Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our Family Story

Mocha Barney reports:

I love my mom and dad, they are so good and loving towards me. They let me sleep in their king size bed .I sleep in between and they gave me my special pillow. I have two other sisters winnie churchill and ashley pumpernickle. Winnie is the eldest but she can get cranky and selfish at times but there are times she likes playing with me. Ashley is my other older sister. She loves me so much and we get along real well. She's the biggest and tallest among us sisters. She eats quite a lot. She loves my mom and dad a lot..She can do a lot of tricks. My dad has trained her quite well in shaking hands and dancing. I stay in the house all day and night, while my two other sisters have to follow a certain rotation. This is because they will end up fighting. It is winnie who provokes the fights. I can't be the referee because I can get hurt. When they are about to fight, i bark so loud so that my dad and mom could separate them. It was since then, that they had to be placed in the house at different hours of the day.

To repay the goodness of my dad and mom, I have decided to do certain jobs. I would make sure that no cats enter our yard. Our neighbor has a lot of cats. I had to do this because they would break our screens. Mom had to spend money to buy new screens. No cats has entered our premises since I started doing this job. I also do a lot of sniffing around the corners of our house I suspected that there are rats around the house. I would go at the back of our fridge, oven and even take a peek at our pantry to see if there are rats around. I have killed two rats that were roaming around in the pantry. Since , the pantry door was slightly open I could totally open it with my strong nose. I have a strong sense of smell and I found that there was a rat in the oven, my mom opened the oven door and ashley quickly pounced on the rat. The last time I found a rat was in the pantry again but I couldn't open it but my parents did and my dad killed the rat by hitting it with an object. My mom cemented our french window so I could see the people outside and be a lookout for suspicious looking people who hang around near our house. Ever since those four rats were killed. Our house has been rat free but I still do my job everyday. There was a time I waited at the door for my dad to arrive from his reunion Christmas party with his high school classmates. It was past midnight when my dad arrived and he was surprised to see me waiting for him at the door. He asked me why I was there and not in the room with mom. I did it be cause I love him.

Now, they sometimes call me inspector mocha or detective mocha. My dad plans to buy me a collar with  a tag that says “dog detective.”

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