Sunday, February 27, 2011


 I saw this fellow out my window one day.
 My morning gift. Dragonflies were sources of wonder when I was a child.
This one was silent. No buzz.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Fascinatingly Attractive Yorkshire Terriers


By: Ed Gonzalez

Yorkshire Terriers were developed in the northern part of England and this was intended for catching rats in clothing factories and mining shafts. These dogs could go easily through badgers and fox burrows. They are very ardent and persevering hunters. These kinds of dogs are strong, hardy and brave. They were named “Yorkshire Terriers “ sometime around the 1880’s. This breed was developed gradually from different kinds of terriers – The Scottish Clysdale Terriers ( now considered extinct ), sky terriers and from the maltese breeds. The first Yorkshires were bigger than those we have inow and many of them weighed as much as 15 pounds

In the year 1886, the Yorkshire Terriers were given their due recognition by the British Kennel Club. Thie early Yorkshire Terriers weighed as much as 6 kilograms. After awhile, they were bred with the goal of developing them into house pets and show dogs. These little dogs have personalities that are winsome, loyal and steady. These are the qualiiees that have captured the hearts of pet dog lovers in most countries.

They are small sized toy dogs with heads that are little and horizontally leveled on their tops. Yorkshire Terriers have medium sized muzzles.. Their noses are colored black. This breed has medium sized dark eyes. The rims of their eyes are dark colored. Their teeth converges in scissors or level like bites. These dogs have  ears that stand erect and their four legs are straight, when you look at them from the front. The feet of these dogs are rounded with black toenails. If their claws are not touching the groun, it must be taken out. Their tails are usually cut ino medium sizes and it more or less stands higher than their backs. Their lustrous coats are exceptional looking, very smooth and it goes straigh all the way down on both sides. Their coat colors are blue and tan. The bodies and tails of the Yorkshire Terriers are colored blue and the rest of their bodies are colored tan. Their puppies are colored brownish black and tan. They have plenty of hair on their heads and they must be banded together to keep it from touching the bowls of water or food. The hair on the top of their heads must be trimmed correctly.

These types of dogs have a lot of energy packed into them and they are unaware of their sizes. Yorkshire Terriers are fearless little creatures, devoted and smart little dogs. Owners must take time out to bond with their Yorkshire Terriers. They are amazing pet dogs and they are quite loving towards their owners. Dogs of this  kind can be wary of strangers. These dogs are domineering and forceful with strange looking dogs and smaller animals. They can be quite edgy if they want to tell their owners what to do. Owners must never let their Yorkshires get to be domineering. Owners must assert themselves and let their pet dogs know that they are the pack leaders. They must do this in a loving and peaceful manner. These dogs can be trained easily, but at times they are stubborn. Owners must train these dogs and give them a set of of rules to follow. When owners are the pack leaders and take absolute control, their Yorkshire Terriers will be their loyal subjects. It is better to train them when they are still young.

These pet dogs have heights of 6 – 7 inches and they must weigh 4 - 7 pounds. They will live for at least 13 -15 years.

They must go out on daily walks with their owners because they need the exercise. Yorkshire Terriers must also have time to play because playing will keep them active and stop them from getting bored. If they are not given this time, they will surely show unwanted behavioral problems. If they observe that their pet dogs are like speed car drivers consistently racing around the hallways and other places in their homes, it might be right for owners to spend more time walking their pet dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers must be groomed on a regular basis. If t's possible, they must be groomed daily.. Their coats need to brushed and combed often. The teeth of these dogs must be cleaned regularly. These dogs are not heavy shedders, they will shed a few hair and sometimes none at all.

They are prone to certain ilnesses such as: slipped stifle, bronchitis, eye infections and tooth decay. There are indications that they can acquire paralysis in their hind sections . This can be derived from herniated disks and spine problems. If they see that their Yorkshires are  starting to limp, this could be the result of their dogs falling down. They must have their dogs seen by their vets because their bones might be fractured. There are bones in their bodies that are fragile and this is what owners must be careful about.

