Friday, January 3, 2014

Random Friday Facts About Us

Five things about us:

 Ashley Pumpernickel hates the camera. The only way you can get her to take a shot is to sort of hold her down like this. Kat has her in a fun stranglehold. Buy you will notice she is still closing her eyes.
 She's easier to photograph when she's sleeping. However, she is sporty and fast. She once caught a rat in our kitchen, and ever since then, she wants to check our oven to see if the rat ever came back.
 Mocha Barney has the best scent of smell. She was the first one to smell the rat when Ashley got it. They make a good team. Mocha has also caught two mice (with help from Dad) and one mouse alone. She likes to hide behind the dining table in a place where she can look into the garden to catch any cats that invade her er property.
 Winniechurchill would probably have been a ballet dancer if she were a person. She is very graceful and  poised in everything she does. She loves to sleep holding Dad's hand. She has a very solemn personality.
Random Friday Facts About Us This is Winniechurchill as a puppy.As you can see, she modeled on the tiny post rather perfectly.
All our dogs have long memories. When Kat was gone for a year, we thought they barely noticed. But when she got back, they always followed here around the house. You could tell they were very happy, like a tribe that felt it was finally complete.

To learn the rules of the game, go here.


YourSpecialDog said...

Interesting facts :P

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Wonderful photographs. Dogs all look happy! I enjoyed stopping by here from Random 5 Friday.

euthymic said...

Thank you, Your Special Dog. We will stop by to get to know you better as well. This is a fun exercise:)

Thank you also Diana Bakere - Williams. We're glad you liked the photos and had a nice time. We look forward to reading your post and getting to know you better, too.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Our dogs do the same to our daughter when she comes home from college, she is not home often since she is 8 hours away.

euthymic said...

Sarah Huizenga, that is so cute. Your daughter must be so precious since they love her so much and miss her when she's away. Thank you for the visit. I will be visiting you, too:)

Snap said...

Your 4-leggeds are all very lovely and your daughter is too! Happy New Year!

euthymic said...

Thank you, Snap. Not just for mentioning the dogs but our daughter who is lovely although perhaps this wasn't her best photo. Happy to meet you and will visit to get to know you better:)

Nancy Claeys said...

Our pets are such an important part of our family -- love how you described each of your dogs' personalities and traits. Cute! xo

euthymic said...

Thank you Nancy Claeys. So good to know you are a dog lover. I'm gonna visit you and see what your dogs are like, too:)