Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stopping Your Dogs From Becoming Obese

By: Ed Gonzalez

Weight concerns regarding your pet dogs may cause certain health concerns that are not good for yourdogs to have heart disease, blocked arteries, fatty liver disease, skeletal stress, cancer and diabetes. Certain breeds are more suscseptible to these diseases like golden retrievers, cocker spaniels, pugs, chihuahuas and dachsunds. If you give your dogs too much food, their tendency is to get more fat. Owners, at times give their dogs excessive meals. Giving your leftover food together with their own dog food ( pellets ) during their meal time. This can cause the obesity. You can notice this by touching the ribs of your dog. If you can't feel it then that means your dog must be overweight. If they become breathless while doing minimal exercises then there is a huge possibility of your dogs being fat. If your pet dogs do not display a minimal tuck up in their stomach, there's a high probability that your dog is way off his weight level. These are the principal signs that a dog owners must know and thit means that your dogs are out of shape.

How you must handle these concerns:
1. Dogs must engage in daily exercises to keep them in shape. It will burn out the calories in them. More importantly is that iit gives your dogs added respiration strength, it gives their body tissues the needed oxygen and keeps their muscles strong. Physical activities like running and jumping will be good for them

2. Take into consideration the food they eat.  Younger dogs need more food that has protein, energy and minerals than older dogs. Field dogs that are active especially those who are in cool weather. These dogs need to have a lot more energy.  Dogs that are breastfeeding need more protein, minerals and energy. Older dogs that are older, whether they are active or not may require lesser calories. Never give them excessive food because your dogs may get accustomed to it.

3. You must check your dog's weight regularly and this can be done by weighing your dog on a scale. You can use your bathroom scale to do this. You should do it at the same hour each time you do it and use the same scale.. Using this clever method will see if your dog's weight is fluctuating or not.

4. Being obese can start in the early stages of a dog's life. If a dog is getting fat while it is growing a bit older in life, then the possibility of your dog becoming fat is a big possibility. It is just right that your pet dog is given the proper nutrition while they are in their growing up stages. If you don't do this your dog can develop joint diseases.

5. Too much treats and table food are the main reasons for your dog's poor weight condition. Giving them a hug is a lot better than giving your dog excessive treats. They will also love it because you are giving them the attention that they need.

6. Obesity iof dogs is the result of giving them too much food to eat. The nice thing about it is these conditions can be treated but dog owners need to be quite sensitive. The moment you realize that your dog is overweight bring your dog to the vet. This can rule out any other disease that can cause this situation.

Be aware of your dog's weight condition because your pet dog is a special friend who also loves you as you love them.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Do Dogs Expect From Their Owners

By: Ed Gonzalez

Dogs expect their masters to be responsible for their health and well being. They want to be treated as part of the family. They expect owners to spend time with them and give them the attention they need. They like their masters to be their pack leaders. Owners must take charge and see to it that their dogs follow the things they say. In doing so, owners must never endanger the lives of their beautiful and wonderful pet dogs. Dogs feel that their owners must treat them nicely and lovingly. They don't like being shouted at or being hit.

Always remember to pet and hold your dogs calmly. They will surely like this. Dogs like their owners to take the initiative during play activities and they will follow. These cute pet dogs want their owners to tell them what to do and not the other way around. Any dog would like to have special treats when they please their owners. Give them dog cookies when they are obedient and after entertaining you with all the tricks they have learned. Be sure that you treat them like a family member. At times they want to be beside the dinner table when you are eating. Let them do so and provide them with their dog food. Pet dogs are fun loving animals. They like tagging along with their adopted family on road trips. They will surely like this. Just make sure you bring what they need like their medicines, food and toys.
Because they feel like a family member, never shove them away when the family is gathered together watching their favorite tv shows or movies in the house. They like the feeling of being accepted. As pack leaders, they expect you to guide them always especially when then you are taking walks. They must be told of what is acceptable and what is not. They don't like to be guessing on what is required of them. There are do's and don'ts and this is what you should make clear to them. Never intimidate your dogs if they do something wrong because they can retain this image in their minds..Dogs can't take care of themselves all the time. You must see to it that their health is well taken cared of. This is so essential in showing your love for your dogs.

Dogs are the most wonderful companions you can have especially when you are alone. They want you to always be their master but most of all a loving and dedicated one to them. After teaching them all the things they should and should not do, you must learn to trust them. They need your trust if they are to be considered your loyal friend..They expect love and not cruelty from any dog owner. When these dogs learn the things you expect them to do, they will remember. Dogs have good memory and good imagery.

