Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lively Wire Fox Terriers

By: Ed Gonzalez

Wire Fox Terriers were created in England for the purpose of hunting. They were descendants of black and tan working terriers.. This breed was created and bred to track down foxes into their habitat. They are quite short but well built. Their docked like tails were used for the purpose of pulling them back out from the burrows of their hunter's prey.

These dogs like staying outdoors. They are mobile and bustling creatures. They do act very confident but at times they can also be conceited. Wire Fox Terriers are intelligent and they are so alert. They keep track on what is happening around their vicinity. These dogs tend to get into troublesome situations. Wire Fox Terriers love to play with balls and toys. As puppies, they are loveable.

Wire Fox Terriers will reach heights of fifteen to eighteen inches and will weigh fifteen to twenty five pounds. They will live for at least twelve to fourteen years of age. These dogs are commonly colored white with tan, or black markings. They are quite small but they do have a big heart for people who will give them tender loving care. Dogs belonging to this breed are outgoing and friendly but they always keep in mind the safety of their owners and family. Before acquiring Wire Fox Terriers, you must ask first if these dogs have had the experience of living with other dogs. Remember, they have the instinct to hunt and they might think that the other dogs are their prey. Some of these dogs can live in harmony with other dogs but most of them will not.This must not be taken against them because they are natural hunters. It is not because they are violent, it's just their instinct.

They have a high level of energy but are very compassionate towards their owners and their family members. Wire Fox Terriers can be quite amusing and fun to be with. These dogs need to be trained because they can be rather demanding. They love the attention given to them by all the members of the family. You must make them part of your family and not consider them as mere pets. By doing this, you and your family will have a harmonious relationship with your Wire Fox Terrier. They will follow their family wherever they go. If you sit in the sofa, they will be beside you.. Wire Fox Terriers are good and dependable companions.

Like any other terriers, they will require large enough spaces to roam around, play and exercise. They are ideal playmates for older children. They like spending valuable time with them. If owners like their dogs to play and run around their yards, they must have secured fences. Never let them go out for a walk without a leash and unsupervised. These dogs are quite inquisitive and this could spell trouble for them .Since they are natural hunters, Wire Fox Terriers can get injured or even be killed.

Wire Fox Terriers are rather healthy and they can even live longer than fifteen years.These dogs are physically powerful. They do not not have any serious hereditary complications. Wire Fox Terriers do not get sick that easy. Just make sure that they are kept safe from any transmittable disease by letting them have their regular vaccines. Feed them properly and they will remain in good health. They are allergic to fleas and are liable to have skin problems. These problems can be dealt with by maintaining clean surroundings and by taking good care of their health.

Be patient with these dogs and they will love you forever.

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