Friday, March 25, 2011

The Graceful Looking Pomeranians

By: Ed Gonzalez

POMERANIANS are known to be descendants of the wolf - spitz dog of Iceland. These dogs inhabited areas of Poland and Germany. Their name POMERANIANS was derived from the names of these countries. POMERANIANS were not known at the time until the Kennel Club of England recognized it as a spitz dog. Queen Victoria liked these dogs very much and that is the reason why she purchased one of these dogs ftrom Florence, Italy. She started breeding these POMERANIANS into smaller sizes.The original POMERANIANS were larger dogs and they weighed as much as 30 pounds. Aside from Queen Victoria, other well known personalities who owned POMERANIANS were: Mozart Marie Antoinette, and Emile Zola. They were acknowledged as full breeds in 1870 by the Kennel Club of England. The American POMERANIAN Club had it's first show in 1911. It is considered be one of the top fifteen pet dogs in the U.S.A. Today.

POMERANIANS are self – reliant, lively, spirited, playful and loving dog companions. They are faithful dogs and they just like spending time with people they are closed to. These dogs will follow you around the house but they are not over exaggerated when they do this. POMERANIANS like moving around and being preoccupied. They are packed with a lot of stamina and energy. Dogs of this kind love to learn new things. It's not difficult to teach them tricks. These lovely dogs can stand on their back legs and do the spin infront of you. POMERANIANS are very amusing and enthusiastic dogs. They are very good watchdogs and they must be kept inside your homes. If they are given the chance to play outside in the yard, owners must keep watch of their dogs. POMERANIANS can slip out so easily. Your Pomeranians must bee kept safe from jumping from furnitures and oher high places in the house. This is to protect them from gettting any injury that might be harmful to their health. POMERANIANS like staying in cool places because they can get so warm very easily.

POMERANIANS are considered to be toy sized dogs. They have wedge – shaped heads that are equally balanced to their bodies. They have straight and finely drawn muzzles. Their lips are normal in sizes and they have tendencies to bite. They have highly elevated ears that are standing quite straight. Their medium sized eyes are dark. The colors of their nose varies from the colors of their coats. Claws which do not touched the ground must be removed. POMERANIANS have tail feathers that are seen lying flat on their backs. They have teeth that are interconnected in scissor like bites. POMERANIANS have thick double coats. The undercoats of these dogs are smooth but rather densed and straight. Their outer coats are displeasing and rough looking. They heve bigger coats around the areas of their chests. Their proud looking tails are positioned rather high and it lies horizontally flat on their backs.

POMERANIANS are known to be quite pleasant but they can be demanding and stubborn also. Owners must learn how to control them. Owners must be firm and be able to display self confidence. Make sure that it is done quite calmly. These dogs must know that they are the followers and that their owners are the acknowledged leaders. If they do not see these qualities in their owners, they will develop unruly behaviors. Owners must train their POMERANIANS to follow a set of rules and they must abide by it. Owners  need to let their dogs go out on walks everyday. If they don't do this,  their dogs will exhibit destructive behavioral patterns.

These dogs weigh between 3 -7 pounds and the ideal t weights for show dogs are from 4 – 6 pounds. Their heights may vary from 7 – 11 inches. They have  a lifespansof 15 years..

POMERANIANS will do quite well living with their owners in apartments. These dogs are activity oriented and they wiill do many things to keep busy They must not stay outside for so long when the weather is hot. They are great pet dogs for the elderly.

POMERANIANS are liable to have dislocated patellas ( Knee – caps ), slipped stifle, ( slipping knee joints ). heart problems, eye infections, skin irritations. They must eat dry dog food or crispy milk bones every day so that their teeth and gum will remain in healthy condition. POMERANIANS that are so small may have to deliver their babies through cesarean operations. If these dogs get to be old,  they may shed hair and have some bald spots.

Their coats must be brushed regularly. They will shed once or twice a year. Their eyes must be cleaned every day and their dogs must have regular checkups for their teeth.

