Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Fabulous Weinmaraners

By: Ed Gonzalez

This dog was originally known as the weimer pointerand it's name came from the court that sponsored it. It was selectively bred and comes from selective breeding of other german hunting dog breeds.. They say it is a descendant of the bloodhounds. It was purposely used to hunt wolves, deer and bear. The weimaraner later became a personal hunting companion, The dog is so exceptional because it has great speed, brave and enduring dog when it is hunting.. This kind of dog is exceptional when it comes to all sorts of sports hunting. It is the type of breed that will always stay this way..

The Weinmaraner is a a stunning type of dog because it is big, exudes self confidence, smart and it has a sensitive nose. This dog is stubborn and has it's own mind. The owner must have special talents and must be able to train this dog . This dog will always try to test your patience on how much it can get way with anything because it has an irresistible charm. It will cause the owner difficulty for the owner to remain firm, especially when the dog has puppies. If you want to buy these dogs and you can not train them, you must hire a trainer to do so,. They must be trained in obedience and subordination training at once.

Any owner will not be able to stand an Weinmaraner. That misbehaves. It will act as it is the boss and the owners are it's followers. A well trained Weinmaraner will enrich the life of the entire family. They will love and defend them. They are a very happy and attentive companion. This dog is so humorous and they will surely make you laugh. It's a great playmate for children because it likes moving around and chasing balls. They won't mind if children put lego pieces on their ears. They need to be close to it's master and should not live in a kennel.

If these dogs are males, they will have heights from 23 – 28 inches and the females will have heights from 22 – 26 inches. The males will weigh 84 pounds:; while the females will weigh at least 70 pounds.. They have short, fine, sleek and thick coats and there is the long variety too. Their colors are mouse gray, silver gray or fawn gray. They don't need to be groomed regularly but these dogs require extensive exercises. They are more suitable for urban living. Dogs of this kind are susceptible to allergies and sometimes dysplasia.

Weinmaraners are very good watchdogs or guard dogs. Surely these dogs will keep your homes safe from individuals who have tendencies of being aggressive. They need to go for long walks because they are very active .