These dogs are rather feeble . Give them the proper care and they will always be amiable pet dogs.'s time

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Good Natured English Shepherd Dogs

By: Ed Gonzalez

The English Shepherd dogs originated from England . Their ancestry can be traced during the times of the Romans, Celts, Vikings, And Anglo – Saxon Tribes. These people invaded Britain and they left behind surplus dogs. These dogs have been known to be the forefathers of the Shepherd Dogs or the Working Collies.During the Middle Ages farmers in Great Britain began breeding these dogs to find the rightful traits that they can use for certain purposes. The outcome of these breeding process resulted in different kinds of dog breeds such as The Harlequin Colllie, Dorset Sheepdog, Ban Dog, Welsh Grey Collie Welsh Hilman ( Fox Collie ) and the English Handy Dogs

A lot of these type of dogs dissipated during the industrial revolution. It's a good thing that English herdsmen were able to create an excellent multipurpose dog. These Farmers were called English Shepherds and they were reknowned for raising quality livestock. Many Americans hired them to manage their their flocks because they admire their capabilities. These dogs which were used by the English herdsmen were also  appreciated by the American Farmers and they called them English Shepherd Dogs. Their name was derived from the English herdsmen. This breed was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1927. They are considered rare today because of the downtrend in farming.

The English Shepherd Dogs are packed with a lot of energy and these are very active dogs. They are known to be smart but these dogs are also tender, peaceful and rather patient with children.  Dogs of this breed are brave and they have protective inclinations. This is a known fact that many children have grown up with English Shepherd Dogs and they were highly regarded as exceptional guardians. Not only will they be your children's companion but they can be their best friend too. They are working dogs and they do require to do a lot of exercises plus  activities to keep them fit. Owners of these dogs must make sure that they are in total control and that they are the leaders. They must set the rules and directions for these dogs. If you do not give them rules and directions that they must follow, these dogs can be destructive and hard to live with.

English Shepherd Dogs are very athletic. They can catch frisbees or play ball. These dogs can be great companions when you go hiking, jogging and long walks. They'll do extremely well in any type of dog sports like agility. Since these dogs are intelligent, you must let them play mind games. It is so easy to house train these dogs.You can train them to roll over or do  other tricks. Let  them find toys that you hide. This will surely sharpen their minds
These dogs are very faithful to their family and they like socializing with them. They need to be included in their families lives. They like staying around with them when they are watching television or whenever the family gathers together. They know what is happening around their vicinity. This is the reason why they are considered to be outstanding watchdogs. You've got to keep in mind, that these dogs are well known for herding and they can do this to children. They are also known to chase cats. It will be advantageous to owners to let these dogs learn socialization at the earliest possible time. Early training and setting rules for them to live by will prevent these dogs from showing unwanted behaviors.

This type of breed is quite healthy but it has been discovered that some these dogs have had hip dysplasia. Whether you are a breeder or not, you can have your dog's hips cleared with the Office Foundation of Animals before breeding them. Epilepsy is not common but some of the English Shepherd Dogs have acquired this disease. Eye problems do not occur frequently with these type of dogs.

English Shepherd Dogs are magnificent dogs that you will love having around your homes. Their truly superb and worthy dogs.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Genteel Boston Terriers

By: Ed Gonzalez

Boston Terriers are extraordinary dogs. They are intelligent looking and their looks are like men wearing formal clothes. Their looks are not deceiving because these dogs possess character attitudes that are endearing and they have cool temperaments. Dogs of this kind do not have to exercise a lot. You can take them out for short walks of forty five minutes. They are wonderful companions because they are well behaved. Boston Terriers love to stay beside their family especially when everyone is watching television shows or when they are eating their dinner. They tend to consider themselves as part of the family. No none would mind because they are easy to get along with and they are very obedient. Boston Terriers will forever be your perfect buddies. Just treat them correctly and you can be assured of their never - ending loyalty. Try inquiring about them and you will hear nothing but superlative remarks.

These dogs do not only look smart but they are really bright and clever pet dogs. At times,  these pet dogs can be stubborn but they can be trained. Boston Terriers are rather easy to train and they respond very well to it. When they are being trained, these dogs are so focused. You can teach them different types of training like: potty training, crate training and obedience training.  Boston Terriers can catch on to whatever you teach them quite fast. They can really amaze anyone because they can do a lot of tricks that will surely entertain their owners. These dogs are also called The Boston Bull or Boston Bull Terriers. Originally they were trained in Massachussetts as fighting dogs. Boston Terriers are small sized dogs. They were the result the of the crossbreeding process of English Bulldogs and White English Terriers. When their babies were fully grown up, they were crossbred with the French Bulldogs. That's how the the Boston Terrier came about into existence. These dogs appeared in Boston in the 1870's.

