Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Your Dogs Can Withstand The Sweltering Heat Of Summer

By Ed Gonzalez

For humans it 's rather easy, you have the air conditioners and summer clothes plus electric fans that can help you go through the summer heat. For dogs it's a different case, Dogs relieve themselves of heat by their paws and when they pant. Never leave your dogs out when the weather is so so hot. They can experience heat strokes. This is quite dangerous because they can die from it. Some symptoms of heat stroke are panting, heart beats that are fast, uneasiness, tongues changes color to purple or intensified red. You must do the following first aid, if you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke. Bring your dog inside your homes and gradually pour water in it's fur. Water should not be cold. Place ice packs on their heads, necks and chests. This can be done if the dog has no intention of drinking water. You can try letting them lick some ice cubes. When your dog is more relaxed, you must take him to your veterinarian for the proper examination.. Make sure that all the vaccines of your dogs are complete because many types of disease happen during summer time.

Your dogs can have more fleas and ticks during the summer. These pesty pests can suck blood during these difficult times and their eggs do hatch quicker during this time of the year. They will keep on feasting on your dogs and you must be aware of this. There are are so many anti – flea and tick powders that can solve this problem. Pay special attention to older dogs during the summer because they are more susceptible. When summer comes they must have the appropriate shelter and water for their needs. This will be a tremendous aid for their dogs.

Even if they are at home you must be aware because it does not mean that your dogs are completely safe. Always be on the watch because uncertain things can happen. Make sure that they take a bath twice a week instead of once a week. It will give them the convenience and comfort they need during this time and this is true if your dogs stay outside of your homes most of the time. Whether they stay in cages or in the house, make sure that they have enough ventilation to keep them cool. Never let the dogs sleep in cushions or couches. It is best for them to sleep in floors. That's the coolest place for them to be in. If it's possible let them sleep in your bathrooms because the floor tiles are quite cool. Don't forget, if the dog's hair is long then give your dog a much needed haircut, it helps to keep them cool. Water the ground in which your dogs like to walk. If your dog likes to walk in the garage then water the place because this will prevent their paws from burns.. When summer comes knocking in,, mosquitoes are visible and they can cause heart worms. This disease is known to be fatal especially if you do not catch it early. You must ask your veterinarians how you can prevent heart worms from occurring.

When you go walking with your dogs, don't let them smell anything in your neighbor's garden because this is the time that people spray chemicals in flowers and other parts of the garden.. This may cause health problems for your dogs. Pesticides are rather dangerous once your dogs comes in to contact with it. After walking with your dogs, you must give them a bowl of fresh water to quench their thirst.

When you are traveling with your dog in a car for a vacation, never leave your dogs inside especially when there is high intensity heat. The temperature can reach a high level and this can cause your dog to develop heat stroke. If you are driving a pick – up never tie the dog at the back. You can imagine how much heat there is out there.Just bring buckets of water because you will need to splash your dogs with water to cool them down. If you are strolling your dogs on the beach, you must make sure that they have protective coverings on their paws. Imagine it can be hot for humans to stroll in the beach, that's why we use beach or rubber slippers. Now,  think of your  dogs strolling with you with nothing to protect their paws. They do have a high tolerance for pain but their paws can suffer from burns.

Your friendly dogs can get sunburns too. It's good if you get advice from your veterinarians if your dog can use any sun block ointment that is appropriate for dogs. Do not let your dogs keep on running on the beach because this can cause them to be tired and develop fatigue. Drinking salt water can make your dogs sick. Be aware of jelly fish and sea lice because they can bite your dogs. After the stroll on the beach, it's best that you give your dogs a bath because the water in the sea can cause damage to your dog's coat.

Just make sure that you give your dogs extra care during this time of the year because it's the best way for them not to acquire sickneses.. Summer is fun but owners must be responsible for the safety and health of their dogs. You just don't feed your dogs but you must love them. The best way to do this by taking good care of them because they are precious friends and companions.

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