Monday, January 13, 2014

The Graceful American Bald Eagle

The American Bald Eagles are the National Bird of the United States of America.. Their scientific name is ( Haliaeetus leucosephalus ). They can particularly be found in North America. There was a time that bald was meant to be white and it did not mean not having any hair. You can find them as far as northern Mexico. More than half of the 70,000 bald eagles are living in Alaska. About 20,000 of them live in British Columbia. They like staying in these places because they feed on salmon. They are also called sea or fish eating eagles. They usually prey on fish, even fish that are dying. There are two types of American Bald Eagles The Northern and Southern Bald Eagle. The Northern Bald Eagles are slightly larger than the Southern Bald Eagles. Recently, they have stopped branding these eagles. They are just called " The American Bald Eagle." The reason for this is that they migrate to each others territory.

The color of both male and female bald eagles consist of having a blackish kind of color on their backs and necks. Their heads are colored white while their beaks and feet are yellow. The juvenile bald eagles' colors have a combination of brown and white. The beaks of the young birds are colored black. The adult feathers appears when they are fully aged and when they have matured sexually.Some of these eagles develop leucism, a kind of genetic mutation that can produce an effect or change of colors in their feather pigmentation. These kind of eagles have spots of white feathers on their bodies and wings. They can have faded and faint colored feathers. Others may have totally white feathers.
The length of females are about three feet, while males are smaller. The wingspan of females can reach up to seven feet, while the males will reach a wingspan of six feet. They will weigh around 10 to 14 pounds. They will live between 20 to 30 years. They usually live near rivers or any body of water. This is their primary hunting ground. They catch their prey by plunging on them and grabbing the fish that are near the top of the river or lake. The male and female bald eagles work like a team. They help each other in building their nests on top of a tree. They usually construct their nests using sticks. Their nests can weigh as much as one ton. It can measure up to eight feet across. The moment one mate dies, the other one will search for a new mate.Their mating season starts from late September to early April. It also depends on the location that they are in. The females lay their first eggs five to 10 days after they mate. The eggs have to be incubated for 35 days. The females will lay between one to three eggs.

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