Friday, February 28, 2014

The Speedy American Foxhounds

By Eduardo C.Gonzalez

The American Foxhounds are descendants of English and French hounds. The English hounds were brought to America in the 1650's. The French hound was a personal gift of Lafayette to George Washington. George Washington had his own breeding program The American Fox\hounds was the result of crossbreeding The English hounds and The French hounds. These dogs were used for hunting wild animals. They are so fast when chasing animals These dogs are very energetic because they have a lot of stamina packed in them. These dogs are will do good in hunting and field competiitions. They can also be very good companion dogs as long as owners give them their daily exercises. Their skills are mainly hunting, agility, watchdodogs and tracking. The American Foxhounds are a bit slimmer in sizes when compared to the English hounds.

American Foxhounds likely resemble the features of the English hounds. These dogs are lesser in weight and taller than the English hounds. They are faster and they have a better sense of smell. These are big and good loking dogs. They have sturdy front legs and the bones on their legs are so straight.Their headx are long and slightly round. These dogs have large skulls.Their ears are shaped like pendants and are lengthy Dogs of this kind have big eyes that are wide. The colors of their eyes are brown or light yellowish brown. Their tails are moderately high and their tails do not go over their backs. It curves a bit going upwards.Their short but hard coats can come in any color.

American Foxhounds are very pleasant loving and calm dogs but they can also be courageous dogs when they are hunting. They can mix well with children and other dogs because of their pack hunting backgrounds. They should not be mixed with other pets who are non – canine. These dogs are quite friendly. Owners must be their pack leaders so that they can control the behavior of their dogs.Owners must keep in mind that these dogs get attracted to scents that are fascinating. American Foxhounds have melodious barks . They really are good house pets and this is because of their backgrounds as outer pack hounds.The field kinds are better for hunting but if you want a pet dog that you will not use for hunting, buy the show line types.Give these dogs plenty of exercises and show them that you are strong willed but and confident. Owners must be persistent pack leaders

American Foxhounds will reach heights of 21 – 25 inches. And they will weigh 65 – 75 pounds.

These dogs are quite healthy and they are not susceptive to many genetic related diseases such as hip and bone problems but they do gain weight so easily. Do not overfeed these dogs.

These dogs will not be happy living in apartments. These dogs are active indoors and tney need a large yard to run around in.

American Foxhounds have a lot of stamina and they are tireless dogs. They must be given strenuous exercises daily so that they will not become restless. If you will not give them strenuous exercises then it is better for owners to choose other breeds of dogs to become their house pets. Take these dogs out for long brisk walks everyday. Just make sure that they stay by your side or at your backs. This will show them that their owners are their matters. Teach these dogs to enter and exit doors after you have done so.

They will have a lifespan of 10 – 12 years

Their smooth, short haired can be groomed so easily. Use a firm bristle brush when combing or brushing their hair. Give them a bath and shampoo their hair only when it is necessary. They are average shedders.

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