Take good care of these dogs and they will remain to be your loyal companions.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Remarkable Looking Toy Poodles

By Ed Gonzalez

Poodles have been around for over four hundred years. They have existed in Western Europe for such a long time. The French claim that these dogs originated from their country but actually their origin has been really puzzling. No one can actually pinpoint where these lovely creatures came from. The American Kennel Club recognizes that these dogs are of German Origin. These dogs were used in Germany as water retrieval dogs. Some say that these dogs came from Denmark. What is true and factual is that poodles are the descendants of the now distinct French Water Dog, the Barbet and most probably the Hungarian Water Hound. The name Poodle was derived from the german word “Pudel” which means someone who plays in water. Hunters created a “ poodle clip” so that these dogs can become effective swimmers. These hunters would leave hair on the leg joints of these dogs and it  keeps them well protected from the harsh cold weather, sharp stalks and plants.. They were used as gun dogs in France and Germany. These dogs also good at retrieving waterfowls and sniffing out truffles that are laying underground in the woods. Because these dogs are very intelligent and trainable, the french used these dogs as circus performers. At first, the french called them ' Caniche” known as duck dogs and later they named them French Poodles. The toy and miniature poodles were bred from what is now known as the standard poodles. During the eighteenth century, the smaller poodles were quite popular with people who had “ royal blood.” Now we have three official breeds, miniature standard and TOY POODLES.

When TOY POODLES are properly groomed, they will show square like appearances. These dogs have almost the same length as the height at their withers. Their heads are somewhat rounded with insignificant but definite stops. TOY POODLES have have straight and long muzzles. These dogs have dark oval shaped eyes that are set rather apart. Their eyes are colored black or brown. They have ears that are hanging close to their heads. Their ears are long and flat. TOY POODLES have proportionately sized front and back legs that are just right for the size of the dogs. The topline of these dogs are leveled. These dogs have tails that are set and positioned quite high. It can be docked to half it's length so that the dog will look more balanced. Dewclaws can be taken out. TOY POODLES have oval shaped feet that are quite small and their toes are arched. These dogs have long, soft and curly coats. They have usually solid looking coats that are colored white, black, apricot or gray.

TOY POODLES are affectionate, perceptive. faithful, playful and joyful dogs. They can be emotionally attached to the whole family. It does not like being neglected and left alone for a long time. If you do so, they will develop unruly behavior. TOY POODLES can be trained very easily. They like learning new tricks and games. They will do very good in dog sports like dog agility and obedience. .Dogs of this kind are fast learners and they love pleasing their owners. These dogs have a lot of packed energy and they can fetch and chase balls. If you train these dogs, they will get to know you more and they will know what you are trying to communicate to them. TOY POODLES need to be given time to exercise. You must let them run inside your house or on your yards. You must see to it that your house and fences are proper secured. Give them their daily walks. If you do not do this they can be come high strung and tensed. If you continually play with your TOY POODLES, they will always snuggle up to you and make you feel special. At times they are demanding and envious. These kinds of dogs are extraordinary watchdogs, they will bark at full force when strangers come near. They are mild tempered and they will do well playing with children. When they are with other young children, they must be properly supervised. These dogs essentially do not shed. Dogs of this kind are rather shy with new acquaintances.

The coats of TOY POODLES must be brushed sometimes and their coats must be cut short once every few months. Their coats must be brushed for ten to fifteen minutes dailyto keep it from tangling and matting. Make sure that their coats are shaped well every six weeks.TOY POODLES will have heights as much as ten inches and will weigh as much as six to nine pounds.

TOY POODLES are liable have to genetic diseases such as Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, slipped stifle, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disorders. PRA ( Progresive Retinal Atrophy ), runny eyes, ear infections, digestive tract problems, and skin problems

TOY POODLES are appropriate for city living and country life. These dogs love staying outside and they like to take long walks. If they do not go out for daily walks, they will  most likely adapt behavioral  problems.

