Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Do Dogs Express Themselves

By: Ed Gonzalez

People cry, laugh, talk or sometimes scream and utter other sounds to voice out their concerns . Dogs also have certain ways wherein they say out their concerns and what they feel.. They don't do these things just for the sake of doing it. Dogs do this to communicate. It's nice if we can understand their feelings and what they want. This is the reason why they whine, howl, grunt, growl and bark. If owners are aware of these mannerisms, owners will have a deeper and closer relationship with their dogs.

GROWLING AND GRUNTING - This means that your dog is mad and is signifying his anger. This could mean that your dog is on an attacking mode. .This comes with a daring stare and threatening look.. Dogs will also show off their teeth. I f they are are seen growling together with a a play bow plus their tails are wagging and they are jumping, it means that the dogs are just playing around. Grunting is is quite different, it means the dogs are happy or enjoying the treats you give them like food. They feel joyful and comfortable.. You must be able to distinguish growling and grunting because this is important.

Howling – It is not known why dogs do howl but it may mean they are feeling lonely or they can be hearing something rather disturbing. They might be searching for a mate or they are feeling extreme pain. Dog owners must be aware of this mannerism because dogs are just showing you what they are feeling.

WHINING – If owners hear their dogs whining, they must feel worried because this might mean that their dogs are feeling pain, disgruntled or feeling lonely. If they are in this state, they will need to be attended to..At times they do this just to get your attention.. Dogs also express this mannerism when they are in a submissive manner..The dog will lower their heads and lie on their backs.

BARKING – It's the best known expression of dogs because it can say a lot of things depending on the tone of their voices.. Owners must understand what a dog is trying to relay to it's master. This could be done. It can take time and it would mean that owners must frequently observe their dogs, how long it lasts and the volume of the bark. If it is a continuous medium tone kind of bark, it means that an unknown person is must . As the stranger approaches the type of bark becomes slower and lower in pitch and your dog starts to growl.. This means that your dog might attack. A short and sharp bark means that your dogs want you to play with them. This is done with their tails wagging..If a a dog is left alone and is feeling lonely. It will express it's concerns by barking continuously with a high pitch tone.. The tone reaches a higher level as the dog becomes more anxious. When a dog is happy it will bark just for a moment in a medium pitch.  If it is just one normal bark, this means that the dog is only curious. Dogs always bark for a reason and owners must take note of this.. Owners must listen and find out why their dogs are barking. It could mean something is up.

It's not impossible to understand what their dogs are trying to relay to them. It might take some time but this can be done. Owners will have to observe their dogs for a time before they can know what their dogs are telling them. They. must do this if they want to have a better understanding and relationship with their dogs.



Priscilla said...

How I wish I could really understand my dogs.
Thanks for that. It helps a lot.

The Army of Four said...

Sometimes me and Zim howl just because Mom says we sound awesome together. It's very soothing. Even if Zim does sound more like a coyote than a Siberian. (He can't help it- before he joined our family, he was tied to a tree for a year and a half. We think he learned how to sing from the local coyotes!)

Anakin Man said...

Thanks for this-
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We love new friends.

You asked about my Josie-
she left for the bridge on May 19.
She was struggling-

It's so hard to loose a baby-
I am getting stronger-

Nice to meet you all.
Pugga Momma, and
Pugga's IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

Anakin Man said...

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Thanks for the visits-
We love new friends.

You asked about my Josie-
She was struggling and left for the bridge on May 19.

I am getting stronger~
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Pugga Momma,
IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

Anakin Man said...

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Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

We really enjoyed this post, thanks!

Benny and Lily said...

cute post. We scream and make baby/monkey noises
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

I am sure all this info will help our humans to understand us better!
Thanks for sharing it!
Happy weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Tweedles -- that's me said...

All this informaition is so interesting. Today, I was howling like a coyote!

Canyon Girl said...

I do understand most of my dogs' barks. Good thing too or I may have missed my insulin delivery as the FedEx truck went the wrong way on Friday. Cutest is my dog Soldier. I like to kiss his ears (don't ask me why, this is only between him and I) and after a short while of this, Soldier burps! I have never had this happen with any other dog and it's so adorable.

BeadedTail said...

Sadie howls just because! It must be the husky in her!

An English Shepherd said...

I gumble a lot when waiting for my dinner ;-)