Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goats are naturally resistant to radiation?

Goats may have a natural resistance to radiation, and we are talking nuclear bomb radiation here. With the number of radiation leaks that have occurred in the past, including the most recent in Fukushima, maybe it is time to take a closer look at goats.

The goat’s resistance to radiation was discovered after Hiroshima. Tests were conducted in a group of Pacific Islands in 1946, among them the Bikini Atoll and Christmas Island. All the people were relocated, but there were cattle, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, chickens and goats.

(Note: We got this information from a paper entitled The Genealogy of The Philippine Native Goat [Capra hircus] written by Joseph S. Masangkay, DVM, Ph. D, Hideyuki Mannen, Ph. D, Yoshio Yamamoto Ph. D, Takao Namikawa, Ph. D, and Philip Alviola, BS MS. It was printed in Animal Scene, a local magazine. However we found some websites, and that say otherwise. We will try to get in touch with Masangkay for clarification, and will scan article at a later date for your reference).

After the blasts, all the animals died, one after the other, except the goats. Blood tests showed the animals all died of aplastic anemia, which has to do with the ability of the body to replenish cells in the bone marrow. Blood tests on the goats showed that everything was normal.

So aside from the cheese, butter, yoghurt, ice cream and goat meat (not to mention the ornaments and clothes that can be made from the hair), maybe it might be a good time to find out why the goat is so radiation resistant.

Let me confess—if I had a goat, I could not bear to do more with it than keep it as a pet.

So here are some tips on how to bathe a goat:

1.     Pour half a gallon of water on your goat to get it sufficiently wet.

2.     Pour one-quarter gallon of water mixed with a tablespoon of soap on your goat. Leave it on for four minutes.

3.     Rinse your goat with two gallons of water.

4.     Give the goat time to dry off before returning it to the cage.

5.     Bathe your goat weekly to keep it healthy.

These are photos I took of Philippine goats. It’s very rare to find a pure Philippine native goat these days because the government had this really aggressive program to introduce Boers, Nubians and other imported goats, and found out later that hybrids did best in our weather. These goats are probably a mix.

Pure native goats usually:

1.     Are smaller than foreign goats.

2.     May have patches of different colors or are plain brown or agouti with a black strip on the dorsal spine.

3.     Have short, almost erect ears. The face is straight and the nostrils will be more flared unlike the Nubian or boer goats which have Roman noses.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Superior Qualities That Make Dogs Man's Special Friend

By: Ed Gonzalez

Of all animals, dogs have proven to be man's best companion. They have the qualities of a a true exceptional friend and companion. One thing about dogs is that if you treat them rightfully, they will never leave you. These pets will be by your side when you need them. They'll entertain you with their antics. It's really joyful to see a pet display his love for his master. Dogs are dependable, loveable and most of all trustworthy animals. Dogs can truly be your best friends forever.

The qualities That Make Dogs Endearing To Their Owners and Families:

1. They Stay Close To You During Your Troubled Times – Dogs are very sensitive pets, they know whether you are happy or not. During your trying times, they will remain near you or lay down near your feet. These dogs will show their concern for your problem by licking you and they will even try their best to make you laugh. When my mother – in - law passed away, our dog Winnie Churchill comforted my wife in so many ways. This dog found ways to give joy to my grieving wife mona.Winnie Churchill was the antidote my wife needed to get her out of her crisis.

2. Dogs Are Glad To See Their Owners Come Home – They'll be the first one's to greet you once the front door is opened. They're just excited to see you and all they need for you to do is hug them and they are already satisfied with that. Once you are at home and eating your dinner, they'll just wait by your side. Dogs surely love it if you could give them a treat. My dogs though are not demanding, they just love the feeling that you are at home with them. My wife and I call them our sweet little babies.

3. Dogs Will Not Frown At You When They Are Being Disciplined - They will show through their facial expressions that they are truly asking for forgiveness. These pet dogs are not impatient and they will wait for you to forgive them. Patting them on their heads is a way of showing them that you have forgiven them for their wrongdoings. Hugging them is another way of showing them that you have truly forgiven them.

4. Dogs That Are Well Treated Will Remain Loyal and Loving To Their Owners – Just treat your pet dogs correctly and they will remain loyal and always loving towards you. They'll be your protector when they feel that someone is trying to harm you. These pets will be with you wherever you go. Dogs will either sit or lay down by your side and this is the way they show their loving affection towards people who are special to them.

5. Pet Dogs Always Show Off Their Real Character - One thing nice about family pet dogs is that they show who they really are. They will not pretend to be something that they are not. They entertain you when they are in a joyful mood. Your pet dogs will show you some tricks. If they feel sleepy, they will lay down and close their eyes. When these dogs are hungry they will show you to the kitchen or to where their dog food is being kept. They will growl if they find something disturbing. When they hear thunderstorms they will scamper for safety or stay near you.

6. Dogs Do Not Utter Complaints – They can sleep on any type of floors and they will never complain. Unlike humans, they are not choosy when it comes to food. Give them any type of food and they will gobble it up. They don't mind if it's dog food or pieces of food from your dinner table.

7. Dogs Will Never Ask Queries About Their Owners Deficiencies - They will accept them for whoever they are . As long as these dogs are well cared for. Dogs will love their masters till the very end of their life. It's the quality of love that owners give to their dogs that will make their dogs closer to them.