TOY POODLES are truly wonderful dogs to have around your homes. Keep these dogs in good health and they will be the ideal companions for you nd your family. They are truly adorable looking pet dogs.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dachsunds – The Sprightly and Barking German Hotdogs

By Ed Gonzalez

Dachsunds are bouncy, highly – spirited and loving dogs. These dogs have a high sense of superiority in them and they are rather vigorous dogs. When they like something, they will do anything to get it. These dogs will exert all their efforts to ach.ieve their goal. Dogs of this kind love the outdoors . They can be naughty at times and barking is a way of life for them. Always look up information on these dogs so that you can find out whether these dogs will suit your wants. These dogs have been on this earth for six hundred years. During the fifteenth century, they were well known for hunting badgers . At this time, they were solely bred for hunting.The name Dachsund in t German means " Badger Dog.” They were given this name in the early seventeenth century. There were two kinds of Dachsunds at this time , the long haired and short haired. The third type appeared in the 1800's and this was the “ wire haired “ dachsund. These dogs had to go through developing stages. The bigger dachsunds weighed between thirty – thirtty five pounds and the smaller dachsunds weighed between sixteen - twenty two pounds. The bigger dachsunds hunted wild boars and badgers, while the smaller ones hunted foxes and hares. There are two sizes of these pet dogs today, the standard and miniature.

Dachsunds were introduced in the U,S,A. during the nineteenth century and now the standard smooth hair type is one of the famous and well loved dogs in the country today.These pet dogs are passionate and very loving pet dogs. Their life expectancy is between twelve to fifteen years. The standard dachsund dogs will weigh fifteen – twenty five pounds and their heights are more than fourteen inches from their shoulders. The mini dachsunds will weigh nine pounds and their heights are twelve inches from their shoulders.

Dachsunds are natural hunters and when the opportunity comes their way, they will never hesitate. These are inborn instincts that have been ingrained in their system and this can be tamed through correct training. Use leashes when you take these dogs on a stroll because they will go after smaller animals that they see on the road. I do have a wire haired dachsund named mocha barney and she is adorable but she would constantly chase cats and other smaller animals. Although these dogs are amiable and very affectionate, they can be hard headed when you are doing your best to train them. During the training period, owners must teach obedience and socialization.

These dogs like the attention they get from they get from their owners and family members. They are careful of people they are not familiar with. If you have very young children, you must think twice before acquiring a dachsund. Dachsunds bite when they are irritated. This can happen when they are being teased by children.

Dachsunds are affectionate pets but they can easily get jealous and aggressive with other pets especially dogs. The long haired dachsunds are the most controllable of the breed. They love to bark and this is what makes them the ideal watchdog. By their barking, owners will find out if there are strangers near their homes.

Dogs of this kind are easy to groom . Owners must do this at least two times a week and they must use rubber brushes. Doing this will remove all the dead hair. Long haired dachsunds must be groomed every day, By doing this, tangles and mats are taken out from their hair. Because they are small dogs, they are appropriate for persons living in the cities. They are the perfect dogs for persons living in apartment and small – medium size homes. These dogs must be given time to exercise every day because they are liable to get fat. Owners must walk their dogs for ten – twenty minutes a day.
Dachsunds can develop health problems like: spinal problems, dysplasia and comprehensive bone development issues. These dogs must be tested for these types of health deficiencies.

Dachsunds are fitting companions for any owner. Take care of them properly and they will remain your staunch ally and friend.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Flashy Looking English Pointers

By: Ed Gonzalez

English Pointers started to appear in the 1650's. These dogs were developed by crossbreeding a lot of breeds like Greyhounds, Bloodhounds, Italian Pointers, Foxhounds, Bulldogs, Setters and Newfoundlands. Their names were derived from the way the Irish Setters position themselves when they are standing still. When they stand in this manner, they are obviously pointing to the direction of their prey. They were so useful in looking for preys and later the greyhounds will hunt them down. This was done before hunting with guns gained it's popularity. They were excellent dogs for these purposes because they have superior capabilities to track down scents. Their movements are well coordinated and they are quite quick. These dogs can do a lot of things with limited time. English Pointers can chase down birds but are not good at retrieving birds that have been killed. They are not adept at swimming in water. These dogs are will not do well in cold temperatures but they are exceptional workers in warm weather. In competitions, they will be outstanding in pointing and they are the best at it. The English Pointers were given their due recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1884.

