Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Fine Looking Crowned Eagles

By Eduardo Gonzalez

The Crowned Eagles are also known as The Crowned Solitary Eagles or Harpyphaliaetus Coronatus. They are big and very strong.

They reside in the eastern and southern parts of America. These dark blueish gray colored eagles are well known for their distinctive black feathers upon their heads.The wings of the Crowned Eagles are long and wide. The colors of their wings are a bit darker than their bodies. Their tails are quite short and colored black, with a white band and white tip that can be seen easily. They are most easily spotted because their legs are yellow.The underparts of their wings are colored gray with black wing tips.

The male and female look almost the same in appearance. The younger eagles have brownish feathers above and their cheeks and post ocular (behind the eyes) areas have creamy feathers. They have larger dark stripes around the eyes and an underpart that is creamish in color with streaks of brown.

Like the older eagles, the younger ones also have divine looking crests. The Crowned Eagles resemble the Solitary Eagles in appearance. They arise from the same species . The Crowned Eagles are bigger in size than the solitary eagles. Their feathers are more faint . They possess wings that are narrower, with longer tails and a clear crest. When they do their calls, they emit a high pitched whistle.

The length of the Crowned Eagles are between 75 to 85 centimeters. They have wingspans of 175 to 183 centimeters. They weigh as much three kilograms. They feed on medium sized mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. They sometimes eat skunks, armadillos and snakes.

In Argentina, these Eagles will lay their eggs between the months of August and October. The eggs will hatch in November or December. In Brazil, they will breed during the months of July and November. They will build their nests with sticks and it will be built in a very high tree or ravine The female will lay one egg only and it will hatch in about 39 to 45 days. The eggs are incubated by the females and the males will deliver the food. The young crowne eagles will leave their prey nests, but they will be dependent on their parents for one year or even more. These birds of prey breed only once every other year.

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