Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Trustworthy and Classy Looking German Shepherds

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The German Shepherds have great looking bodies that are equally proportioned and powerful. They are strong and muscular dogs. They have bodies that are slightly extended . Their heads are in symmetry with their bodies and their heads are sort of rounded . Their noses should be black. Some of them have noses that are blue and liver colored. These are considered imperfections. Their teeth meet in strong scissor bites. They have almond shaped dark eyes but it never bulges out.. Their ears are quite extensive at the base. The ears are pointed, with a  straight upward direction and it can also turn forward. The ears of their puppies do sag a bit, when they are under six months old.. Their tails are rather thick and shaggy. Their tails can reach the joints in their hind legs and it goes down when the dogs are resting. These dogs have muscular legs and shoulders and they have thick thighs that are so strong.they do possess round feet and soles that are solid.There are three kinds of German Shepherds, The double coat, the plush coat and long haired coat. The standard colors of their coats are black combined with tan, dark brown or all black. Colors like white, blue and liver are considered as imperfections.

They are considered to be working dogs. They are brave, sensitive, always on the lookout and they ware so fearless. German Shepherds have a pleasant personality, obedient and they do want to know new things.. These kind of dogs are calm, serious but very smart. They are very faithful to their owners and will even defend them. Their learning skills are very good. These wonderful dogs like to have close ties with their families. German Shepherds are not accustomed to strangers. They need the constant companionship of people and they should never be left alone for a long time. They do not bark frequently but they bark only when it becomes a necessity. They are used as police dogs, Their instinct is to protect their owners because they are loyal dogs. Socialize these dogs when they are young. Owners must be their pack leaders and you must show them that you are the master. Any owner must exercise their mental faculties and bring them on long walks as part of their exercise. When these dogs are stable, they can mix around with other dogs. Owners and trainers must train these dogs in the right manner so that they can conduct their strong energy in the right way. They need extensive guidance from the owners. Don't just leave them listless and not doing anything. Give them playing activities like throwing a ball a so that they can catch it. These dogs have a good sense of smell and that is the reason why they are considered as one of the best police dogs. They are good when it comes to sniffing drugs.They are one of the best family companions.

Male dogs will reach heights of 24 – 26 inches, females will reach heights of 22 -24 inches. They can weigh at least 77 – 85 pounds.. They are susceptible to such diseases as hip and elbow dysplasia, blood disorders, digestive problems, chronic eczema, bloat, keratitis, flea allergies and dwarfism. They are prone to splenic tumors, endocrine pancreatic insufficiency, degenerative myelitis, perianal fistulas and Von Willebrand's disease. They can live in apartments but they must have to do a lot of exercises. Thes dogs cannot just be lying around the house. They need to roam around in big yards that are properly fenced.. Take them along with you while you jog or go brisk walking. Play frisbee with them and they will surely love it.. Do this, so they will not act in a destructive way.Their lifespan is about 13 years. These dogs shed constantly. They should be brushed daily because you won't like having their hair all around your homes. Give thenm a bath when they only need. If you bathe them constantly, it can cause skin irritation. Always trim their claws and check on their ears regularly.

These dogs originated from Karlsruhe, Germany. It was Captain Max Von Stephantz and other breeders that produced these dogs. They bred long haired, short haired and wire local herding and farm dogsf rom Wurtemberg, Thurginia and Bavaria. They presented the dogs in Hanover in 1882. The short haired type was presented in Berlin in 1889. He registered a dog whose name was Horan and it was considered as the first Deutsche Schaferhunde which means German Shepherd. Only the short haired varieties are now considered for show purposes.

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