Friday, February 18, 2011

The Genteel Boston Terriers

By: Ed Gonzalez

Boston Terriers are extraordinary dogs. They are intelligent looking and their looks are like men wearing formal clothes. Their looks are not deceiving because these dogs possess character attitudes that are endearing and they have cool temperaments. Dogs of this kind do not have to exercise a lot. You can take them out for short walks of forty five minutes. They are wonderful companions because they are well behaved. Boston Terriers love to stay beside their family especially when everyone is watching television shows or when they are eating their dinner. They tend to consider themselves as part of the family. No none would mind because they are easy to get along with and they are very obedient. Boston Terriers will forever be your perfect buddies. Just treat them correctly and you can be assured of their never - ending loyalty. Try inquiring about them and you will hear nothing but superlative remarks.

These dogs do not only look smart but they are really bright and clever pet dogs. At times,  these pet dogs can be stubborn but they can be trained. Boston Terriers are rather easy to train and they respond very well to it. When they are being trained, these dogs are so focused. You can teach them different types of training like: potty training, crate training and obedience training.  Boston Terriers can catch on to whatever you teach them quite fast. They can really amaze anyone because they can do a lot of tricks that will surely entertain their owners. These dogs are also called The Boston Bull or Boston Bull Terriers. Originally they were trained in Massachussetts as fighting dogs. Boston Terriers are small sized dogs. They were the result the of the crossbreeding process of English Bulldogs and White English Terriers. When their babies were fully grown up, they were crossbred with the French Bulldogs. That's how the the Boston Terrier came about into existence. These dogs appeared in Boston in the 1870's.

Boston Terriers like the indoors better than the outdoors. This is the reason why they are the perfect dogs for owners who are living in apartments or small houses. Owners must make sure that the temperature in their premises is not too hot nor too cold.

Boston Terriers have square liked faces and small ears that stand erect. They have square like muzzles that are short but big. Their bodies are small and well closed. Dog breeds of this type have short tails annd deep chests. These pet dogs have limbs that are strong and beautifully turned.

Pet dogs of this kind will have heights of fifteen to seventeen inches and they will live for as long as ten to fifteen years. These are wonderful dogs who like serving their masters and they will follow their owners wherever they go in their houses. Boston Terriers are always alert and they are always conscious of what is happening in their vicinity. These dogs have all the  fine qualities that make them fit well with families.

Give these dogs all the loving care they need and they will remain ever faithful.


Canyon Girl said...

I love reading about the different dog breeds. You do an excellent job.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I have some human friends who have doggies like this.
And they are very, very good dogs

Amber-Mae said...

Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.