Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Stocky But Gorgeous Looking Crested Serpent Eagles

The Crested Serpent Eagles are dark brown eagles that are medium sized and have well rounded wings. They have wide shaped crests that make their necks look very thick. Their faces and feet are colored yellow. Underneath, you will find patches of white and yellow - brown colors. When they are standing on the branches of tall trees, their wings do not reach the tips of their tails. The tails and under parts of their feathers are colored black with wide white bars. You can see this when they are in flight. They have well formed wings that look like paddles.

Spilornis Cheela is the scientific name of this bird of prey. They can be found in well forested areas in the sweltering parts of southern Asia.You can spot these birds in India, Sri Lanka and particularly in the Philippines. These species can be seen in the southern islands of the Philippines where there are many forests. These birds of prey hunt downs frogs, toads, salamanders, reptiles and poultry. When it is soaring in the air it makes noise. The height of the adults are about 55 to 75 centimeters. Their wingspans are about 123 centimeters to 165 centimeters. They will weigh as much 420 to 1,800. They will live for at least 50 years and they will lay at least lay one egg. Incubation will last for at least 35 days.

They will build their nests at the highest parts of the trees that are well covered. These eagles will use sticks and fresh leaves as materials for their nests. Both partners will build the nests. After hatching occurs both parents will take care of the young chick. The male will be the one to get food and feed it, while the female protects the chick from the sun. Sometimes the female will help feed it. Feathers will start to appear after 21 days. After one month it can stand without wobbling. When it develops full feathers, it will fly with its parents. The young one will depend on its parents for some weeks more, and then it will be fully independent.

The Crescent Serpent Eagles will sit on high tree tops and will stay motionless until it has found its prey. When the prey has been spotted, it will go down vertically. They are adept at turning and twisting in flight, to capture its prey. It loves the tropical weather and it flies well. Pairs live together all year round and they hunt together at times. These are wonderful eagles to look at while they are soaring in the air.

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