Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stopping Your Dogs From Becoming Obese

By: Ed Gonzalez

Weight concerns regarding your pet dogs may cause certain health concerns that are not good for yourdogs to have heart disease, blocked arteries, fatty liver disease, skeletal stress, cancer and diabetes. Certain breeds are more suscseptible to these diseases like golden retrievers, cocker spaniels, pugs, chihuahuas and dachsunds. If you give your dogs too much food, their tendency is to get more fat. Owners, at times give their dogs excessive meals. Giving your leftover food together with their own dog food ( pellets ) during their meal time. This can cause the obesity. You can notice this by touching the ribs of your dog. If you can't feel it then that means your dog must be overweight. If they become breathless while doing minimal exercises then there is a huge possibility of your dogs being fat. If your pet dogs do not display a minimal tuck up in their stomach, there's a high probability that your dog is way off his weight level. These are the principal signs that a dog owners must know and thit means that your dogs are out of shape.

How you must handle these concerns:
1. Dogs must engage in daily exercises to keep them in shape. It will burn out the calories in them. More importantly is that iit gives your dogs added respiration strength, it gives their body tissues the needed oxygen and keeps their muscles strong. Physical activities like running and jumping will be good for them

2. Take into consideration the food they eat.  Younger dogs need more food that has protein, energy and minerals than older dogs. Field dogs that are active especially those who are in cool weather. These dogs need to have a lot more energy.  Dogs that are breastfeeding need more protein, minerals and energy. Older dogs that are older, whether they are active or not may require lesser calories. Never give them excessive food because your dogs may get accustomed to it.

3. You must check your dog's weight regularly and this can be done by weighing your dog on a scale. You can use your bathroom scale to do this. You should do it at the same hour each time you do it and use the same scale.. Using this clever method will see if your dog's weight is fluctuating or not.

4. Being obese can start in the early stages of a dog's life. If a dog is getting fat while it is growing a bit older in life, then the possibility of your dog becoming fat is a big possibility. It is just right that your pet dog is given the proper nutrition while they are in their growing up stages. If you don't do this your dog can develop joint diseases.

5. Too much treats and table food are the main reasons for your dog's poor weight condition. Giving them a hug is a lot better than giving your dog excessive treats. They will also love it because you are giving them the attention that they need.

6. Obesity iof dogs is the result of giving them too much food to eat. The nice thing about it is these conditions can be treated but dog owners need to be quite sensitive. The moment you realize that your dog is overweight bring your dog to the vet. This can rule out any other disease that can cause this situation.

Be aware of your dog's weight condition because your pet dog is a special friend who also loves you as you love them.


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! We seen many obese pets ... it is unhealthy and shortens their lives. I'm good and getting lots of exercise. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

BeadedTail said...

Those are some pudgy pooches! They need to go on strolls on more than Sadieday!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

This is an awsome post? Did you notice how trim I am? My moms make sure I do not get too heavy and then get back problems

Munir said...

I would place a slice of low fat bolgna in between our dog "Indy's " food. He woul not even know that he had it and slowly he became stronger. agerman shephard and a husky mix he ran off the calories he put on.

Kathiesbirds said...

Very good points! We have a Japanese chin mix and she has had luxating patellas which had to be repaired long ago when she was young. Now she is old and I worry about the affect of excess weight on her knees. I do not feed her treats but her "daddy" does. he has cut back some and she has lost some weight, which is good, but I think a few more pounds need to be shed!