Monday, February 7, 2011

The Imposing But Graceful Looking Dalmatians

By: Ed Gonzalez

Dalmatians are known to have originated from Dalmatia, a historical area on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Today most parts of Dalmatia are found in Croatia and small bits of it are located in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro. They have been existing since the eighteenth century.These dogs were well known for their coaching capabilities. There are early artworks that show them accompanying and guarding egyptian chariots. Dalmatians were also used by the British aristocracy to accompany their horse drawn carriages. They are well regarded for their enduring strength, fortitude, sizes and as great guard dogs These are the reasons why they became the favorites of the British Aristocracy. Because of their sizes, Dalmatians were the ideal dogs for them because their sizes could make them easily fit underneath the rear axles of their master's coaches. These dogs are persistent runners. They had the endurance to keep up with the horses. Dalmatians were very good at guarding coaches and this allowed their owners to leave their coaches. Owners of these dogs during those early times believed that their coachmen can easily be befuddled by thieves but not their Dalmatians.

Dalmatians are huge, strong and bulky dogs. They have nearly the same measurements in length and width. Their tops are flat. These dogs have stops that are well defined and acceptable. Dalmatians have noses that are colored black, brown, dark gray and blue. They have teeth that are enjoined in scissor bites ( their lower incisors close immediately behind their upper incisors ). Dalmatians have eyes that are medium, sized, rounded, colored brown and blue or a mixture of both. Their ears are set high, hanging downwards and becoming thinner with rounded ends. The underneath part of their tails are even with the their top parts. Their tails become thinner towards the end. These dogs have feet that are rounded and toes that are bowed. Dalmatians are deep chested . They have toenails that are colored black or white in brown colored dogs. Dogs with liver colors have colored white toenails. These doge have fine thick hair. They have well balanced coats that are generally colored white and their coats have noticeable white spots. Black and Brown spots are the right colors for show dogs. They can have color spots like dark blue, lemon, tri – colored, gray, yellowish brown, pure white or jet black. Not all of these color spots will be acceptable for show dog competitions. The more noteworthy and evenly divided spots will be considered for show dog competitions. They are active dogs and it is a must for their dogs to take long walks with their owners every day. Dogs of this kind must walk beside their masters or at the back of them.

Dalmatians will grow as much as twenty two - twenty four inches in height. They will weigh as much as fifty five to sixty pounds. These dogs can get affected by deafness. Owners must have their their puppies tested at an early age. They are liable to have urinary stones and skin allergies. These sicknesses can be inherited. Uric acid in these dogs can be quite high. These things can cause urinary blockages. Low protein diets are good for them.

Dalmatians are not fitted for staying in apartments. They need to be given space in order to run and do exercises. A medium to large size yard that is properly fenced will be good for them. These dogs must be given time to exercise regularly. Jogging and brisk walking with their dogs must be done on a regular basis. If this is not done they can misbehave and act in unwanted ways.

Keep these dogs in the best of shape and they will remain looking stylishly elegant.


sagechronicles said...

They sure are nice looking dogs! We were in Croatia last fall and the Dalmatian coast is absolutely beautiful.

BeadedTail said...

Dalmations always make me smile! Love the blue eyed one!

Canyon Girl said...

Along, long time ago I had a Dalmatian, named Troll. He was a wonderful dog with a great sense of humor. Oh, how we used to walk and walk. They do need a lot of exercise and are best suited for country living, for sure. And we did live in the country then. I loved that dog. --Inger

BSamson said...

I LOVE this breed, I have two of them and am soon going to have three! The Dalmatian matches things that I like -- and things that make me what I am, so maybe that's why my heart is close to this breed.
The "low protein" diet is debatable; it just means dog food low in purines (internal organ meats which raises uric acid) so that means high quality protein meat sources for them even if that means food "high" in protein.
But my dogs' food swims in a lot of water! It's just my way of making sure they are well hydrated so they don't form kidney stones (heheh).