Friday, November 4, 2011

Why We Must Love Our Dogs and Not Be Dog Blinded

By: Ed Gonzalez
Pet Dogs are our friends forever and if they are properly taken cared of, they will show you how affectionate they are to you and your family. They will keep you entertained all the time. Having them around the house makes any loving dog owner's day brighter. Sure, at times they may be naughty but if they are properly trained, these issues can be dealt with. Dogs if they are treated correctly will be your staunchest ally. You can caress them and they will be fully gratified by it. Your pet dogs will make sure that they will repay your goodness by making you feel happy.

Our dogs may not have the splendor of other dogs that go through dog competitions but owners must never develop this treacherous disease called Dog Blindness. This kind of disorder makes the owner feel that they have a better looking breed of dogs than others. They make it known to anyone they know by actions or by bragging. These owners tell other people how great and wonderful their dogs are. Usually they do this with a demeaningful looks on their face. In other words they are very haughty. This kind of of disorder is very common with first time dog breed owners These type of owners will compare their dog traits with that of others. They do expect a commanding and eager approval of others. Dog owners of this kind do not recognize that other breeds have their own type of functions.

Dog Blindness is a type of disorder that these owners are afflicted and this makes them think that they have the best dogs in the whole wide world. For them whatever breed you have is incomparable to their dogs. They can be noticed while walking their dogs and they look around if anyone is paying attention to their dogs. At dog shows they can be spotted easily. Owners especially women owners have the habit of sitting at the nearest area where the dogs are being judged. Their eyebrows are raised and they usually try to smell if there is any bad smell around their area. They usually hold up a fan to try to hide what they are whispering or saying. They have this angry looking eyes focused at at a winning dog. If they are with a friend who is just like them, they try to find faults at the winner. If their dogs are contestants and if they do not win, they let out a short convulsive utterance. They start fanning themselves so fast just like if a jet plane that is about to take off. During this moment, they do not hide their lips with their fan anymore. They want everyone to know what they are saying. Ugly sounding words are said during this time.

There is no known cure for this type of affliction. Maybe they should realize that they do not have the best looking dog. Other dog owners must know how to live with these kind of owners. They might need a psychotherapist to help them get through this awful disorder. If you meet any of these dog owners, keep the conversation short and say goodbye. Never get into an altercation with these dog. Remember that are all pet dogs are loving and tender towards their owners. They will keep you in joyful bliss as long as you take good care of them. Pet dogs are precious because they do all sort of things to make you contented.


Finn said...

You mean Finn isn't the most adorable dog in the world? I won't let her read that I even wrote that! LOL! It's true, there are a few people I have run into at parks who think theirs can do no wrong, ever!

Jazzi said...

Very good information. I NEED you to e-mail me about the christmas exchange. I have a important question.


Inger said...

Of course my dogs are the most adorable, cutest, best behaved dogs in the whole wide world. But this makes me wonder if dogs brag about their owners the same way when they get together. Something to think about.

Belle said...

I'm sorry there is no cure for this ailment!

scotsmad said...

We've seen those people. We are scotties--and are naturally wonderful; but we always make a big fuss of any dog we meet because we know their peeps think they're best!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think I want to stay away from humans with that disorder

Dreaming said...

I was going to post a comment similar to Finn's and Inger's... but they beat me too it!
Yeah...I've met some folks suffering from this disease... and I think they really do suffer. I've also seen parents with a similar affliction about their children - who can do no wrong! I wonder if the people ever have an epiphany and realize how narrow-minded they have been.

Sagira said...

Sad that there is no fix. :(