Monday, April 25, 2011

The Flexible Cesky Terrriers.

 By: Ed Gonzalez
This dog breed originated in Czechoslovakia and the breeding of these dogs was done by a certain man named Frantsek Horak in 1948. The Cesky Terriers were given their due recognition in 1963. His purpose was to come up with dog who were thin so that they could go through burrows and dens . The main objective was to catch rats and foxes. Cesky Terriers were the result of crossbreeding sealyham terries, scottish terriers and dandle dinmonts. Other breeders had a feeling that the dogs did not look like the original dogs that were bred by Mr. Horak. This was the reason why they crossbred them again with sealyham terriers. This breed came to the U.S.A. In 1957 but they were rather rare.. Today, there are a number of owners of Cesky Terriers in the U.S.A.

Cesky Terriers have wedge shaped faces that measure around seven – eight inches. They have densed beards, mustaches and eyebrows.. They do have incissor teeth and it overlaps the lower teeth. Their nasal bridges are straight. The gray color dogs have black noses while the brown dogs have reddish brown noses. They have evenly shaped almond eyes Gray dogs have dark brown eyes while brown dogs have light brown colors. Their ears are triangular in shape.and they have high set ears that folds in a forward motion nearing their heads. Remove their claws if it does not touch the ground. Their shiny coats are a bit curvy.. Whenever puppies of Cesky Terriers are born they are colored black, black and tan or brown.. When these dogs get to be two or three years old, they will develop adult colors. They will have shades of gray, dark charcoal and platinum gray. The black colors will show on their feet, heads, ears and tails. The Cesky Terriers can have coffee and yellow marks on their heads, beards, necks, limbs and areas surrounding their vents. Light coffee colors are rare and their tails could have white tips or collars.

These dogs are well composed, playful, and sporty, They are exceptional dogs for children, Cesky Terriers are courageous, faithful, obedient, intelligent, very trainable and easy to handle. Dogs of this kind must socialize with people and they must start during their puppy stages. These dogs must be constantly around people. When you do this, Cesky Terriers will quickly adjust to their new surroundings. These dogs like the company of children and are moderately friendly with strangers. Owners must be very good pack leaders. They must always be in control of any situation, must be strong willed and very consistent. Owners must lay down a set of rules for their dogs to follow.. Cesky Terriers must know what is allowable and what is not permitted.

They are ideal companion dogs and they make perfect traveling companions. Though they are good playmates for children, kids must know how to handle them. They are very heedful and superb guard dogs.

These dogs are healthy but are vulnerable to a sickness called scotty scramp syndrome wherein their foreleg formation changes, Their forelegs move to the side and forward. It should go straightforward and this is called wringing.

Cesky Terriers will reach heights of 10 – 12 ½ inches and they will weigh between 13 – 22 pounds. They have a lifespan of 10 – 13 years.

They are the right dogs for those living in apartments. These dogs will do well without yards. Cesky Terriers love running and playing in open spaces. Dogs of this kind must have daily walks everyday. They are great companions for joggers.

Cesky Terriers must have their coats trimmed regularly. It's a must for them to have long hair on their stomach, legs and around their faces . The hair on their faces will allow them to have correctly formed mustaches, beards and eyebrows. They must be brushed regularly to prevent matting. They must be trimmed by groomers every two months.

 Make these dogs a part of your family and they will continually give you joy.


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