Friday, March 11, 2011

The Flashy Looking English Pointers

By: Ed Gonzalez

English Pointers started to appear in the 1650's. These dogs were developed by crossbreeding a lot of breeds like Greyhounds, Bloodhounds, Italian Pointers, Foxhounds, Bulldogs, Setters and Newfoundlands. Their names were derived from the way the Irish Setters position themselves when they are standing still. When they stand in this manner, they are obviously pointing to the direction of their prey. They were so useful in looking for preys and later the greyhounds will hunt them down. This was done before hunting with guns gained it's popularity. They were excellent dogs for these purposes because they have superior capabilities to track down scents. Their movements are well coordinated and they are quite quick. These dogs can do a lot of things with limited time. English Pointers can chase down birds but are not good at retrieving birds that have been killed. They are not adept at swimming in water. These dogs are will not do well in cold temperatures but they are exceptional workers in warm weather. In competitions, they will be outstanding in pointing and they are the best at it. The English Pointers were given their due recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1884.

English Pointers are very sturdy dogs plus their heads and muzzles are as broad when compared with each other. Their muscles are deep and they have very descriptive stops. The noses of these dogs are are colored black or brown on darker coated dogs. Light colored dogs will have light or flesh type of colors. Their teeth are enjoined in scissor like bites. Dogs of this breed have rounded eyes that are dark as compared to markings on their coats. They have hanging like ears that are formed a bit pointed at the end parts. Their legs are uprightly formed. English Pointers have tails that are bigger at the base and it becomes smaller upon reaching a point. These dogs have rather short coats that are fine and densed. Their usual colors are reddish – brown, lemon, black and orange markings tat are well fixed, patched or spotty. There's a huge possibility that these dogs can have three colors.

Dogs of this particular kind are very courageous, loyal and affectionate dogs. They can be quite shy when they are with people that are not known to them. These dogs must be trained and made to socialize at an early age so that they will know what they must and must not do. Remember that these dogs are hunting dogs and they start showing their instincts when they are eight weeks old. They make exceptional hunting and companion dogs. Owners must have the mental strength and their dogs will quickly adapt to it. If owners are not emotionally  stable, their dogs will become rather nervous and unsure of themselves. These dogs must be given mental and physical exercises. If they are not allowed to do these things, they will display destructive behaviors. Owners must be the pack leaders and they must show that they are strong willed. English Pointers are not known to be watchdogs but they will bark at hearing sounds that are uncommon to them.

These dogs are liable to have hip dysplasia, dwarfism, thyroid and skin problems.

English Pointers will reach as much as 22 – 24 inches in height. Females will reach 21 – 24 inches in height. These dogs will weigh at least 44 – 66 pounds. Their life expectancy is 13 – 14 years.

English Pointers are not recommended for living in small places like apartments. They can live indoors but they will really enjoy it if they can run around in large yards. These dogs have lot of extra energy and stamina enveloped in their bodies. Dogs of this kind glisgneed to do intensive exercises. Do not deprive these dogs of exercises and activities because they will become tensed and very disturbed. These kind of dogs  must be able to go out for long fast walks with their owners. While walking, these dogs must beis  at their owner's side or at their backs. Owners are the leaders and it must remain that way.

English Pointers are not difficult to groom. The dogs
must be brushed with firm bristles. Bathe these dogs only when it is needed. If you rub small pieces of cloth on their coats these dogs will be well polished and have glosys appearances. This must only be accomplished when these dogs have finished exercising and playing. English Pointers must be dried propterly and completely so that they won't experience chills. Always keep an eye on their ears. These dogs don't shed frequently.

English Pointers will remain beautiful and loving you give to them the necessary attention and care they need.


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What beautiful dogs! It's interesting to find out how a breed came about. I understand Kelpies (Sage) are a mix of 5 breeds.