Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winniechurchill's News Report

Hey folks, Winniechurchill is hoping to get a job as a dog reporter. Hope you like her first newsreel.

Princess Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton, Rescues Dog

Kate Middleton’s mom, Carole Middleton recently rescued the dog of her neighbor, Basia Hamilton, who is a royal portrait painter. Hamilton’s dog was missing and Carole Middleton drove around and found it. She checked the dog tag to make sure it was really Hamilton’s before taking the dog back home.

Beware of bad Humans in the “Dog Flipping” Business

A new business going around is dog flipping. Dogs are either lost or stolen by bad humans, then listed on Craigslist for sale. Sometimes dog flippers will see a notice about a lost dog that is looking for its humans. The bad dog flippers will show up, claim the dog is theirs, and the next day sell the dog online. They can get as much as $250 per dog. Humans, if you love your dog, you can microchip us. If we get lost it shouldn’t cost you more than $10 to get us back. Please?

Humans Charged With Child Endangerment, But what about the Dog?

A couple was charged with child endangerment in Pennsylvania for letting their child ride in the back of a pickup truck – in a cage with the dog. A lot of people were surprised and took photos and put the photos online, that’s how the mother, Abbey Carlson, 29, and her boyfriend, Thomas Fishinger, were caught.
Here's a video of what happened:

The humans admitted it was bad judgment to let their 10-year-old daughter ride in a dog cage with the dog in the back of the pickup. They allowed it because the daughter wanted to because she heard the dog crying.  
In Pennsylvania there are laws against a child under 18 riding in the back of an open pickup truck. But are there any similar laws for dogs?

Human surrenders to authorities but won’t give up his dog

A dog bit a woman three times in one month. As a result, the court ordered its human, Jeremiah Aguilar, to turn the dog, named Dutch, in. The dog was ordered by the court to be euthanized. Aguilar refused to turn over Dutch and said Dutch was provoked by the woman. He also appealed the court ruling to euthanize Dutch. Aguilar also refused to turn Dutch over to animal control. A new court hearing is scheduled for June 6.

 Endangered whale species sold as dog snacks

We aren’t fussy eaters. But environmentalists got mad when a Japanese businessman sold endangered whale meat as exotic pet food. There is a ban on capturing these whales, but sometimes they do it in Japan secretly, and it’s openly done in Iceland. The dog treats are sold to rich businessman as fin whale that comes from Iceland. Environmentalists got mad and said these endangered whale species shouldn’t be used to make dog treats. The Japanese businessman pulled the treats out as a result of this. We’re glad, we think all animal species deserve a chance for preservation. Besides, we have tasted some terrific dog cupcakes and we think they probably taste much better. 

Well, that wraps up my news report for today. Hope I did a good job:) Bark if you think I did, and growl if you think I need improvement.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Good report, Winniechurchill. It has interest and variety.

Oh, dear, don't know as we can leave this comment. Do you know you have comment moderation AND word verification on? WV is nearly impossible to read and you the blogger can't see it on your own comment form. Please turn off the wv.

euthymic said...

Thank you Jan's Funny Farm for your kind words on my first attempt as a dog reporter:) We were able to see your comment. I will tell mom to turn off Wv.

Winniechurchill, dog news reporter:)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Yay! Good for her.

bbes tribe said...

Very interesting reporting. Waiting for next one. Thanks for visiting us. We have been missing from blog land but working with my assistant to get gack. She tells me she is working on it. Is that like saying ...the check is on the mail?
Ernie and the furkidsonentolilsncas

euthymic said...

Thanks Nancy! I am very encouraged by you. As the world's first dog news reporter, (I think) I hope to do a good job.

bbes tribe, thank you for your kind words about my reporting! I will try to do my best. Glad to know your getting back to blogging!

Winniechurchill, dog reporter

Belle said...

Winniechurchill is a great name! I admire the human Winnie very much. Interesting report and also upsetting about how people treat dogs, whales and children.

euthymic said...

Thank you Belle! Mom thanks you, too. She is very supportive of my new career as a dog reporter. Yes, we animals must have each other's back, including the backs of other dogs, a whale, and the humans who love us.