Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Superior and Swift Moving African Crowned Eagles

The African Crowned Eagles live in tropical forests that have thick growing, tall and wide leaves that the evergreen tree do possess. The forest must have a high yearly rain fall. You can find these eagles in Africa This kind of eagle can measure up to ninety centimeters. Their tails are long and short rounded wings. It's wingspan measures two meters. Because of it's shape,it can ideally adapt to it's surroundings. They have powerful beaks. These eagles have a ridgelike formation at the back of their heads and it spreads out when they become very assertive..The females are bigger than the males and they have more marks below. The females have one less wing bar than it's male counterparts It is so powerful and because of it's strength it can hunt down any prey that weighs thirty five kilograms. The Africans have a side name for this particular eagle. It's known as the “ leopard of the air. This is because it moves so fast while in flight and when it hunts it's prey. The claws of these eagles has the the force to destroy the skull of a monkey. Because of it's strength it kills it's prey right away. They also feed on small mammals like hyraxes, small antelopes, guinea fowls, golden pottos, and mouse deers.

These particular eagles loves to be moving around and it is so mobile. I will move from place to place until they becomes adults.. Curing this time, they will find themselves a mate . It will protect a big part of their territory. They will fly on a regular basis, encircling their territory. Crowned Eagles will make loud calls from the covers they have made from the leafy upper branches of the frees. Their nest is so strongly built. It could reach up to eight feet,across twigs and branches. The structure consists of feathers and leaves. It can be used for a number of years.

The female will lay two eggs and incubation will last for fifty days. The moment the egg hatches,the oldest of the two usually survives. After one hundred days, the chicks will start to fly and leave the nest. They stay with their parents for one year. Both of the parents share in the food and in the incubation process. Crowned eagles are not an endangered species. Their numbers in the wild are only around ten thousand. They are very sensitive and they can sense if their habitat is in danger. They are so adept in flying and it is so nice to watch these eagles when they are up in the air.

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