Treat your pet dogs rightfully and you can expect your dogs to become loving towards to you. They will cuddle up to you because they know you are a faithful friend. Make them feel accepted and they will be your best friends forever. Dogs are considered man's best friend but if you act bad towards them they can be your fiercest enemy. They will become stubborn, bored and destructive. You acquired these pet dogs to guard your homes and bring you happiness, so keep them safe and happy. These are the things that they expect from respectable dog owners.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tufts University study shows children improve, love reading more, if they read to a dog

By Mona Sabalones Gonzalez

For some time now, reading programs making use of dogs have been ongoing across the U.S. The results have been so strongly positive, that they continue to thrive.

Now, a new study from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University, measured the difference between reading to a dog, and reading to a human being. The dog won. The findings of the study showed that children improve better and more quickly when they read to a dog.

The study was conducted by Dawn Lenihan, a third-year veterinary student at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. She was mentored by Dr. Lisa M. Freeman, who is also one of the authors of the study.

In the study, one group of second graders would read out loud to a dog, while a second, control group of second graders, would read to an adult. The  dogs that were used in the study had already gone through the Reading Education Assistance Dogs Program.

The investigators of the study were Amanda Diurba of Grafton Public Library, where the experiment was held, and Emily McCobb, Director of Cummings School Shelter Medicine. The students read for 30 minutes every day for five weeks. The findings were:

·        Students from the group who read to dogs had a slight increase in reading skills and attitude to reading.
·        Students who read to people experienced lowered scores both in terms of reading ability and attitude to reading.
·        No second grader who was paired with a dog left the group, and completed the entire length of the experiment.
·        One-third of those who read to people didn’t finish the program.

Diurba measured reading progress by noting the books that the children chose to read. The more difficult the choices, the more she knew they were improving.

Diurba told the AP, “At three weeks, something happens in the brain, the comfort level, whatever, and whatever little issues those children are having individually seemed to lessen mightily, go away. It actually ends up going away.”


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How To Win Your Dog's Trust

 By; Ed Gonzalez

Do you wonder why some dogs are close to people and others are not? Owners and other persons must be able to adjust to the dog and not the other way around. Sometimes, unknowingly we scare them and they scamper to a safe hiding place. You will have to gain their confidence. Treat them rightfully and they will become friendly towards you. It won't be easy but you can try and if you do not it will never happen.. This is not a difficult task to do. You must take time out to accomplish this. Remember the saying “ that dogs are man's best friend”. You can have a great and loving best friend with you in your house. Just make the effort and do it.

Here are some ways that you do to make your dogs close to you:

 1. When approaching your dog you must be careful. Always approach them with your hands on your side. Never come running to them and never extend both arms to them. They'll be scared stiff and they will avoid you. They may think that you are trying to harm them. Always be calm and do not act in a hurry when approaching the dog. They are very cautious when you do not approach them using the right procedure.

2. When you come forward to meet your dog, do it on equal grounds. They do not like it when you are standing erect. Get down on your knees to meet them. When you remain standing they will think that you are threatening them. Have a happy facial expression when you come into contact with them. Dogs are sensitive, they know if you are being truthful or not.

3. When you get their admiration, you can pick them up. You must make sure that you do it the right. Cuddle them like you would do to your own baby. You must be gentle and calm. If ever you pet them it must be on their chest and at the back of their ears. They will find pleasure and enjoyment when you do this to them

4. Do not talk to them in a very loud manner and do not scream at them. If you want your dogs to be responsive avoid banging doors or making loud noises when you are with them. They will be so afraid afraid of you. They will lose their confidence and admiration for you.. Dogs have feelings and they can get terribly bothered by these things.

5. Give the dog more time to become friendly with you. When they are ready they will come to you. They must be given time to adapt to their new place.. Dogs are so smart and they will size you up to see if you are trustworthy. Eventually, they will become friendly with you and they will be your true buddies as long as you do not mistreat them.

Always remember that pet dogs will always be there for you as long as you shower them with love, care and attention. Pet dogs will be there to protect you and guard your homes. Dogs are wonderful and adorable pets. They do also have their shortcomings but all creatures do. I believe that dogs are God's gift to mankind and we must make sure that they are well taken cared for. Win your dog's trust and you'll have a great time with them.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Narcissist Dogs and Narcissist People—Going Full Circle

 “Love is like gravity for dogs. They can’t not love us.”
Kevin Behan, dog trainer and natural philosopher 

Is there such a thing as a narcissistic dog? Book author Judith Orloff, M.D. says a dog may be narcissistic if:

·        The dog requires a lot of attention.
·        The dog has a way of always getting what he wants by manipulating humans.
·        A dog tends to feel entitled.
·        A dog does not seem concerned about doing what you want him to do.
·        A dog appears to lack compassion for his human, other humans or even other dogs.