8. Dogs Love Their Owners Wholeheartedly - Their love knows no limits because it is endless and all they really need is for their owners to do is treat them with dignity and respect because they also have feelings.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What Killer Diseases Can Kill Your Dogs

By: Ed Gonzalez

Dogs are considered to be man's best friend and we should how to keep our dogs in good healthy conditions. Owners must be able to constantly keep track of their dog's condition. They must make sure that they get their regular vaccines now and then. Pet Dogs are special because they are loving and kind. There are many things that owners can do to prevent these killer diseases from affecting dogs.

These are the most common deadly diseases that can kill your dog:

CANINE DISTEMPER: This is a DANGEROUS disease and can be fatal once your dog has it. This disease is contagious and any dog can catch this disease once it gets near to any secretion of a dog that has been infected with this disease. This commonly affects puppies and young dogs that have had no vaccinations.. Puppies that have been contaminated with this disease only have a survival rate of 20% as compared to 50% of adult dogs. During the first stages of this disease dogs will exhibit symptoms like coughing, no appetite, pneumonia, a densed discharge from their eyes and their noses. The virus moves so quick and sooner or later you'll see your dogs vomiting. having diarrhea, calluses appearing in their paw pads and noses. The last symptoms will appear after two to three weeks and your dogs will suffer from leg twitching,muscle tremors, seizures and jaw snapping. During this time the infection has caused tremendous destruction of their body's nervous system. At this point all your vets can do is to prevent the situation from getting worse..It is is important for owners to make sure that their dogs get the proper vaccination.

RABIES: This is one disease that owners must be concerned and alarmed. Once your dog is affected by this DEADLY disease, it's almost sure that they will die. If any person gets bitten by a dog that has the rabies virus, he or she can be in serious trouble. This kind of virus attacks the central nervous system . During the first three days when this dog has this killer virus, it may only show behavioral concerns. After that the dog will become violent and it will behave in an abnormal way. Later on, the dog will get paralyzed and die..The dog can show signs of weakness and loses it's coordinating functions. After that death happens. The moment a person is bitten, he must seek medical attention and get the right vaccination. It is important for your pet dogs to get the rabies vaccination. Even if your dog has been vaccinated and a suspected dog bites your pet dog, bring it to a vet.

LEFTTOSPIROSIS: Dogs like to chase rats and rodents but they are the usual carriers of this disease. It is carried over through ingestion of urine that has been infected. Dogs that spend more time outdoors are susceptible to this kind of DANGEROUS disease. It will appear in three ways: hemorrhagic which will cause your dog to bleed, their kidneys will be infected with jaundice that will destroy the dog's liver. The dog will show signs of no appetite at all, fever, weakness, vomiting, muscle pain and being stiff. The dog can be healed if this disease is detected at an early stage. Owners must take notice that this disease can be carried over to them. It is just right to maintain proper hygiene if their dogs have been afflicted with this disease. Always have a clean environment, the right hygiene and the proper vaccinations so that your dogs will not have this kind of disease.

HEART WORM DISEASE: Most people think that worms just live in the digestive system but this type of KILLER disease is rather different. Mosquitoes are the natural carriers of this dreaded disease. They transmit the larvae of an infected dog to another dog. When the the mosquito bites, the larvae will go in to the system of the dog and the travails begin. Adult worms can reach as much as 12 inches. They commonly attack the heart of your dog but they can also infect other parts. When the heart is infected it can be rather SEVERE. This disease can cause heart failure and later death. If it is discovered at an early stage, the dog can be cured.. Treating this disease is quite difficult because it can take weeks before the dog can be declared safe and free from this horrible ailment. There are a lot of oral medicines that your vets will know about and they are available in vet clinics. You must always ask your vet how to use this oral medicine rightfully.

INFECTUOUS CANINE HEPATITIS: This disease attacks the liver but it affects other body parts like the eyes and kidneys. This DREADFUL disease is caused by the canine adenovirus type 1. The common victims are puppies and young dogs that have not been vaccinated. Adult dogs can also be contaminated. This disease is transferred by direct contact with infected feces, saliva, urine blood and nasal discharge.. Some symptoms are fever, no appetite, weakness, coughing, tender abdomen and corneas that are murky or bluish. When this disease gets to the liver, vomiting and jaundice can happen. The dog will experience bleeding. Unfortunately, this disease can cause sudden death. The dog can survive if this disease is discovered early but proper care must be given immediately. There is no cure for this kind of disease but these dogs must be given supportive care because it can cause a lot of complications notably to the liver. Vaccination is the only way to prevent this disease.

PARVOVIRUS: This is a FATAL disease that can end your dog's life in a matter of days only. If puppies are infected with this disease, they will have a 50% survival rate as com pared to adult dogs who will have a 70% survival rate..If these dogs are treated immediately, they have a better chance to survive. Puppies that are not vaccinated are the usual victims. The symptoms of this ailment are : weakness, vomiting, no appetite at all, bloody diarrhea with a bad smelling odor and fever. Treatment is only supportive because there is no cure for this kind of disease. The infected dog can get dehydrated and that is why it is important to bring the dog to the vet right away. If the dog survives for at least three days after it's initial treatment, there's big chance that the dog will survive as long as it is given the rightful care it deserves. This disease can be transferred to other dogs by smelling the feces of a dog that has been infected. If one of your dogs are infected with this disease, owners must thoroughly clean the area. Dogs must be properly vaccinated so as to prevent them from acquiring this type of disease.