Boston Terriers like the indoors better than the outdoors. This is the reason why they are the perfect dogs for owners who are living in apartments or small houses. Owners must make sure that the temperature in their premises is not too hot nor too cold.

Boston Terriers have square liked faces and small ears that stand erect. They have square like muzzles that are short but big. Their bodies are small and well closed. Dog breeds of this type have short tails annd deep chests. These pet dogs have limbs that are strong and beautifully turned.

Pet dogs of this kind will have heights of fifteen to seventeen inches and they will live for as long as ten to fifteen years. These are wonderful dogs who like serving their masters and they will follow their owners wherever they go in their houses. Boston Terriers are always alert and they are always conscious of what is happening in their vicinity. These dogs have all the  fine qualities that make them fit well with families.

Give these dogs all the loving care they need and they will remain ever faithful.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Tribute To The Smart and Ever Loving Philippine Askals

By: Ed Gonzalez

Askals are mixed breed dogs. Some say that these dogs are descendants of Dingos because they do look like them in certain ways. .Austronesian sea travellers ( ethnic origin people belonging to countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, East Timor and Taiwan ) brought these dogs to Australia. People who are well versed on the history of the Philippine Askal claim that these sea travellers could have gone to the Philippines but there is no clear evidence of how these dogs came to existence. It's truly a mystery up to now. These dogs have existed in the Philippines for centuries. They are part of our national heritage. Askals must be given due    recognition and not belittled.  These dogs are very pleasant companions These dogs are mostly medium sized built. They have longer bodies and they are not too tall. They have different type of ears ranging from droopy, pricked and rose ears Askals have different varieties of shaped eyes and they have different eye colors too. Their teeth are complete, well spaced and it meets in a scissor bite manner. The tails of these dogs are commonly long, rather densed at the root and it gradually recedes at the end points. Askals have long pointed muzzles. Their legs are long and thin.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society has suggested that these dogs be called aspin ( asong pinoy - in english it means filipino dog ). Mixed breeds are unwanted and oftenly discriminated pet dogs here in the Philippines unlike pure bred dogs. They are almost the same as the vira – lata dogs ( trash can tippers ) of the Dominican Republic and Brazil. One thing I assure you is that these dogs are strong, street smart, loyal, adorable and very affectionate dogs.

I own two of these dogs, Winnie Churchill and Ashley Pampernickle, Winnie is a very intelligent and a truly adorable dog. She is obedient and very neat. This pet dog of mine likes being in the company of people she is close to, The nice thing about her is she quite protective of my wife, myself and my daughter. She is a good watchdog. She loves going out on daily walks. Winnie is not messy and is always clean looking. This pet dog of ours loves being cuddled by anyone in the family She is sugary sweet.
My second dog Ashley Pumpernickle is not just smart and intelligent but very courteous. It 's a common habit for her to shake hands. She is so loving, cuddly and athletic. She loves to pick up tennis balls and bounce them on the floor. Ashley can do this repeatedly and it's just fun watching her do this.. This pet dog of mine will stay right behind our dinner table. When I share with her a bit of food, she will calmly come up to me and shake my hand. She has a great and loving personality.

Although Askals are of mixed ancestry, they are a lot healthier than common purebred dogs. Dogs that are purebred are generally inbred and there is that danger of acquiring genetically related diseases. Askals are of the mixed breed. They have greater genetic diversity that means they have a higher resistance to certain diseases. These dogs are not high maintenance. Askals do not shed much. All you have to do is brush their coat regularly to keep it in good condition. They need to be given a bath at least two or three times every month.

It's nice to know that the Philippine Football Team used the monicker “ Philippine Azkals” in their recent international games. It's a recognition that these dogs truly deserve.

Askals are wonderful companions and they are forever loving.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Imposing But Graceful Looking Dalmatians

By: Ed Gonzalez

Dalmatians are known to have originated from Dalmatia, a historical area on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Today most parts of Dalmatia are found in Croatia and small bits of it are located in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro. They have been existing since the eighteenth century.These dogs were well known for their coaching capabilities. There are early artworks that show them accompanying and guarding egyptian chariots. Dalmatians were also used by the British aristocracy to accompany their horse drawn carriages. They are well regarded for their enduring strength, fortitude, sizes and as great guard dogs These are the reasons why they became the favorites of the British Aristocracy. Because of their sizes, Dalmatians were the ideal dogs for them because their sizes could make them easily fit underneath the rear axles of their master's coaches. These dogs are persistent runners. They had the endurance to keep up with the horses. Dalmatians were very good at guarding coaches and this allowed their owners to leave their coaches. Owners of these dogs during those early times believed that their coachmen can easily be befuddled by thieves but not their Dalmatians.