What makes a dog narcissistic? The owners, Orloff says. And there is a consistency to this. Dog owners who are afflicted with narcissism raise narcissistic dogs.

The narcissistic dog owner craves as much attention, hugs and love from the dog as possible. Such a dog owner fails to give a dog the structure it needs, because it’s not about the dog, it’s about the dog satisfying the needs of the dog owner.

A narcissistic dog may sometimes be confused with dog aggression that is anxiety-related, Orloff says. The difference is, an aggressive dog may bite, while a narcissistic dog may whine endlessly and demand your attention even when you don’t feel like giving it.

And so it follows—what makes a dog owner narcissistic? He becomes that way because he himself had narcissistic parents.

Narcissism defined

Narcissism refers to excessive self-admiration, to the point that it infects one’s own quality of life, and that of others. A narcissist:

·        Is boastful and craves admiration.
·        Is self-centered and always seeks attention.
·        Feels entitled.
·        Thinks oneself is better than others.
·        May be manipulative and use others to get what one wants.
·        Is easily hurt, but may hide it.
·        Exaggerates one’s accomplishments and abilities.

The narcissistic parent

A narcissistic parent loves a child for the wrong reasons, and expresses this love in the wrong ways. He/she is simply too self centered to recognize the child for who he really is. The child becomes a tool to satisfy the emotional needs of the narcissistic parent.

In turn, the child of the narcissistic parent grows up constantly trying to satisfy the parent, in this way neglecting his own needs. Because of this, the child, ironically, grows up to become a narcissist, too, and may be a narcissistic dog owner, who raises a narcissistic dog.

But seriously, it’s hard to like narcissists. They are manipulative, egotistical, self-absorbed, grandiose and frustrating.

Bear in mind, they are also very unhappy people inside. The narcissist seesaws from phases of feeling larger than life to plunges into deep depression.

Maybe a narcissist owner might wanna read this?

Circle of healing….

Here’s the thing: A dog can genuinely help a narcissist, because dogs love their humans unconditionally. A dog can make a narcissist feel worthy of unconditional love--through thick and thin.

A dog is not impressed with what a human achieves, or how brilliant the human is. A dog champions stubborn love. A narcissist experiences unqualified, absolute love, and it is possible that through such unconditional love, a narcissist may actually have the possibility of giving love back to the dog—the kind of love that needs to recognize a dog for what it really is.

A dog is an animal with specific needs that are very different from a human’s. Orloff said, “Dogs are designed primarily to work for a living, to put their instincts toward a group purpose. Being admired and coddled and fussed over is only secondary at best.”

I gave you the short version. For a more thorough explanation, look up Orloff’s article on this link:

and just for fun, look at this “narcissistic” dog:

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dragonfly mating

By Mona Sabalones Gonzalez

I came across these dragonflies outside my lanai, which got me to thinking about dragonfly mating. Here’s what I found out:

1.     A male dragonfly has two sets of sex organs. 

2.     He stores his sperm in a pouch, and before he has sex he must self-inseminate by moving the sperm into his penis. Can you call that dragonfly family planning?

3.     Now he is ready to pounce on a flying female dragonfly. Here, it can get a bit unromantic. He grabs her head or thorax. Then he uses claspers on his body, and grips and holds either her abdomen or the back of her eyes. 

4.     Some dragonflies can get downright mean, even biting the base of the females wings to grab a hold of her.

5.     A receptive female will curl the tip of her abdomen and they will form together a “dragonfly heart,” just like this photo shows.

6.     Oftentimes, when they are done, the two will still fly in tandem, because the male wants to make sure that she can lay his eggs safely on a body of water. In this way, the male makes sure the eggs are carefully dropped before any other male dragonfly tries to land on her.

7.     This part struck me a bit because I couldn’t think of any lake or pond nearby where these dragonflies could lay the eggs. It must be a dragonfly secret in my neighborhood. Either that, or the swimming pool.

Abusive dragonflies

1.     Just as some humans can be physically abusive, so too can some dragonflies.
2.     A study from the University of Florida by Sidney Dunkle studied 12 clubtail species, and learned that from 44-100 percent of all of the females had holes in their heads. This, Dunkle attributed to the hold of a male on the female during copulation.
3.     A particularly harsh dragonfly (out of some 5,000 species) is the Hagenius brevistylus, which has spines that have gouged out the eyes of the female, pierced her head with as many as six holes of varied sizes, and pierced and slashed her exoskeleton.

