Friday, November 11, 2011

The Ten Important Things You Must know About Your Dogs

By: Ed Gonzalez

Pet dogs are our loving companions in our homes. We must understand and know how to care for our dogs in a much better way. I hope the things mentioned in this article will really help you. These are solid facts that will help you learn more about your wonderful dogs.

History Of Dogs

While this can be a subject of many arguments, there are a lot of speculations of the origin of dogs. There have been talks that dogs and wolves split away from their own species almost a hundred thousand years ago. The oldest dog skull as of now was discovered in Goyet Cave, Belgium. These animals are known to have originated from Southeast Asia.

How Canines Grow Up

When mating starts, it will take more or less sixty three days before a puppy is born. These newly born puppies are deaf and they cannot see. It will take them at least ten to fourteen days before they start to gain their sense of sight. Their sense of hearing will follow after a couple of days. During the third week, their teeth will start to grow. The most vital period occurs during the fourth to the seventh month when their adult teeth starts to form. This is the time when they start to chew at almost anything. Be aware of your favorite books and your furniture.

The Usefulness of Dog Smelling

Humans have more taste buds than dogs. It is a fact that we have nine thousand of these taste buds while our pet dogs have only one thousand seven hundred. This is the reason why our dogs rely on smell when it is about food rather than it's taste. This is also the perfect reason why they will play with the garbage and smell if there are left over food. For these dogs, the scent is very inviting, no matter how it taste like.

Stay Away From Your Dog's Ears.

Your dogs have very sensitive ears. Do not even try to blow gently to it because it can cause them excruciating pain. It's not really the air that causes the pain but it depends on how frequently it is done. .It can be compared to running your fingers on a blackboard. This is a hundred times more intensified.

How Dogs Express Themselves
Dogs can also express themselves and they have a hundred ways of doing it. It is done through their facial expressions and try to notice their ear movements,. You must learn to read this and it will take some time but you will get to understand what certain expressions mean. You need to know the features of your dog's breed. This includes the physical features of your dogs. Studies have shown that dogs can read human facial expressions and they can sense your emotions too.

Why Male Dogs Mark Their Territory

Male dogs have this territorial characteristic and the most evident way is how they urinate.. The males are seen urinating with one of their legs up. This reflects that they are marking their territory. It is done even when they do not need to do so. The other dogs will pick up the scent and they can even know whether the dog is healthy from how the stain looks like.

Looking Through Your Dog's Eyes

It's not true that dogs are color blind. The true fact is that they can see colors. but not as clearly as humans do so. Canines can distinguish colors of blue, gray and yellow. If they are able to see red and green, it may not look the same way as we see it.
Those Hairy Issues

Almost every dog is born with a double coat of hair. The undercoat keeps your dogs warm when days are cold. The outer coat protects your dogs from elements that can harm them. Dogs are not guaranteed to be one hundred percent hypoallergenic because some of of it's hair is susceptible to dander and other forms of allergens.

Training Your Dogs Is A Requirement

This the best way to bond naturally with your dogs. Doing this will surely improve your relationship with your dogs. This is a nice way to communicate with your dogs. Dog care is not just about feeding your pet on time or bringing them to the vets for check ups. You have to train yourselves to be the best owner as possible. You must know their needs.


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