Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Fabulous Looking White Tailed Eagles

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

White Tailed Eagles are also known as white tailed eagles. They have very long wings and it is around 8 feet wide. They were considered to be extinct in Britain in the early 1900's.These raptors have
been reintroduced I n Scotland but besides what has been done, they are few in numbers. This happened because their eggs have been stolen. Conservationists are taking initiatives that eggs will be safely guarded.Their scientific name is Hallaeetus Albicilla.. The adult White tailed Eagles are rather big. They have faint colored heads that are sort of brownish yellow.. Their bills are short but huge in size.. They have distinctive white tails. The newly born young one ones have dark feathers . When they reach the age of 5 – 6 years their real feathers will come out. These eagles are noisy and they scream much more than golden eagles.. Their scream are a mixture of barks and a sharp cry. These birds are really awesome. This is te reason why eagle enthusiasts think that it is rather strange for them to sound like this.

The White Tailed Eagles that are found in Scotland prefer to stay near lakes as long as they can be sheltered.They like to put up their nests in trees than set them up on cliffs which could be dangerous. Their territories will range from 30 to 70 square kilometers. Their territories can expand much more, This will depend on how much prey is available. Breeding couples stay quite near to their territories.throughout the year. The White tailed Eagles that are not breeding may have a wider range and this makes it easier for them to look for food. These eagles have a low reproductive rate when compared to others. They start breeding between the ages of 5 – 6 years. When winter begins in Scotland, this is the time that courtship starts for these raptors. They begin their nest building in March. Females normally lay 2 eggs. And they are incubated for at least 38 days.

The young White Tailed Eagles will stay in their nests for 10 – 13 weeks. This is the time when their feathers will start to appear.. After 30 days they can take care of themselves but they will still be dependent on their parents for food.for several months.. Upon reaching the age of 5, they will spend their time in non – breeding areas. They will be joined by others who are of the same ages.Sixty to Seventy percent of these young eagles do not survive their first winter. If they survive their first winter, they will live for 20 years. Their diet consists of fish, ducks and sea birds. When hunting for fish, they will be perched up on a tree waiting for the opportunity to see their prey. They will swoop down on their prey and catch the fish from the water without getting their feet wet. They will search for food near the shoreline. They could eat fish that have died . They are known to steal food from other birds. They feed on osprey and other animals as otters. Otters are aquatic mammals. These birds are threatened by humans because they steal eggs and destroy their habitat.

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