Friday, February 21, 2014

The Glamorous Looking Afghan Hounds

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Afghan Hounds are considered to be dignified due to their distinguished appearance. These dogs lived in the Afghan Mountains and are well known in the Middle Eastern Areas. Drawings of these dogs can be found in the caves of Northern Afghanistan. These drawings have been there for more than 4,000 years. These dogs have also been written about and mentioned in Egyptian papyrus books. These dogs were forbidden to be imported, but somehow they were smuggled into Europe in the early 1900's.

Afghan Hounds are viewed as noble dogs that hunt by sight. They are tall and with slim bodies. The heads of these dogs are not broad but well developed. On their heads they have long, silky hair. They have powerful jaws.Their muzzles are slightly curved and their noses are colored black.

These dogs have a few or no stops at all, from the turning point of their back skulls to their muzzles. These dogs are known for their sturdy and long necks.

Their abdomens are well drawn in. The hip bones of these dogs stand out and are easily seen. They have strong legs that are straight.  Afghan Hounds are known for their large feet that are covered with long hair.These dogs have abundant, long and silky coats that often resemble the color of sand. Their faces are dark and so are the borders of their ears. The height of the males will reach up to 27 – 29 inches. The females will have slightly lesser heights. They can weigh from 50 – 64 pounds. 

The Afghan Hounds are brave, lively, loving, loyal and sensitive dogs. Their dominance level is low, but they can be snobbish. This is why they should be well socialized. Dogs of this kind must be trained kindly yet in a firm manner.

If they do not know the people around them, they can be quite suspicious. These dogs are not warlike.They must have mental and physical exercises or else they will become lazy. They fare better with older children who know how to become pack leaders.

Afghan Hounds are willing to go through training and to be disciplined. Owners must give them clear instructions that
they should follow, if not these dogs can be disobedient. They must be given daily mental and physical exercises. If owners don't do this they can become lazy and uptight.

These dogs are considered to be healthy in general. However, the Afghan Hounds are not meant to live in apartments. They are not active when they are kept indoors. They will do great when they are allowed to run around in large yards that are properly fenced. If you want to have happy dogs, you must allow them to sleep indoors.

Afghan Hounds must be taken out for long walks or they can accompany their owners when they go jogging. When walking,  owners be the pack leaders. Let your dogs walk by your side or at your backs. If you do not let these dogs go for constant walks, they will develop behavioral problems. Owners must teach them to enter and exit doors properly. This means that owners must enter and exit doors first and their dogs must follow them afterwards.

These dogs will live for about 14 years. 
The females will give birth to at least eight puppies.

Owners must pay attention to their long and thick coats. They must be given their baths only when it is necessary. Do not brush your dogs in between baths. If owners do this, their coats will become dull looking. If your dogs are not for show, then they should not be given weekly baths. It does prevent your dog's coat from looking so dull. Quite a number of these dogs wear headbands when they are inside houses because it prevents their ears from touching food bowls. Some owners prefer using a pin brush when grooming their dogs because it is air cushioned. Afghan Hounds are average shedders.

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