I dare not extrapolate. Here’s a link that I enjoyed watching about dragonfly mating and living habits.

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What You Must Know When Walking Your Dogs

By: Ed Gonzalez

It is a must for owners to walk their dogs, because if not your dogs will feel left out and become bored with their life. This can even lead to depression.. Walking your dogs does not mean just putting a leash on your dog and start walking outside. There is much to consider before doing this and you must do the following before taking your dogs on a stroll:

1. Before walking your dogs you must know where you are taking your dogs because some places do not allow dogs . If you are taking them on a walk in your neighborhood that may just be fine. Find out first if they allow dogs to walk in certain places so that it won't cause you the inconvenience of turning back and going home. Do not walk your dogs when it is raining and when it is too hot. You must know if the weather is suitable for walking your dogs.. If the weather won't give you any trouble, then put on a comfortable leash for your dog and start your walk. You must know what kind of collar will be useful for your dogs and your veterinarian can advise you. With the leash you will have definite control of your dog. The leash is so vital when walking your dogs because without it you will have a difficult time walking your dogs. Make sure you know the size of the leash of your dog even if your dog is not with you.. It can prevent further trouble because an unleashed dog can create disturbances and they can fight with other dogs and bite other people. You must bring a camera with you and a medical card issued by your veterinarian in case in case any untoward actions do happen..

2. Bring trash bags or plastic bags so you can clean the mess your dog makes a mess. Having some sheets of paper are also helpful. If you are going on long walks, you must bring a dish water if and when you are going for long walks.. Bring with you a long stick and this is not meant to hit your dogs. You van use this to tap on the ground to remind your dogs that what they are doing is not appropriate. This stick will just remind your dogs of what they can and cannot do. Always make your dogs walk beside you and never in front of you. To be able to make this happen, you must train your dogs. If dogs do make a mistake, correct it right away.

3. Always be aware of things happening around you when you are walking your dogs. Keep in mind if there are safe areas for your dogs to walk. This might be a busy street with cars and trucks. It's always best to take precautionary measures to keep your dogs protected. Always be in control of situations. Owners must lead their dogs to the right path where they can walk. You must also take into consideration the limitations of you dogs on how far they can go and their pacing.. When your dogs are outside and walking they will feel so glad and they will be filled with excitement. You must allow your dog time to discover the outside world. Don't take any chances if you feel your dog is not ready to interact with other people and dogs. If you encounter a fenced area then you can let your dogs run around. Try talking to your dogs because this is the best way they can become closer to you. When your dog starts to pant maybe it is tired and it is time to take a ten minute rest. Before walking during the night, bring a flashlight plus the other paraphernalia you might need. Watch out for animal feces and urine because this can bring about sicknesses. Do not let your dogs go near any kind of garbage and start sniffing stuff, this can be harmful to them in the long run.

4. Walk slowly when you are walking back home. This is the best way to cool your dogs When you are at home, give your dogs water on a bowl. Clean your dog's feet to remove certain particles that your dogs might have acquired from walking.. You and your dogs must relax and rest. During summer time , bring the necessary stuff plus additional water. Walks must be shorter. You must be aware that there are insects and they are so prevalent during this time. Do not go mountain climbing unless your dog can take it. If you are walking on the beach,  be careful of the jellyfish and other sea insects. Wash the feet of your dogs as soon as you get home.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Your Puppies Need To See A Veterinarian

By: Ed Gonzalez

Acquiring a new puppy make bring a whole lot of excitement to the family. They will surely bring happiness and a bright atmosphere to your household. You should be careful in trying to pick up the puppies because the mother can become jealous and nip at you. While they are still puppies, they must be given the right amount of care. This means that you should make sure that they are well taken cared for. It also requires you to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. This is so important especially during their early growth stages. You just want to make sure that they are in good health and they must remain that way.

One of the main issues that you have to be concerned is having to address the problems of worms in your puppies. A major amount of puppies are born with worms and this is one of the main reasons why they must be brought to the vets for them to be dewormed. The usual worm the veterinarians find are roundworms. The immediate cause of this are intestinal parasites that came from the mother of these puppies. It can also be transmitted by the mother's milk when they are breastfeeding their puppies. Veterinarians would require you to bring the pregnant mothers who are in their last week of pregnancy so that they can prescribe deworming medicines that can decrease the transferring of worms to the puppies.. If you do not do this, it can produce harmful effects onyour puppies.

