Monday, February 3, 2014

The Adorable Alaskan Malamutes

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez


These breed of dogs called the Alaskan Malamutes are known as sled dogs . Their ancestors are the arctic wolves . There was a certain tribe in Alaska that was known as Mahlemuts. This is where their names came from . The Alaskan Malamutes are between 2000 – 3000 years old. The Malamutes are strong and powerful dogs and this is the reason why they were used for transportation. During that time it was so prestigious to own these dogs. The arctic tribes considered them of great value. These dogs can carry a lot of supplies with them like food and supplies that were used by the people belonging to the arctic tribes. They were used for a lot of voyages. These outstanding breed possessed several good qualities like good faculties for smelling, direction and a definitive purpose to all the things that were needed despite obstacles..

There are so many kinds of arctic dogs but The Alaska Malamutes are considered to be the largest of them all. These dogs have lengthy tails that have thick and shaggy hair. Their tails do go go over their backs.These type of dogs have broad heads and their caps are darkish colored. They have elongated ears that stand straight up. Their appearances do resemble that of wolves The Alaskan Malamutes are magnificent and delightful dogs. They naturally have dark eyes . Having blue eyes are considered imperfections. The nose of these powerful dogs are colored black. Their feet resembles shoes that are made for snow and they have impressive looking paddings on them. They have coats that are rather long and this is what defends them from the cold weather that they do experience in cold places like Alaska. Their coats have two kinds of layers. The undercoasts are densed and shaggy while their unrefined guard coats are quite long.. Their unrefined coat colors are light gray with intermediary shadings of black, deep black and reddish shadings. These dogs have so many colors that are intertwined, like the following: black and white, red and wolf gray undercoats. the outer coats of these dogas have an outer gray color or reddish color. The only established color of these dogs is white. Their abdominal colors are white.

Dogs of these kinds can be so boisterous but they are so dedicated, and very sympathetic to their owners.Their attitude changes when they become matured. They become more polished and courteous in their actions. They don't rank well as guard dogs because they are very friendly. Although, these dogs are quite silent, they do howl at times. They are also known for their digging habits. It's quite difficult to mix them with other dogs. They can be quite vigorous when dealing with them. Alaskan Malamutes must be trained to obey their masters. The would also need to be trained in obedience. Socializing these dogs during  their early age will surely be advantageous to the owner and their family. These dogs are liable to catch sicknesses such as dysplasia, bloats, chondrodysplasia ( a form of dwarfism ). Male Malamutes will reach heights of 24 - 26 inches while their female counterparts will reach heights of 22 – 24 inches. Males will weigh as much as 80 – 95 pounds while females will weigh at least 70 – 85 pounds. Their lifespan is 12 – 15 years.

Apartment living is not meant for these kind of dogs. If they are kept indoors they will not be so active. It is better for them to stay in homes that have yards but it must be properly fenced. This is so that these dogs will have no way to escape. Since these dogs are quite large, the owners must build tall fences that are deeply buried under the ground. They love to run around. They consider your homes and yards as part of their domain. When warm weather comes, these dogs must be kept in a cool place. Their place must have shades and they must drink clean drinking water frequently. If you own these kinds of dogs, you must take them out on long walks. They will surely love it. When the weather is warm, their walks must be curtailed.

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