Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dachsunds – The Sprightly and Barking German Hotdogs

By Ed Gonzalez

Dachsunds are bouncy, highly – spirited and loving dogs. These dogs have a high sense of superiority in them and they are rather vigorous dogs. When they like something, they will do anything to get it. These dogs will exert all their efforts to ach.ieve their goal. Dogs of this kind love the outdoors . They can be naughty at times and barking is a way of life for them. Always look up information on these dogs so that you can find out whether these dogs will suit your wants. These dogs have been on this earth for six hundred years. During the fifteenth century, they were well known for hunting badgers . At this time, they were solely bred for hunting.The name Dachsund in t German means " Badger Dog.” They were given this name in the early seventeenth century. There were two kinds of Dachsunds at this time , the long haired and short haired. The third type appeared in the 1800's and this was the “ wire haired “ dachsund. These dogs had to go through developing stages. The bigger dachsunds weighed between thirty – thirtty five pounds and the smaller dachsunds weighed between sixteen - twenty two pounds. The bigger dachsunds hunted wild boars and badgers, while the smaller ones hunted foxes and hares. There are two sizes of these pet dogs today, the standard and miniature.

Dachsunds were introduced in the U,S,A. during the nineteenth century and now the standard smooth hair type is one of the famous and well loved dogs in the country today.These pet dogs are passionate and very loving pet dogs. Their life expectancy is between twelve to fifteen years. The standard dachsund dogs will weigh fifteen – twenty five pounds and their heights are more than fourteen inches from their shoulders. The mini dachsunds will weigh nine pounds and their heights are twelve inches from their shoulders.

Dachsunds are natural hunters and when the opportunity comes their way, they will never hesitate. These are inborn instincts that have been ingrained in their system and this can be tamed through correct training. Use leashes when you take these dogs on a stroll because they will go after smaller animals that they see on the road. I do have a wire haired dachsund named mocha barney and she is adorable but she would constantly chase cats and other smaller animals. Although these dogs are amiable and very affectionate, they can be hard headed when you are doing your best to train them. During the training period, owners must teach obedience and socialization.

These dogs like the attention they get from they get from their owners and family members. They are careful of people they are not familiar with. If you have very young children, you must think twice before acquiring a dachsund. Dachsunds bite when they are irritated. This can happen when they are being teased by children.

Dachsunds are affectionate pets but they can easily get jealous and aggressive with other pets especially dogs. The long haired dachsunds are the most controllable of the breed. They love to bark and this is what makes them the ideal watchdog. By their barking, owners will find out if there are strangers near their homes.

Dogs of this kind are easy to groom . Owners must do this at least two times a week and they must use rubber brushes. Doing this will remove all the dead hair. Long haired dachsunds must be groomed every day, By doing this, tangles and mats are taken out from their hair. Because they are small dogs, they are appropriate for persons living in the cities. They are the perfect dogs for persons living in apartment and small – medium size homes. These dogs must be given time to exercise every day because they are liable to get fat. Owners must walk their dogs for ten – twenty minutes a day.
Dachsunds can develop health problems like: spinal problems, dysplasia and comprehensive bone development issues. These dogs must be tested for these types of health deficiencies.

Dachsunds are fitting companions for any owner. Take care of them properly and they will remain your staunch ally and friend.


Benny and Lily said...

So that is what a hot dog is. Thanks
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Yippee for da Weenie Dogs....Dat's what I is...BOL

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Yep!!! This sounds just like me and Wennie.

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BSamson said...

Hey Ed, great article. I have a Dachshund which I wrote about in my blog ("Life with a Dachshund" which I wrote in Sept 2010 at and everything you said is true. These dogs are yappy and bossy and need training so they're easy to live with. Otherwise -- they will train you!