Bring them to your veterinarian when they are two weeks old. The deworming procedure must continue until they are three months old. They should be brought to your vets after every two weeks. When they are adults males they must be brought to the vets once every year and females must visit the vets during every ovulation cycle. This should be done on a routinary basis because because round worms can be transferred to people and especially to kids when they come into contact with dog feces or contaminated soil.

The puppy's first visit to the veterinarian is quite important because this is the best time you van talk about vaccination, spaying,, neutering, nutrition, puppy training and grooming. Things you must remember when going to the veterinarian for a visit:

1. Make sure you come in early. This will allow you time to register your pet as a new patient. Put your pet dog on a leash or in a crate to protect them.
2. Do not forget to bring the stool sample of your dog for fecal analysis.. Place it in a plastic bag that is secured.
3. Bring any information that your veterinarian will need with regards to your puppies.
4. Usually puppies are well behaved but when they get tensed, talk to them so that they can be comfortable or say something to them that they like to hear.
5. Help the vet during the examination process. He will first take their temperature. He'll examine the eyes of your puppies. This is done to find out if there are any foreign objects.. He will listen to your pet dog's heart to see if there are any murmurs.. The lungs of your puppies must be clear and free of any discharge.. The stomach and vagina will also be checked.

The veterinarians will also recommend a series of vaccines for your puppies to give them protection from distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza and coronavirus.

DHPPIL – Known as a five in one vaccine. And it will give your puppies total protection after three months. This High-titer vaccines gives your puppies the best protection from parvovirus.
DHH-PIL – This is a six in one combo vaccine when they are six weeks of age that provides added protection from coronavirus.. Though the coronavirus component is not a significant vaccine but findings do show that dual infection with parvovirus is so severe and fatal in puppies.

RABIES – These are vaccination shots that must be given to your puppies when they are three to four months old. The vets may give other vaccinations for kennel cough or bordatella.. They will show you how to prevent heartworrms, diet, how to spay and neuter your puppies. Take care of your dogs and they will remain loving to you. If they are healthy, they will always be happy. A happy dog can be your best companion.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Soothing Music Can Relax Your Loving Dogs

By Ed Gonzalez

Based on studies done by experts, good mood music can create wonderful effects on your dogs. When they frequently hear beautiful music, their behavioral attitudes do improve .People get contentment, healing effects and find enjoyment when listening to music. Dogs also undoubtedly get affected in a positive way by the fine use of sound communication technology. If they find that the song they are hearing is likeable to them, they will come close to where the sound is coming from. The reason for this is because they want to totally enjoy the musical sound. Relaxing or cozy type of music is the better way to share your love of music with your dogs. They will never find rock music enjoying. Try the old classics like moon river or time after time.

Music that is rather calm can bring relief to dogs who are in pain. Nice music that is resoundingly ear – friendly takes out the the psychological distraction, the feeling of being left alone, wrongly treated, loneliness ( because they are left alone by themselves ), depression, other sufferings and negative feelings. When their owner doesn't feel well, their dogs also take in the feeling of not being well too. If their owner and master has a jolly spirit, they will also acquire it and be quite happy.. All these are because of they are encouraged by the beautiful melodious music they hear. Though this has not been proven scientifically, it has been said that calm music is an efficient antidote that can bring comfort to your dog's tired and painful aching bodies. Dog experts tie this up to the extraordinary because since man and dog are living creatures, they can react to a similar enticement which can help them to find peace, beauty and happiness in the same things.

Dogs have to adjust to the lifestyles of their owner. At times, this can cause difficulties for them.. They cannot understand the problem that their master has to undergo in his or her life. When their owner gets deeply affected by these concerns, their dogs also acquire the stress that their owner feel. This is why it is important for dogs to listen to relaxing music once in a while. Your pet dogs will surely love listening to pleasing music because it makes them at ease and cools down their nerves.. They will surely enjoy every minute of it.

Loving your dogs is all about sharing the nice things with them. Listening to music is one of the nicest way to bond with your dogs. They will know more about you from the music they hear and this will bring them closer to you. You might just find out later on, that your dog is trying to sing and it's all about the wonderful music they hear. Later, you'll find out that your dog has got talent. Sharing your soothing music with your dog can be the start of a great relationship you can have with them. House dogs will always be there. When your family is out, all you've got are your dogs. On a hot day, staying
inside in the house with your dogs and playing cool music is the best relief you can have. Why not try singing the old classic songs with the music playing. You might have a chorus afterwards. What a great way to enjoy life together with your dogs by singing the blues.