Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Elegantly Looking Doberman Pinschers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Doberman Pinschers are medium sized dogs with with square-like bodies that are solidly built. These dogs are muscular and possess a lot of strength, stamina and speed. They are fantastic-looking dogs.

Doberman Pinschers are very proud dogs. They are trustworthy, energetic, noble, watchful and courageous. Their temperament can be tamed so that they are very obedient and loyal.

The male dogs will reach 26 – 28 inches from the ground and the females will have heights between 24 – 26 inches. When you measure the length of their fore chests to their upper thighs, the measurements will almost be the same as when they are measured vertically. The lengths of their necks and legs are comparative to the length and deepness of their bodies.

Doberman Pinschers are long headed with dull edges that look like wedges.that are quite noticeable when you look at them  from the front and the sides. If you look at these dogs from the front, it seems that their heads get to be bigger towards the base, and well lined.

They have reasonably deep setting eyes. Their eyes express their characters. Some will have eyes that are medium brown to dark brown. There are Doberman Pinschers who have bluish, reddish and fawn like colors, the colors of their iris will match the colors of their bodies.

They have ears that are cropped and they stand in a straight position. The upper part of their ears should be at par with the top of their skulls. The top parts of their skull are flat and they have small amounts of stops that reaches the bridge of their muzzles. Their muzzle lines extend in equal proportions to the top of their skulls.They have flat looking cheeks that are muscular.

The color of their noses depends on the color of the dogs. Black Doberman Pinschers will have solid black noses. Red Doberman Pinschers will have dark brown noses. Blue Doberman Pinschers will have dark brown noses.

Their lips are close to their jaws, which are packed and strong. The lips are firm, extending right under their eyes. They have very strong, white teeth. Their lower incisors are straight and touch the inside part of their upper incisors. They have 22 lower teeth and 22 upper teeth.

The necks of these dogs are muscular and nicely arched. The napes of their necks get bigger slowly when they reach the bodies of these dogs. They have well formed withers at the highest part of their bodies. These dogs have short backs that are solid. The parts between their hips and lower ribs are very muscular. Their hips are wide and are commensurate to their bodies.Their chests are wide and their legs are ideally straight. Their dew claws can be be removed.

These dogs have have dense but short, thick coats that lie flat. There are some dogs that that have a subtle gray color on their necks.

These dogs love to be with people. They are very smart and skilled at doing their work. All owners must express their authority over these dogs, which are good guard dogs. Every family member must be firm so that they can have total control.

Dobermans can be hard to deal with. If you are able to give them a set of rules to follow, then these dogs will behave properly. They must be followers and not pack leaders.

These dogs need mental stimulation and a lot of daily exercises. Though they can be aggressive, they can be tamed. Just display the right leadership and you will witness how good these dogs are. They can be your best companions. Because they are loyal, these dogs will defend their owners all the time.

You can use these dogs for therapy purposes. They are known to be sweet and gentle with nursing patients. They can live in apartments as long as they are given sufficient exercise. They can run around in medium sized yards. Their life expectancy is 13 years. They are average shedders and they need not be groomed all the time.

They can suffer from health problems such as cervical spondylitis because of the fusion of the neck vertebrae, and when their spinal cords become compressed. They can suffer from obesity and inherited blood disorders. They can catch such diseases as skin issues, bloating, hip dysplasia and heart defects.

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