Dalmatians are huge, strong and bulky dogs. They have nearly the same measurements in length and width. Their tops are flat. These dogs have stops that are well defined and acceptable. Dalmatians have noses that are colored black, brown, dark gray and blue. They have teeth that are enjoined in scissor bites ( their lower incisors close immediately behind their upper incisors ). Dalmatians have eyes that are medium, sized, rounded, colored brown and blue or a mixture of both. Their ears are set high, hanging downwards and becoming thinner with rounded ends. The underneath part of their tails are even with the their top parts. Their tails become thinner towards the end. These dogs have feet that are rounded and toes that are bowed. Dalmatians are deep chested . They have toenails that are colored black or white in brown colored dogs. Dogs with liver colors have colored white toenails. These doge have fine thick hair. They have well balanced coats that are generally colored white and their coats have noticeable white spots. Black and Brown spots are the right colors for show dogs. They can have color spots like dark blue, lemon, tri – colored, gray, yellowish brown, pure white or jet black. Not all of these color spots will be acceptable for show dog competitions. The more noteworthy and evenly divided spots will be considered for show dog competitions. They are active dogs and it is a must for their dogs to take long walks with their owners every day. Dogs of this kind must walk beside their masters or at the back of them.

Dalmatians will grow as much as twenty two - twenty four inches in height. They will weigh as much as fifty five to sixty pounds. These dogs can get affected by deafness. Owners must have their their puppies tested at an early age. They are liable to have urinary stones and skin allergies. These sicknesses can be inherited. Uric acid in these dogs can be quite high. These things can cause urinary blockages. Low protein diets are good for them.

Dalmatians are not fitted for staying in apartments. They need to be given space in order to run and do exercises. A medium to large size yard that is properly fenced will be good for them. These dogs must be given time to exercise regularly. Jogging and brisk walking with their dogs must be done on a regular basis. If this is not done they can misbehave and act in unwanted ways.

Keep these dogs in the best of shape and they will remain looking stylishly elegant.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Enchanting Boxers

By: Ed Gonzalez

 Boxers originated from Germany and they have been existing since the nineteenth century. Boxers are descendants of fighting dogs known as Assyrian Molossians .These dogs are brave and were often used in battles. The Assyrian Molossians were seen in Germany and Europe in the 1700's.. This breed became popular in Germany and they were named Bullenbeisers. These dogs were recognized for their power and strong built. They used to hunt and pull down boars. The Bullenbeisers were used as working dogs . These dogs were used to pull carts and they were seen  in circuses as performers. The Boxers were created when the famous english dogs were brought to Germany and they were crossbred with the Bullenbeisers. The result of this breeding are now the well known Boxers. This name was given to them because they were well known to strike and scrape the ground while playing. These modern type of boxers appeared in the nineteenth century and they were brought to America in the middle of the twentieth century. They became famous in america because of their likeable attitudes. Until now, these dogs are one of the most famous breeds in the U.S.A.

Boxers are strongly built. They have heads that are well balanced with their bodies. Boxers have short and regular looking muzzles. Their noses are large and black while their nostrils are wide open.. The Boxers's jaws have underbites ( obstructions - because the lower incisor teeth overlaps the upper teeth ). They have cropped ears that are set high. Owners can just leave it in it's natural state.. When the the Boxers have cropped ears, it will stand up on their heads becoming thinner towards the end. Boxers have round, strong and powerfully built necks. They don't have dewlaps { dangling skin under their throats ). Boxers have strong legs that are straight and extending in the same direction when it is viewed from the front. They have tails that are set high and it is usually docked. Claws that do not touch the ground are removed. These dogs have smooth, short and loose fitting coats that are colored light, yellowish brown, gray or reddish – brown color. They do have dark colored streaks or spots that are tan, mahogany and black. There is usually a combination of white markings. Boxers that have white colored coats are denied memberships in some clubs. Dogs of this kind are always active. They will develop and maintain close relationships with their owners and their families.

