Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Attractive White Headed Brahminy Kite Eagles

The Brahminy Kite Eagles scientific name is Haliastur Indus. They are medium sized eagles and can be well distinguished because of their head s and breast are white colored. Their bodies look so impressive because of their reddish brown colors. They have short legs without any feathers but their wings are quite wide..Their wing tips are dark colored. The jaws are colored lemon yellow. and are sturdily hooked..

They are usually found in coastal areas., wetlands and swamplands Both wings are at par with each other. Brrahminy Kite Eagles stay around these areas because these are the the places where they can find their food. They can be found here in the Philippines. These are skillful eagles and they can get hold of their prey while they are in flight. .One of the better skills of these birds of prey is that they can take food away from other birds. They are known to feed on fish, insect and animals ( live or dead ). These eagles will reach measurements of 45 centimters to 51 centimeters.

When they start to build a rather large nest, this means it is breeding time. .Breeding depends on the location they are in. The materials needed are sticks, seaweeds and are incorporated with softer materials. They build their nests in mangrove trees or trees are alike. They look for a place that is shaded that will give them protection. The females will lay two eggs These two will be incubated for two weeks. Their feathers and plumage will start to appear after seven to eight weeks. If the two eggs hatches, usually it is the strongest of the two that survives..

These birds are so wonderful to watch while they are in flight and about to catch their prey.

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