Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Hardworking English Pointers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

English Pointers, also known as gun dogs, are also simply as Pointers. They are well known for their ability to pose, completely motionless, while spotting their prey.

They are very intense. The way they stand will point to exactly \where the prey is. These pointer dogs are very instrumental in locating the areas where preys are.

These dogs first appeared in the early 1650s. They were made by crossbreeding Italian Pointers, Foxhounds, Bloodhounds, Newfoundlands, Bulldogs and Setters.

They got their name from the Irish Setters, who also stood motionless when spotting their prey. These dogs were used when hunting with guns was a popular sport, and necessary for men to hunt for food. They would pinpoint hares or jackrabbits are.

The English Pointers are also superior tracking dogs. Once they track down the mammals, they will catch the prey. These dogs perform well in hot and warm weather, but are not suited for cold seasons. Nonetheless, they are considered to be the best pointers in field competitions.

The heads of English Pointers are notably fine and sculptured in appearance. English Pointers have long and deep muzzles. Their ears are set moderately high. The coats are short, smooth and usually white with spots of lemon, light brown or orange hues.

Some dogs have coats of three colors.Their bodies are sturdy, suave and statuesque. In dark color coated dogs, their noses ted to be either black or brown. Dogs that are light coated will have lighter or flesh like colored noses.

Their teeth are enjoined to create scissor-like bites They have rounded eyes with dark colors. English Pointer have straight pointed legs.Their tails are larger at the base but are smaller at midpoint.

These are intelligent, affectionate and clean dogs. They can be shy with people they don't know. If trained well they can become good pet dogs. If owners want to own an English Pointer, they must train them at an early age. When the pups are eight weeks old, they will exhibit their hunting abilities. They can be very good dogs for owners who want a steady companion. Owners must have a strong will. Otherwise, their dogs can get rather nervous. Give them a lot of physical and mental exercise so that they will not destroy things. These are the type of dogs who will bark at any kind of noise they hear.

English Pointers are prone to hip dysplasia, thyroid, dwarfism and skin infections. Inspect their ears once in a while.

Male English Pointers will reach heights of up to 22 – 24 inches, while females can grow as much as 21 – 24 inches in height. They must weigh as much as 44 – 66 pounds. Their lifespan is 13 to 14 years.

These dogs are not good apartment dwellers. They are so energetic, which is why they need to run around in big yards that are well fenced.

Owners must walk with their dogs in a brisk manner. Just remember, owners are the masters and their dogs must walk beside them or at their backs.

English pointers an be groomed easily. Owners must brush their dos constantly using sturdy bristle brushes. Bathe them only when it is necessary, once a week will do. Rub your dogs with small towels. This should be done after they have finished doing their activities or exercises. They are medium shedders. 

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