joyful when they get to see their owners and their families. They have an unusual way of greeting them because these dogs will wag their tails. They will do well with children and they will do well with other dogs. These dogs are courageous, smart and friendly. These dogs have hinting instincts and they must not be in the company of non canine pets.. They need to be trained to follow orders because if not these dogs will follow their own ways of thinking. Owners must be the pack leaders of these dogs.. Give these dogs mental and physical exercises. This will prevent them from having separation anxieties. They will remain gentle if you give them enough exercises to do everyday. Do not unleash your dogs if you are not in a safe areas. These dogs can go astray because of their hunting instincts. They will not hear your calls because they tend to be engrossed when they are hunting. Be their pack leaders if not, they will start snapping, will be barking too much, biting. They will show off other destructive behaviors. It is best for owners to show that they are the pack leaders to prevent these behaviors from happening.

The height of the male dogs will range from 14 – 16 inches, Females will reach heights of 13 – 15 inches. Males will weigh 22 – 25 pounds while females will weigh 20 – 23 pounds.

These dogs are susceptive to health problems such as: epilepsy, heart disease, eye and back problems, dwarfism, ( bended front legs ) and mast cell tumors.

Beagles are suited for apartment living.They will do well indoors but they must given time to run around in medium sized yards that are well fenced.

These dogs do pack a lot of energy and they have tremendous stamina. They must brisk walk with their owners consistently. Always use leashes when walking them. Doing this will prevent them from escaping because they might want to hunt.

Their life expectancy is 12 – 15 years. The females will give birth to at least 7 puppies.

The coats of these dogs are easy to deal with. Brush these dogs using firm bristle brushes. Give them a bath by using mild soap only when it becomes necessary. Use Dry shampoo from time to time. Check their ears consistently because it can develop infections. Always trim their nails. These breeds are average shedders.

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