Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Remarkable Looking Toy Poodles

By Ed Gonzalez

Poodles have been around for over four hundred years. They have existed in Western Europe for such a long time. The French claim that these dogs originated from their country but actually their origin has been really puzzling. No one can actually pinpoint where these lovely creatures came from. The American Kennel Club recognizes that these dogs are of German Origin. These dogs were used in Germany as water retrieval dogs. Some say that these dogs came from Denmark. What is true and factual is that poodles are the descendants of the now distinct French Water Dog, the Barbet and most probably the Hungarian Water Hound. The name Poodle was derived from the german word “Pudel” which means someone who plays in water. Hunters created a “ poodle clip” so that these dogs can become effective swimmers. These hunters would leave hair on the leg joints of these dogs and it  keeps them well protected from the harsh cold weather, sharp stalks and plants.. They were used as gun dogs in France and Germany. These dogs also good at retrieving waterfowls and sniffing out truffles that are laying underground in the woods. Because these dogs are very intelligent and trainable, the french used these dogs as circus performers. At first, the french called them ' Caniche” known as duck dogs and later they named them French Poodles. The toy and miniature poodles were bred from what is now known as the standard poodles. During the eighteenth century, the smaller poodles were quite popular with people who had “ royal blood.” Now we have three official breeds, miniature standard and TOY POODLES.

When TOY POODLES are properly groomed, they will show square like appearances. These dogs have almost the same length as the height at their withers. Their heads are somewhat rounded with insignificant but definite stops. TOY POODLES have have straight and long muzzles. These dogs have dark oval shaped eyes that are set rather apart. Their eyes are colored black or brown. They have ears that are hanging close to their heads. Their ears are long and flat. TOY POODLES have proportionately sized front and back legs that are just right for the size of the dogs. The topline of these dogs are leveled. These dogs have tails that are set and positioned quite high. It can be docked to half it's length so that the dog will look more balanced. Dewclaws can be taken out. TOY POODLES have oval shaped feet that are quite small and their toes are arched. These dogs have long, soft and curly coats. They have usually solid looking coats that are colored white, black, apricot or gray.

TOY POODLES are affectionate, perceptive. faithful, playful and joyful dogs. They can be emotionally attached to the whole family. It does not like being neglected and left alone for a long time. If you do so, they will develop unruly behavior. TOY POODLES can be trained very easily. They like learning new tricks and games. They will do very good in dog sports like dog agility and obedience. .Dogs of this kind are fast learners and they love pleasing their owners. These dogs have a lot of packed energy and they can fetch and chase balls. If you train these dogs, they will get to know you more and they will know what you are trying to communicate to them. TOY POODLES need to be given time to exercise. You must let them run inside your house or on your yards. You must see to it that your house and fences are proper secured. Give them their daily walks. If you do not do this they can be come high strung and tensed. If you continually play with your TOY POODLES, they will always snuggle up to you and make you feel special. At times they are demanding and envious. These kinds of dogs are extraordinary watchdogs, they will bark at full force when strangers come near. They are mild tempered and they will do well playing with children. When they are with other young children, they must be properly supervised. These dogs essentially do not shed. Dogs of this kind are rather shy with new acquaintances.

The coats of TOY POODLES must be brushed sometimes and their coats must be cut short once every few months. Their coats must be brushed for ten to fifteen minutes dailyto keep it from tangling and matting. Make sure that their coats are shaped well every six weeks.TOY POODLES will have heights as much as ten inches and will weigh as much as six to nine pounds.

TOY POODLES are liable have to genetic diseases such as Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, slipped stifle, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disorders. PRA ( Progresive Retinal Atrophy ), runny eyes, ear infections, digestive tract problems, and skin problems

TOY POODLES are appropriate for city living and country life. These dogs love staying outside and they like to take long walks. If they do not go out for daily walks, they will  most likely adapt behavioral  problems.

TOY POODLES are truly wonderful dogs to have around your homes. Keep these dogs in good health and they will be the ideal companions for you nd your family. They are truly adorable looking pet dogs.


Priscilla said...

They are indeed cute little doggies! Thanks for letting us know more about Poodles.

Benny and Lily said...

Those little guys always look perfect
Benny & Lily