Friday, July 20, 2012

Science Diet, Paws and Tahanan Village

 Wow, Dad and Mom have taken us out on special occasions before, like the one above, when our parents brought us to The Fort.
 But this was the first time we experienced something completely different -- an entire event that revolved just around us dogs! It was held in the Tahanan Village park, and it was all free. But our parents were given plastic bags so that if we pooed they could clean after us.
 Mom tried to take our pictures, but we were so excited we couldn't just keep posing. So there is Winniechurchill's tail. A lot of the neighbors recognized us and asked why we weren't dressed this time.
 There were a lot of chairs because there was a program of people giving tips on how to handle dogs, and afterwards a dog did a lot of tricks. It sure was fun!
 We still have to scan the special photos that we took at the dog photo booth. They will follow later.
 There was also a booth from Paws to talk about street dogs and how they could use nice, loving families who would be willing to adopt them.
 We sat next to this introspective puppy.
 Mom was surprised that we could behave so well among so many different dogs. She doesn't realize that we were just so amazed. Never have we gone to something that was designed precisely for us, and of course, we had to behave appropriately and show we were worthy. And besides, it was very interesting.
 People were meandering about, looking at all the stuff. Mom couldn't photograph all the booths because she had to watch over us, while Dad watched over Ashley. We were so glad the three of us were together. Usually, we are taken out separately so this was lots of fun for us.
 Here are more pics of people above. Below, Mom loved this orange dress the woman wore. Mom said if she were thin like this woman, she would dress this way.
 Close up of the dress:)
I remember this dog. I am afraid we had a bit of a scuffle two years ago. Boy, the dog was mad because Ashley bit her nose.
 But this was a day for enjoyment and so we buried the hatchet.
 Cassandra Care gave free consultations. The doctor said Winniechurchill is too thin and prescribed a vitamin that stimulates appetite.
They bonded rather well. Afterwards, we got some samples of Science Diet. We found out that Winnie likes Science Diet so there is no need for an appetite stimulant anymore. She always eats everything on her plate now.

 It was quite a line so thankfully there were a number of doctors available for consultation.
 The doctor said Mocha Barney is overweight, and needs more exercise. Otherwise, if she is fat when she is old she can get a heart attack.

 Dog City gave free grooming. This was the most popular booth of all, The longest line was here. That guy in the middle is a good groomer. Mom has taken us to many groomers but she says he is the best of all, so we will be sticking to Dog City to retain our ehem cuteness.
 Finally, there was a demonstration of dog agility. It was very interesting and we were truly impressed.
 Afterwards, they let us try doing some of the dog agility stuff, and we just had the greatest time.
Afterwards, when we went home, we were so amazed and thrilled. It lasted for like three days, the feeling that there was something like this that was organized just for us:) I hope they do it every year.