Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Wonderful Labrador Retrievers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Labrador Retrievers are one of the well known breeds in the United States today. These dogs were originally located in Newfounland ( one of four islands in Canada ).
They worked with fishermen. These dogs were trained by them to jump into icy waters to assist them in pulling the nets. These dogs were also trained to catch fish that fell out from loose nets. The were brought by English ships to England. Breeders crossed them with other retrievers to enhance it's instincts as a hunter dog.These dogs will do extremely well in hunting, tracking, retrieving, watch dogs, police works and in detecting narcotics They are very good family companions and they can be trained easily.

There are two kinds of Labradors, The English and American Labrador. The English Labradors have a different appearance than their american counterparts. The English Labradors are heavily built, massive in weight and thicker. The American Labradors are tall and slender. Their coats are generally flat and not wavy.. Their coat colors are solid black, chocolate or yellow. Some of them may possess colors a ranot so co common silver or gray color. It could be controversial but others say it's a true mutation.The heads of these dogs are long and having moderates stops. Their noses are black on black dogs, black on yellow dogs and brown on chocolate colored dogs. The teeth of these dogs meet in scissor like bites. Their mouths, noses and jaws are moderately wide. Labradors have necks that are evenly wide but powerful. These dogs have bodies that are a bit longer than their heights.They have eyes that are colored brown in yellow and black dogs. The eyes of chocolate colored dogs are light golden brown or brown.. Other Labradors have green or greenish – yellow eyes.. Dogs that hve silver colors have gray eyes.The eye rims of yellow and black dogs are colored black. In chocolate dogs the rims are colored brown. They have medium sized ears. It is shaped like a pendant and their ears are hanging downwards. At the base, their tails are thick and it becomes thinner towards the end. Their tails are fully filled with short hair. They have webbed like feet that are firmly built and this helps the dog to swim.

Labrador Retrievers are faithful, loving, caring and patient dogs. This is why they will make great family dogs. These dogs are known to be intelligent, pleasant and they are quite willing to please their masters.They love to play and are known to swim in water. Dogs of these kinds are sprightly. Their temperaments are mellow. These dogs are friendly, great with children and they can mix with other dogs.Labradors like their owners to become their leaders and they need to be part of the family. Socialize these dogs while they are still puppies. Adult Labradors are so strong. Owners must give them leash training. These dogs must be trained not to run out of the dogs or gates first. They must let their masters be the first one's to go out. They are better known as watch dogs than guard dogs. They can destroy things if their owners are not their pack leaders or if they do not get much mental and physical exercise. Labradors that have English lineage are more laid back and peaceful. They are also known to mature faster than their American counterparts.

The heights of the males will reach 22 – 24 inches while the females will reach heights of 21 – 23 inches. Males will weigh as much 60 – 75 pounds while females will weigh 55 – 70 pounds.

These dogs do acquire sicknesses like hip and bone dysplasia, PRA ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy ) and eye disorders..

Labradors can live in apartments. This is as long as they are given enough exercises to do. They are fairly active indoors. It is best for them to run around in medium sized yards that are properly fenced.

Labradors are full of energy They like it so much if they are given workouts and time to play. Take them out on long daily brisk walks. Owners can jog alongside them. When walking, these dogs must walk by your sides or at your backs. This will show them that the owners are their pack leaders.Give them jobs to do and they will feel very satisfied. They must not be overfed because they can gain weight easily.

These dogs will live for about 10 – 12 years.

These dogs are quite easy to groom. Owners must brush them on a consistent basis using a firm bristle brush. Dog owners must give special attention to their undercoats. Give them a bath only when it is necessary. They are average shedders.

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