Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Intelligent Belgian Malinois

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Belgian Malinois dogs derived their name from the Belgian City of Malines. Their population in the U.S.A. is very sparse.

These dogs are well known in their country of origin. They have square-like bodies. This becomes noticeable when a person looks at them from the sides. Their toplines are flat and it starts to slant a bit at the withers.

Their skulls are flat. The widths and lengths of their skulls are proportionate. They have pointed muzzles and its length is the same when compared to the top of their skulls. It also has moderate stops. The Belgian Malinois dogs have black noses and firmly fixed lips.Their teeth are enjoined in scissor-like bites. Their fairly sized, almond shaped eyes are brown They have upright ears that are triangularly shaped.
They have sturdy looking tails and their bones reach to the joints located at their hind legs. The feet resemble those of a cat. Their nonfunctional, dew claws can be removed. Their coats can come in different colors such as: An abounding light yellowish brown, red, reddish brown and black colors. The masks and ears of these dogs are black. Below their bodies, their tails and back parts have a lighter fawn color. The hair that surrounds their necks look like collars, and it is somewhat long.

The Belgian Malinois dogs are very bright and obedient. They are persistent and watchful dogs. They have strong protective and territorial instincts. Dogs of this kind need masters or owners who are well experienced and unyielding.

Owners must not be oppressive. If owners are harsh or rudely arrogant, these dogs will become uncooperative. People who want to own these type of dogs must be confident and firm. They must set up consistent rules that their dogs must follow.

Since these dogs are instinctively protective, they should be trained at an early age. If owners have puppies, they must be socialized immediately upon birth. These dogs are known for their working abilities. They will also do well in in obedience competitions.

Many Belgian Malinois dogs are used for police work but they are also very good guard dogs. Since they are very smart dogs, owners must develop exercises that can stimulate their minds. Owners must also have strong leadership qualities. These dogs are observant, alert and dedicated dogs.

They will act well with children as long as they are given the opportunity to socialize with them. They must be treated as part of the family and they must not be locked up in cages. These dogs need their daily exercise. Dogs of this kind need to be trained constantly and they need a lot of companionship. They are so energetic, yet quick to learn instructions.

These dogs can also be demanding. They tend to display herding behavior like running after something and encircling it. They can keep on moving without exerting too much effort. The way owners treat and handle these dogs will determine the temperament and aggressiveness of the dog.

The heights of males will reach as much as 24 – 26 inches while females will have heights of 22 – 24 inches. These dogs will weigh as much as 55 – 65 pounds.

These dogs do not have major health problems but they could develop skin allergies, occasional hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

As long as these dogs are given their proper exercise, they can live in apartments. When they are indoors, they are moderately active. If you have a house, let them run around in medium sized yards that are properly fenced.

The Belgian Malinois love cold weather. They can stay outdoors but it would be better if they can stay around people that are part of their pack. Remember that these are working dogs and that is the reason why they must have an active outdoor life. Go out with them for their daily long walks. This will be beneficial for your Belgian Malinois dogs.

They are expected to live between 12 – 14 years. Females will give birth to 6 – 10 puppies. Their coats are smooth and can be easily groomed. Brush these dogs regularly using firm bristle brushes. Bathe them at least once a week. If you bathe them more than once a week, the waterproofing on their coats will be removed. These dogs are light, consistent shedders, but they will shed heavily twice a year.

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