English Pointers are very sturdy dogs plus their heads and muzzles are as broad when compared with each other. Their muscles are deep and they have very descriptive stops. The noses of these dogs are are colored black or brown on darker coated dogs. Light colored dogs will have light or flesh type of colors. Their teeth are enjoined in scissor like bites. Dogs of this breed have rounded eyes that are dark as compared to markings on their coats. They have hanging like ears that are formed a bit pointed at the end parts. Their legs are uprightly formed. English Pointers have tails that are bigger at the base and it becomes smaller upon reaching a point. These dogs have rather short coats that are fine and densed. Their usual colors are reddish – brown, lemon, black and orange markings tat are well fixed, patched or spotty. There's a huge possibility that these dogs can have three colors.

Dogs of this particular kind are very courageous, loyal and affectionate dogs. They can be quite shy when they are with people that are not known to them. These dogs must be trained and made to socialize at an early age so that they will know what they must and must not do. Remember that these dogs are hunting dogs and they start showing their instincts when they are eight weeks old. They make exceptional hunting and companion dogs. Owners must have the mental strength and their dogs will quickly adapt to it. If owners are not emotionally  stable, their dogs will become rather nervous and unsure of themselves. These dogs must be given mental and physical exercises. If they are not allowed to do these things, they will display destructive behaviors. Owners must be the pack leaders and they must show that they are strong willed. English Pointers are not known to be watchdogs but they will bark at hearing sounds that are uncommon to them.

These dogs are liable to have hip dysplasia, dwarfism, thyroid and skin problems.

English Pointers will reach as much as 22 – 24 inches in height. Females will reach 21 – 24 inches in height. These dogs will weigh at least 44 – 66 pounds. Their life expectancy is 13 – 14 years.

English Pointers are not recommended for living in small places like apartments. They can live indoors but they will really enjoy it if they can run around in large yards. These dogs have lot of extra energy and stamina enveloped in their bodies. Dogs of this kind glisgneed to do intensive exercises. Do not deprive these dogs of exercises and activities because they will become tensed and very disturbed. These kind of dogs  must be able to go out for long fast walks with their owners. While walking, these dogs must beis  at their owner's side or at their backs. Owners are the leaders and it must remain that way.

English Pointers are not difficult to groom. The dogs
must be brushed with firm bristles. Bathe these dogs only when it is needed. If you rub small pieces of cloth on their coats these dogs will be well polished and have glosys appearances. This must only be accomplished when these dogs have finished exercising and playing. English Pointers must be dried propterly and completely so that they won't experience chills. Always keep an eye on their ears. These dogs don't shed frequently.

English Pointers will remain beautiful and loving you give to them the necessary attention and care they need.

Chicken wisdom

Dance gracefully with passion
Live with purpose
Show your best side to others
Kissing the ground you walk on is unusual and not symbolic
Stand tall
Journey forward
Stay curious
The end

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Divine Looking Saint Bernards

By: Ed Gonzalez

These dogs were named after Saint Bernard de Monthon their founder. The monks started breeding these dogs in the year 980 A.D. In order to come out with this kind of breed,  the monks had interbred the Great Pyyrenees, Great Danes, Tibetan Mastiffs and Swiss Mountain. The dogs that were first produced had short hair because the long breed had developed icicles in their hair. In the seventeenth century, Saint Bernards were used to rescue people buried by large masses of snow falling from the mountains. When these dogs found the person, they would simply lie down by the side of the person to give them theo heat they needed. These dogs will bark to alarm other Saint Bernards where they are so that they can contact the resue team. Saint Bernards have a high sense of smell and it does not matter if the person they are looking for has been covered with several feet oif snow. What is so amazing about these dogs is that they can can dig out the snow. Saint Bernards can carry small barrels and they are well known for this. With these small barrels, they were able to save lives and give strength untill the rescue team arrived. They were used to pull small sledges because they had tremendous strength and power to be able to do this. Because of these capabilities, they were able to bring victims to a safe shelter. Their place of origin is Switzerland.

