Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Ever Faithful and Loving Akita Inu Dogs

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Akita Inu Dogs come from the island of Honshu that is situated in the region of Akita in Japan. They are known as the National Dogs of Japan.These dogs can be used for police and military work. They can be used as guard dogs. These type of dogs are useful for hunting bears, deer and they will do well as sled dogs. The Akita Inu Dogs are breeds that can hunt in any kind of weather. It can be used to retrieve waterfowls. In Japan these dogs are considered to be divine and are known to bring people good luck. When new babies are born in Japan, statues of these dogs are given to the family by friends. These statues are also given to people who are sick so that they will have a fast recovery.

These dogs are strong, firm, appropriately proportioned and distinguished looking dogs. They are musular dogs with level but heavy heads. It has chests that are wide and deep. The measure ments of their bodies are longer than the their height measurements. Their heads are formed like triangles.Their well defined stops are at the point of transition area of their back skulls to their muzzles. The wrinkles of these dogs have little depth and it goes all the way up to the forehead. They have small ears that stand straight and it is parallel to their necks. Their eyes are dark brown small and has the shape of a triangle. They have wide noses that are colored black. White dogs may have black eyes but black should be the common color. It's lips are colored black while the tongues are colored pink.Their teeth are strong but should have leveled bites. These dogs have lavish looking tails that go over their backs.. They have feet that are shaped like the feet of cats. It has double coated coats. Their undercoats are rough but are waterproofed. The upper coats are thick and soft. One thing nice regarding their upper coats is that it is well insulated . This gives them the extra padding they need when the weather gets to be\ cold. Coat colors are immaculate white, brindle and light yellowish brown. The colors must not heve clear borders.

The Akita Inu Dogs are brave, smart, and teachable. These dogs are very cautious and loving dogs towards their families.They can react impulsively. This is the reason why they need owners to be good pack leaders. If not these dogs can act in aggressive ways. These are one of the best guard dogs. Japanese mothers would leave their children alone with these dogs and they would see to it that no one can approach them. These dogs are trustworthy and they would perform well as logs as their owners are firm but act in a cool manne. They need supervision when they are with other pets and with their children. 

If owners do this they will have well behaved dogs, who will do whatever they command. These dogs do bite. Parents must teach their children leadership qualities and how to respect these dogs. If the owners do things properly like giving them mental and physical exercises plus steady training, these dogs will become very good pets. Owners must be well composed when teaching these dogs obedience training. Because these dogs can become bored . It makes a lot of vocal sounds but they only bark once in a while.

The heights of both male and female dogs will reach 24 - 26 inches. The males will weigh as much as 75 – 120 pounds while the females will weigh 75 – 110 pounds..

The Akita Inu Dogs may acquire diseases such as hip dysplasia, hypothyroid, auto immune thyroiditis, immune diseases like VKH ( Vogt – Koyanagi – Harada ) disease, pemphigus, skin problems, eye problems, patella and othe knee problems.

These dogs can live in apartments, as long as they are given their proper exercises regularly. They must take long walks with their masters everyday.

The Akita Inu Dogs have a life expectancy of 11 – 15 years.

The females will give birth to 7 or 8 puppies.

Their rough, stiff and short haired coats must be groomed regularly. Use a firm bristle brush when you groom these dogs. Give them a bath only when it is necessary because too much bathing removes the natural waterproofing of their coats.. They shed twice a year and they are heavy shedders.

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