Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Your Puppies Need To See A Veterinarian

By: Ed Gonzalez

Acquiring a new puppy make bring a whole lot of excitement to the family. They will surely bring happiness and a bright atmosphere to your household. You should be careful in trying to pick up the puppies because the mother can become jealous and nip at you. While they are still puppies, they must be given the right amount of care. This means that you should make sure that they are well taken cared for. It also requires you to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. This is so important especially during their early growth stages. You just want to make sure that they are in good health and they must remain that way.

One of the main issues that you have to be concerned is having to address the problems of worms in your puppies. A major amount of puppies are born with worms and this is one of the main reasons why they must be brought to the vets for them to be dewormed. The usual worm the veterinarians find are roundworms. The immediate cause of this are intestinal parasites that came from the mother of these puppies. It can also be transmitted by the mother's milk when they are breastfeeding their puppies. Veterinarians would require you to bring the pregnant mothers who are in their last week of pregnancy so that they can prescribe deworming medicines that can decrease the transferring of worms to the puppies.. If you do not do this, it can produce harmful effects onyour puppies.

Bring them to your veterinarian when they are two weeks old. The deworming procedure must continue until they are three months old. They should be brought to your vets after every two weeks. When they are adults males they must be brought to the vets once every year and females must visit the vets during every ovulation cycle. This should be done on a routinary basis because because round worms can be transferred to people and especially to kids when they come into contact with dog feces or contaminated soil.

The puppy's first visit to the veterinarian is quite important because this is the best time you van talk about vaccination, spaying,, neutering, nutrition, puppy training and grooming. Things you must remember when going to the veterinarian for a visit:

1. Make sure you come in early. This will allow you time to register your pet as a new patient. Put your pet dog on a leash or in a crate to protect them.
2. Do not forget to bring the stool sample of your dog for fecal analysis.. Place it in a plastic bag that is secured.
3. Bring any information that your veterinarian will need with regards to your puppies.
4. Usually puppies are well behaved but when they get tensed, talk to them so that they can be comfortable or say something to them that they like to hear.
5. Help the vet during the examination process. He will first take their temperature. He'll examine the eyes of your puppies. This is done to find out if there are any foreign objects.. He will listen to your pet dog's heart to see if there are any murmurs.. The lungs of your puppies must be clear and free of any discharge.. The stomach and vagina will also be checked.

The veterinarians will also recommend a series of vaccines for your puppies to give them protection from distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza and coronavirus.

DHPPIL – Known as a five in one vaccine. And it will give your puppies total protection after three months. This High-titer vaccines gives your puppies the best protection from parvovirus.
DHH-PIL – This is a six in one combo vaccine when they are six weeks of age that provides added protection from coronavirus.. Though the coronavirus component is not a significant vaccine but findings do show that dual infection with parvovirus is so severe and fatal in puppies.

RABIES – These are vaccination shots that must be given to your puppies when they are three to four months old. The vets may give other vaccinations for kennel cough or bordatella.. They will show you how to prevent heartworrms, diet, how to spay and neuter your puppies. Take care of your dogs and they will remain loving to you. If they are healthy, they will always be happy. A happy dog can be your best companion.


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