Monday, January 6, 2014

The Amazing Philippine White Bellied Sea Eagle

Truly Amazing!

The white bellied sea eagle originated from India. They could travel so far and have migrated as far as as Southeast Asia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. When they sense trouble in a certain place, that's when they start to move out. What's so marvelous about these birds of prey is that they have the stamina to go to different places. Here in the Philippines, they stay in nearby coastal places. It's hard to distinguish them when they are in flight because they fly rather high. The moment they start to swoop down on their prey, then and only you can see the beauty of these birds, It's so wonderful to see them when they start on their descent.

Upon reaching adulthood, they will have white feathers on their heads, breasts, bellies, under areas of their wings and tails Their jaws and eyes are colored dark, while their claws are dark yellow. Their scientific name is Hallaetus Leucogaster. It's quite interesting to know that the females are larger in size when compared to their male counterparts. The females can measure at least 36 inches and they could weigh as much as 4.5 kilograms. The males will measure only 32 inches and will weigh at most 3 kilograms. When these birds flying, their wingspan can reach as much as seven feet.This is why they look so lovely and it's a pleasure to see them while they are in flight. Anyone who has the opportunity to to look at them will surely want to take a picture of them. They are considered to be one of the longest living species of birds. They are vulnerable to hunters because they can be sold at a high price.
In the Philippines, you can find these birds of prey in Palawan, Davao, Cebu and in other coastal places. Their food consists of fish, small animals, reptiles,lobsters, shrimps, crabs and parts of butchered animals. It goes down at a forty five degree angle and they do this when they try to catch their prey.. These birds are very territorial. They live together with their mates. When one of them dies, they have to travel a long distance in search of a new mate. It is during the dry season that they breed. The females are the ones to choose the trees and the tree of their choice has to be tall. This is where they will construct their nests. These sea eagles will usually lay 2 colored eggs. These eggs have to be incubated for two weeks. When the eggs hatch, the males now will look for food and when the food is ready, the females will feed their young chicks.. These chicks are colored brown during it's first year of birth. They are fully grown at the age of six. This is the time for them to fully go on their own and seek their own destiny.

These are really great looking birds.

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