Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Control Your Dog's Chewing Tendencies

By: Ed Gonzalez

Dogs are natural explorers. They like to investigate things that surround them. It is for this reason that they do a lot of things by smelling and tasting. These pet dogs do these things by using their mouth. When they are puppies, ( between the ages of four to six months ) they like putting objects in their mouth. You can compare them to babies who also put things in their mouth to calm down swollen gums. If you want to to bring relief to the itching gums of your puppies, you must try using a rag that's wet or give them toys that are a bit cold. If you catch your puppies chewing on the wrong type of of objects, you can start training them by using the words “ Leave that alone”.
When dogs have gone through the teething stage, the older puppies will chew to relieve them of tension, feeling bored and anxiousness. These puppies can feel so stressed out that's why they will chew on any object that is not suitable for them. This is the reason why you should emphasize the “ Leave that alone “ command. After saying it, give them the right toy to chew.

Stopping them from chewing is the better way to achieve results than trying to cure this type of habit. You need to find out the real cause of this chewing behavior. These dogs can just be simply bored, anxious or filled with tension because they have nothing to do. Giving them exercise will do them a lot of good. You should bring them for long walks. Play games with them, like throwing the ball and they will bring it back to you. Train them with obedience exercise. Giving them enough exercises will enhance your dog's mental and physical state..

If you have sporty dogs like labradors, they will need need a lot of enhancement exercises. These dogs are exceedingly so social. They need to be with their pack and pack leader.. They need a lot of interaction and when they are lacking in this, it can lead to anxiety. This can lead them to chew destructively. When you interact with them, you must play with them. The best game to use is letting them retrieve the ball..This will surely bring them real satisfaction and they will always remember that you are the pack leader. When you do obedience training with other members, your dogs will know the meaning of pack hierarchy. It will make any family member feel more at ease with your dogs and they won't feel afraid of them.

Dogs feel a lot safer if they have a place of their own. You can placed them in a fenced off or blocked off area in your homes. Placing them in a crate is not a bad idea especially if they have chewable toys or them to stay in. Never use your crate as a punishment for your dogs. Do not leave your dogs segregated because this can give them more stress. This can result in improper chewing of any object. Do not strike your dog for any inappropriate order. This may make things worse.

Instead of punishing your dog for chewing the inappropriate object, why don't you just punish the object your dog was chewing. This truly works because when your dog sees the object of your wrath, your actions will replay it in his mind and this will tell him to avoid this object.. This method conditions your dog never to chew this object again. It's called classical conditioning.

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