Boxers are happy, spirited, inqusitive and playful dogs. They do pack a lot of energy. Boxers like their playing time and they love to retrieve balls. These dogs are intelligent, quick learners and aspiring dogs. Dogs of this kind will do well in obedience competition. Boxers are faithful and loving dogs. These dogs have certain ways that they can do to make themselves have a closer relationship with children. If these dogs have been well cared for and are used to socializing, they will have no problem getting along with other pets. like cats. If owners have other pets, like chicken, ducks and other farm birds, they must think twice before acquiring these dogs. Boxers can be fun at times because they can act like clowns. It is the Boxer's primary attitude to protect their owners and families. Owners must always be their pack leaders. They must train their dogs not to act rough and noisy. They must be firm, calm and constant when training these dogs. These dogs are courageous and are ideal watch dogs. Boxers can be used to do police and military work. They are athletic even during their old ages.Owners must take their boxers for a walk every day.

Male Boxers will reach as much as much as twenty two – twenty five inches in height while females will reach as much as twenty one – twenty four inches in height. Male Boxers will weigh as much as sixty – seventy pounds while their female counterparts will weigh as much as fifty three – sixty five pounds. They will live for about eleven – fourteen years.

Boxers are liable to acquire sicknesses such as heart ailments like:cardiomyopathy ( inflamed heart ).and other heart sicknesse, sub – aortic stenosis, thyroid, epilepsy, skin and other allergies. They are susceptive to acquire tumors more than other breeds. They are well known for drooling and snoring. Do not give food that they are not used to eating because they will develop flatulence. Some white boxers do become deaf.

These dogs will do fine living in apartments as long as they are given the right amount of exercises.. Boxers are moderately active when they are indoors. They must be allowed to run around in big yards that have properly secured fences. These dogs get cold and warm quite easily. It is the duty of their owners to see to it that these dogs are well protected from the weather.

If you take good care of these charming boxers, they will remain to be trustworthy and friendly pet dogs.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lively Wire Fox Terriers

By: Ed Gonzalez

Wire Fox Terriers were created in England for the purpose of hunting. They were descendants of black and tan working terriers.. This breed was created and bred to track down foxes into their habitat. They are quite short but well built. Their docked like tails were used for the purpose of pulling them back out from the burrows of their hunter's prey.

These dogs like staying outdoors. They are mobile and bustling creatures. They do act very confident but at times they can also be conceited. Wire Fox Terriers are intelligent and they are so alert. They keep track on what is happening around their vicinity. These dogs tend to get into troublesome situations. Wire Fox Terriers love to play with balls and toys. As puppies, they are loveable.

Wire Fox Terriers will reach heights of fifteen to eighteen inches and will weigh fifteen to twenty five pounds. They will live for at least twelve to fourteen years of age. These dogs are commonly colored white with tan, or black markings. They are quite small but they do have a big heart for people who will give them tender loving care. Dogs belonging to this breed are outgoing and friendly but they always keep in mind the safety of their owners and family. Before acquiring Wire Fox Terriers, you must ask first if these dogs have had the experience of living with other dogs. Remember, they have the instinct to hunt and they might think that the other dogs are their prey. Some of these dogs can live in harmony with other dogs but most of them will not.This must not be taken against them because they are natural hunters. It is not because they are violent, it's just their instinct.

They have a high level of energy but are very compassionate towards their owners and their family members. Wire Fox Terriers can be quite amusing and fun to be with. These dogs need to be trained because they can be rather demanding. They love the attention given to them by all the members of the family. You must make them part of your family and not consider them as mere pets. By doing this, you and your family will have a harmonious relationship with your Wire Fox Terrier. They will follow their family wherever they go. If you sit in the sofa, they will be beside you.. Wire Fox Terriers are good and dependable companions.

Like any other terriers, they will require large enough spaces to roam around, play and exercise. They are ideal playmates for older children. They like spending valuable time with them. If owners like their dogs to play and run around their yards, they must have secured fences. Never let them go out for a walk without a leash and unsupervised. These dogs are quite inquisitive and this could spell trouble for them .Since they are natural hunters, Wire Fox Terriers can get injured or even be killed.

Wire Fox Terriers are rather healthy and they can even live longer than fifteen years.These dogs are physically powerful. They do not not have any serious hereditary complications. Wire Fox Terriers do not get sick that easy. Just make sure that they are kept safe from any transmittable disease by letting them have their regular vaccines. Feed them properly and they will remain in good health. They are allergic to fleas and are liable to have skin problems. These problems can be dealt with by maintaining clean surroundings and by taking good care of their health.

Be patient with these dogs and they will love you forever.