Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Irish Wolfhounds are Well Mannered Hunters of Wolves

The Cool Mannered Irish Wolfhounds

The Irish Wolfhounds were very good at hunting wolves. This is where they got their names. They have been here for quite a long time. They have been seen since the year 391 A.D. They were quite useful in wars, securing herds, properties and hunting purposes. They were used to hunt down elks ( a very large type of deer) and also other deers. They were very useful in tracking down boars and wolves. They were often given as gifts to royal families. When boars and wolves did not exist anymore in Ireland, these dogs started to decrease in numbers. A man by the name of Captain George Graham, an English officer and some well known breeders started to restore these dogs. They started interbreeding dogs like Great Danes, deerhounds and mastiffs. By doing this, they were able to bring back the Irish Wolfhounds and their population started to increase. These are the Irish Wolfhounds we have today..The first Irish Wolfhound Club was founded in the year 1885. It was acknowledged by the AKC in 1897. Only the rich people during this time could afford to own an Irish Wolfhound. Since at that time Britain ruled Ireland, Some of these dogs were brought to Britain. These breed of dogs were used for sporting purposes..In 1981, The Society of Irish Wolfhounds was established. The These dogs were huge and very tall. They can reach the height of a small pony.

The heads of these dogs are long but their skulls are not so wide. Their muzzles are quite long and are just a bit pointed. They have small ears. When they are resting, their ears would be carried over their backs When they become anxious. it can wane off a bit. Their necks are long, strong and nicely shaped bowed necks. Their chests are rather large. The tails of these dogs are long, hanging downwards and to some extent curved. The colors of their coats are gray, pure white, red black, light yellowish brown gray or brownish. The most common color is gray.. These dogs are peaceful, serene, amiable,tolerant, considerate and quite intelligent. These are wonderful dogs and are trustworthy. They will not harm children.. They can be quite scary because they are so tall but they are not useful as guard dogs. These dogs take a long time to reach thei rage of maturity, both in mind and physical state. These dogs are clumsy. You must feed them with good quality food because they really need it. They will see to it that families are well protected. They can attack any person who tries to harm them. These dogs are considered to be unafraid. They must be trained while they are young and be taught the things that they can and can not do.

They will grow as as much 28 – 35 inches. They will weigh as much 90 – 150 pounds .If you measure them standing up on their back legs, they will reach heights of seven feet.. Their life expectancy is six – eight years.. They must not be kept indoors. These Dogs must be allowed to run around in large yards that are well protected. Irish Wolfhounds must go on long brisk walks with their owners. Let them walk by your side or at the back. They must know that you are are the pack leader. Treat them as if they were part of your family. Do not keep them in a dog house. They will feel unappreciated. These dogs are prone to acquiring diseases such as cardiomyopathy ( the wall chambers in their heart thicken or enlarged heart - when the heart does not pump insufficient blood ), bone cancer, bloats Progressive Retinal Atrophy,Willerbrand ( a type of hemophilia in dogs ) and hip dysplasia. ). Their rough and fairly sized coats need to be regularly and completely groomed by using brushes and combs. When you do this , their coats will stay in excellent conditions. Their coats must be plucked at least once or twice a year to take out dead hair. These breeds are average shedders. These dogs are very tall but they can always be relied upon.

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