Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Divine Looking Saint Bernards

By: Ed Gonzalez

These dogs were named after Saint Bernard de Monthon their founder. The monks started breeding these dogs in the year 980 A.D. In order to come out with this kind of breed,  the monks had interbred the Great Pyyrenees, Great Danes, Tibetan Mastiffs and Swiss Mountain. The dogs that were first produced had short hair because the long breed had developed icicles in their hair. In the seventeenth century, Saint Bernards were used to rescue people buried by large masses of snow falling from the mountains. When these dogs found the person, they would simply lie down by the side of the person to give them theo heat they needed. These dogs will bark to alarm other Saint Bernards where they are so that they can contact the resue team. Saint Bernards have a high sense of smell and it does not matter if the person they are looking for has been covered with several feet oif snow. What is so amazing about these dogs is that they can can dig out the snow. Saint Bernards can carry small barrels and they are well known for this. With these small barrels, they were able to save lives and give strength untill the rescue team arrived. They were used to pull small sledges because they had tremendous strength and power to be able to do this. Because of these capabilities, they were able to bring victims to a safe shelter. Their place of origin is Switzerland.

Saint Bernards are firmly built and they do have a lot of power packed in their bodies. Their weight must be evenly balanced with their height. These dogs have heads that are huge and hefty. The necks of these dogs are rather thick looking and they do have husky bodies. They have teeth that have been enjoined in scissor like bites Saint Bernards have noses that are quite expanded and wide open nostrils. Dogs of this breed have black colored lips and adequate ears that that are settled in a high manner. The ears of these dogs are drooping and can be seen standing considerably away from their heads. Their legs are sturdily built and they have evenly bowed toes.They have tails that are quite long, broad and strong at the the base. Their tails are postured in a lowly manner when they are in a relaxed mode. Claws hat are not touching the ground must be removed. They have two types of coats rough and smooth. Both of these coats are quite densed with white colors. It also has little bits of red, mahogany, tan gray, tawny and black colors. Hair in the rough coated dogs are lengthier and you can notice feather coverings in their thighs and feet.

Saint Bernards are friendly and very tolerant dogs. They display these characters when they are in the midst of children. They do move in a slow manner but they are patient and obedient dogs towards their owners. These are the perfect watchdogs because they can easily frighten any intruder by their mere sizes. They drool when they drink water and snore when they sleep. They are well known for their capabilities to search and rescue. They can perform well also in carting. Train these dogs at a young age and they will remain to be controllable.

Saint Bernards are susceptive to health problems like hip dysplasia, skin problems, a few heart problems. They can develop eye problems because any of thire eyelids can fold outwardly and they can develop twisted stomachs. They are liable to bloat. These dogs must be given three small meals daily. It is better to do this than giving them one big meal. It is important not to overfeed these dogs because their normal weight carries enough strain on their skeletal structure already. If they gain additional weight, it will make their condition worse.

These dogs like the feeling of living indoors but they do have the capabilities to stay outdoors.They will do well in in most living conditions as long as they are given adequate shel ter and care. If their owners are living in apartments, their dogs must be given the opportunity to exercise a lot. They must be given adequate time to roam around in small yards. These dogs have low tolerance levels. This would make their dogs healthy and it is beneficial for their bodies. If the weather is hot, they must be placed in a warm room. Saint Bernards need to have long walks with their owners daily.

Saint Bernards will grow as much as 25.5 – 27.5 inches in height and they will weigh as much as 110 – 200 pounds. Their life expectancy is 8 – 10 years.

They will shed twice a year and it is very visible when it occurs. Generally, it is easy to maintain their coats. The coats of the Saint Bernards must be brushed using firm bristles and combed. Do not bathe these dogs regularly because it will remove the protective oils on their coats. Doing this frequently will destroy the waterproof elements in thei r coats. The eyes of these dogs must be free from grit, dust and other particles because this can cause irritatiion. Saint Bernards have sensitive eyes and this is the reason why owners must pay special attention to it.

Give them good care and they will be your best friends.


Priscilla said...

A big and beautiful breed. It used to be Rosie's dream of having one. I don't see many over here and I guess our weather is too hot and humid for this giant breed.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

St. Bernards are a very beautiful breed. Like Siberians, they aren't for everyone, but sure would make a great family pet for the right family.

We wanted to thank you for visiting our blog so often. Just stopping by to say hi.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

sagechronicles said...

They are such nice dogs. We have several in the area probably because it's a much cooler climate than other parts of the country.

houndstooth said...

They really are sweet dogs! We don't see too many of them here, and I suspect it may be a bit too warm for them here.

BeadedTail said...

My first babysitter was a Saint Bernard named Sally! I started off my love of dogs BIG!

sophie...^5 said...

I saw a 14 month old beauty on the beach he other day...Charlie was a gangly cutie. Such a kind sweetheart!

An English Shepherd said...

Lovely dog breed :-)

allaboutourdogs said...

Yes, I agree that these divine looking saint bernards are the friendliest. They are very large dogs but well behaved and lovable. Who wouldn't fall in love with them?