Saint Bernards are firmly built and they do have a lot of power packed in their bodies. Their weight must be evenly balanced with their height. These dogs have heads that are huge and hefty. The necks of these dogs are rather thick looking and they do have husky bodies. They have teeth that have been enjoined in scissor like bites Saint Bernards have noses that are quite expanded and wide open nostrils. Dogs of this breed have black colored lips and adequate ears that that are settled in a high manner. The ears of these dogs are drooping and can be seen standing considerably away from their heads. Their legs are sturdily built and they have evenly bowed toes.They have tails that are quite long, broad and strong at the the base. Their tails are postured in a lowly manner when they are in a relaxed mode. Claws hat are not touching the ground must be removed. They have two types of coats rough and smooth. Both of these coats are quite densed with white colors. It also has little bits of red, mahogany, tan gray, tawny and black colors. Hair in the rough coated dogs are lengthier and you can notice feather coverings in their thighs and feet.

Saint Bernards are friendly and very tolerant dogs. They display these characters when they are in the midst of children. They do move in a slow manner but they are patient and obedient dogs towards their owners. These are the perfect watchdogs because they can easily frighten any intruder by their mere sizes. They drool when they drink water and snore when they sleep. They are well known for their capabilities to search and rescue. They can perform well also in carting. Train these dogs at a young age and they will remain to be controllable.

Saint Bernards are susceptive to health problems like hip dysplasia, skin problems, a few heart problems. They can develop eye problems because any of thire eyelids can fold outwardly and they can develop twisted stomachs. They are liable to bloat. These dogs must be given three small meals daily. It is better to do this than giving them one big meal. It is important not to overfeed these dogs because their normal weight carries enough strain on their skeletal structure already. If they gain additional weight, it will make their condition worse.

These dogs like the feeling of living indoors but they do have the capabilities to stay outdoors.They will do well in in most living conditions as long as they are given adequate shel ter and care. If their owners are living in apartments, their dogs must be given the opportunity to exercise a lot. They must be given adequate time to roam around in small yards. These dogs have low tolerance levels. This would make their dogs healthy and it is beneficial for their bodies. If the weather is hot, they must be placed in a warm room. Saint Bernards need to have long walks with their owners daily.

Saint Bernards will grow as much as 25.5 – 27.5 inches in height and they will weigh as much as 110 – 200 pounds. Their life expectancy is 8 – 10 years.

They will shed twice a year and it is very visible when it occurs. Generally, it is easy to maintain their coats. The coats of the Saint Bernards must be brushed using firm bristles and combed. Do not bathe these dogs regularly because it will remove the protective oils on their coats. Doing this frequently will destroy the waterproof elements in thei r coats. The eyes of these dogs must be free from grit, dust and other particles because this can cause irritatiion. Saint Bernards have sensitive eyes and this is the reason why owners must pay special attention to it.

Give them good care and they will be your best friends.

Thank you Sage Chronicles

Thank you sagechronicles :)  We truly love being given this award.

Seven things about us:

1.  Winniechurchill is a psychic dog. She once interacted with an unseen being for 45 minutes. It was as if the "being" was throwing food to her and she would eat it.
2. Winnie rarely opens her mouth to hangs out her tongue and pant.

3. Mocha Barney has a very powerful head. It helps her to open doors and has great force in prompting a hand to play with her chin.
4. Mocha Barney can bark so loud that all four feet go in the air and her ears extend outward like wings.

5. Ashley Pumpernickel has the softest hair.
6. Ashley has been known to run away from smaller dogs than herself.
7. Mocha and Ashley wear diapers indoors because they like to do their mess on sofas and beds. We use baby diapers, cut a hole and fortify it from leaks with masking tape. Winnie does her mess in a prearranged space in the lanai that she chose on her own.

We want to pass this blog award on to anyone who would like it. We follow so many dog blogs, we wouldn't know how to choose among them because we love them all:)