Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Walking Your Dogs and How It Should Be Done

By: Ed Gonzalez

Walking your dogs is a must for all owners to accomplish and they must be willing to take their dogs on a stroll. If not,  these dogs can become depressed and bored with their daily lives Taking them for a walk is not simply going outside and start walking with them. You must be able to do other things before taking them for a walk. Here are some reminders that will help you.

Before Taking Them For A Walk:

Make sure that wherever you are going, dogs are allowed. It is just right that you find out that your dogs are welcome to the place you are going to. You must be sure that the weather conditions are conducive. If the weather is rainy or very hot, then this is not the right time. You must let your dogs wear a good and convenient leash. The dog collar must fit well. Any pet shop or vet can recommend the right collar for your dog.  Always put your dog on a leash or else you might have a difficult time controlling your dog. Don't forget to bring a picture of your dog or medical record cards of your dog. This is is the card that your vet gives to you for your dog's medical check up. This is needed just in case of emergencies or if anything goes wrong. Ordinary plastic bags,  trash bags or a number of paper sheets are needed in the event your dog decides to make it's mess. If you are taking your dog for a long walk then you need to bring water and a dish bowl. You can bring with you an elongated stick to make other stray dogs scared so they will not go near your dogs. Never use this stick to hit your dog but you can use it to let your dog know what it can and can't do. You can bring a camera for picture taking, plus a back pack for all the things you need while you can hold on to the stick. Start training your dog how to walk in your homes. This is if the dog is not yet ready to go out for walks. Teach them the usual commands such as sit, stand, come and stay. Remember,  your dog must walk beside you and never in front of you. You are the pack leader and not your dog. If your dog commits a mistake during training, this must be corrected.

When Walking The Dog:

Owners during this time must be watchful and alert. Look around if there are a lot of people. Are there a lot of cars passing by? Is it safe to walk your dogs in the surrounding area? You must be decisive where to walk your dog. The owner must see to it that the dog is behaving properly. Always be in control and keep your eye on what is happening around you. Dogs have limitations when it comes to distance and pacing in walking..You must be the one to clean your dog's mess because it does happen while the dog is walking. By using your plastic bag and trash bag plus sheets of paper, this should pose no problem for you. Your dog will find it thrilling to go out for a walk. You must have to enjoy the walk with them. Never take chances, if your dog is not use to befriending other people or interacting with other dogs. By doing this, you will avoid any disastrous incidents that can happen. If there is a place that is fenced in and your dog is allowed to run,  then set your dog free but keep a watchful eye on the dog. Try talking to your dog while you are spending time walking with your adorable pet. It's a great time to bond with your dog. Be quite observant with your dog because if it starts to pant then the dog is tired and must be given a five to ten minute rest. When walking at night, always bring a flashlight so you can see where you are walking and your dogs can avoid certain things that can be harmful to them like animal feces and urine. Never let your dog smell any sort of garbage. Watch out for plants because some of them can be harmful to your dogs.

After Walking Your Dogs.:

When going home you must walk at a slower pace. This allows your dog to cool down. Upon reaching the house, clean the feet of your dogs so that dirt and other particles can be taken out. Allow your dog to rest and give them water because they might be thirsty. When the weather is hot like summer, you must be more cautious when planning a walking session for your dog. Bring additional water and make your walks even shorter. Too much heat can cause disturbing effects to both you and your dog. This is because insects are very active during this time of the year. If you intend to walk on the shoreline of the beach,  be careful of such creatures like the jellyfish because it can cause harm to your dogs.

Have the best time of your life while walking your dog.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

very wise post!
yeasterday on a walk,,,, a big bald headed hornet stung me.
my moms learned to keep benedryl with me- when i go on a walk.

Abraham Lincoln said...

2006 marked the end of my walking my adored, Autumn Eve," Fox Terrier. She had to be put to sleep then and it broke our hearts. What a wonderful pet and companion she was. She and I walked our 1/2 mile block every morning about the same time come winter, summer, snow, ice or rain. We walked it. I sometimes picked her up and carried her as her feet were about froze.

Now, we have a new dog picked up from the dog pound, a Jack Russell Terrier, who loves to run like the wind - in our backyard. He finally recognizes his name,"Pepper Jax," and will come in (usually) when called. Until he learns the basic commands I am afraid to walk him.

Pepper Jax

Remington said...

Great post, my friend!

Bob Bushell said...

Nice blog and good for you, walking.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Great information for the new dog owner. Well done! :)

BeadedTail said...

Very important information! We can never be too careful with our parents out on a walk! Especially a Sadieday stroll!


Wyatt said...

We love to go out on walks! Thanks for the helpful tips :)

Wyatt and Stanzie

Doxie Rod said...

great walking tips! we will definitely be using these in the future! thank you for your comments on our blog, we appreciated it :)

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