Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Powerful American Bulldogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The American Bulldogs are more agile than the English Bulldogs, This is quite possible because these dogs have longer legs. In the early years, these dogs were known for the brutal sport of bull baiting. They are known to do many things such as: guarding, hunting for bears, racoons, squirrels and wild boars. These dogs are very energetic, protective, smart and they do their jobs so well. American Bulldogs can b e used in farms because they can be used to herd and guide cattle. These dogs are known to guard other animals that would feed on the livestocks of any farm. After world war 2, these dogs were considered extinct. Because of the efforts John D. Johnson, he brought back these dogs by gathering specimens of the best kinds from the south. Due to his hard work, he was able to re – establish the American Bulldogs as a breed.

The American Bulldogs are strong, well muscled and they do have a lot of extra power. Their bodies are firmly packed together. They have legs that are rather high. These dogs are quick to react and they do run faster than the English Bulldogs. These dogs have impressive jumping abilities and they can jump six feet into the air. The males are more solidly built and their bones are more heavy than the females The females have bodies that are so refined. American Bulldogs have big heads and firmly structured jaws. These dogs are light footed . They are wide chested. Their chest are moderately deep. Just by looking at them, you will know that these dogs are athletic. American Bulldogs have muscular necks and it gradually gets thinner from the shoulders to their heads. Dogs of this kind have a slight looking pendulous skin under their coats.They have large square heads. Their cheeks are well muscled but in proportionate to the sizes and structures of these dogs.These dogs have wrinkles between their rounded eyes. They do have a distinguished and obviously noticeable well defined stops.

Dog enthusiasts prefer American Bulldogs that have the reversed scissor bites. Theie is a preference for American Bulldogs that have uncropped ears. The eyes of these dogs can be of any color. The preference for white colored dogs is that they have black eyes. Their noses can be colored black, red brown or gray. The preferred color for their noses is black. The approved color for their lips is black.These dogs must not have loose lips, instead they must have full lips.They have strong and straight front legs that are heavily boned. Their rear parts are wide and densed with clearly defined muscles. They have tails that are set low. The bases of their tails must be thick from the base and gradually it thins out to a certain point. Their coats are short but smooth. It comes together with different color streaks like: red, different shades of white of white, brown, light yellowish brown and mixed.

American Bulldogs are faithful, can be depended on, courageous and focused. These dogs are friendly, alert and self – confident. They love children very much. These dogs will always defend their masters. They do display protective instincts. Their owners must be firm when handling them but they must act in a cool manner. They need to be handled by pack leaders who are consistent. American Bulldogs must be socialized and given obedience training during their young age. These dogs have tendencies to drool and emit saliva. For them to become happy, they must be considered as part of the family. These dogs must be allowed to have mental and physical exercises. If owners do not do these things, they will become difficult to handle.

The males will reach heights of 22 – 28 inches. Females will attain heights of 20 – 26 inches. Males will weigh as much as 70 – 120 pounds while females will weigh as much as 60 – 120 pounds

These dogs are susceptible to acquire hip dysplasia.

American Bulldogs will do alright living in apartments. In doing so, owners must allow them to have sufficient exercises. These dogs tend to be inactive when they are indoors. They would do well running around medium sized yards. Just make sure that the fences are high because these dogs are high leapers. Owners must take these dogs out for long walks everyday.

These dogs could live up to 16 years.

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