Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Spectacular and Stunning African Martial Eagles

The African Martial Eagles are located in the continent of Africa near the South Sahara Desert. It is considered to be the largest ea kind of Eagles in the African Peninsula. These attractive eagles can be easily recognized. Because it is rather large and because of the feathers it possesses. These eagles are very strong and because of this, their foot can break the arm of any human being.. The length of these eagles are thirty two inches. They weigh as much as fourteen pounds and their wingspan is about six feet four inches..Just like other eagles the females have the upper hand when it comes to lengths wingspans and weight..The feathers of these eagles are rather unique. They will have dark brown colors on their heads,upper chests, shoulders and backs. Their underparts are white with dark spots surrounding it. Their under wings are light brown. Their crests are not noticeable unless they are in a high state of alertness. They have short barred tails.

These Kind of Eagles are found in the Savannah and thornbush areas of South Africa in the southern part of the Sahara desert. They can also be located in Senegal and Somalia. They can also be seen in open plains and semi desert areas. Birds of these kinds are seldom seen in forests. .It is a fact that they do avoid thick tropical forests. If anyone wants to have a good look at these birds. Each pair will live in habitats that are fifty square. African Martial Eagles do not migrate but they can move for at least several hundred miles. They will avoid going to places where human beings frequently go.and they like to stay in barren places.

African Martial Eagles feed on a number of prey like birds ( bustards, francolins and guineafowls ).They also feed on squirrels, hares mongoose, snakes and lizards.. They will feed on anything it can get hold on. They have superb eyes and they can spot their prey even as far as five kilometers away. They will hunt during the day and their hunting mostly happens while they are afloat in the air. Sometimes they will hunt their prey by staying perched on a tree. These birds of prey will make circling moves around it's territory. When it spots it's prey, it will quickly sweep down and capture it's prey..

These Eagles will stick to their mates for life. Breeding depends on the location they are situated in..In the nation of Sudan their breeding season begins in January to June. In the country of Senegal breeding season for these birds begins in November to April.. Breeding season in other parts of Africa can begin from April to July. They will build their nests in big trees. From twenty feet above ground to eighty feet. Their nests is made of sticks and fresh leave. .It will measure six feet in width and length. The African Martial Eagle females will lay only one egg..Rarely does it lay two eggs. The incubation period will take forty five days. Females will do most of the incubation .The females will only leave their nests when they need to feed their young ones. It takes about ten weeks before the young eaglets feathers will grow.. They will start to fly at about one hundred days. These young ones will live with it's parents until it learns how to fly and hunt it's own food. This can take as much as six months. As soon as they learn everything,they will leave and look for their own territories.

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