Friday, February 25, 2011

The Fascinatingly Attractive Yorkshire Terriers


By: Ed Gonzalez

Yorkshire Terriers were developed in the northern part of England and this was intended for catching rats in clothing factories and mining shafts. These dogs could go easily through badgers and fox burrows. They are very ardent and persevering hunters. These kinds of dogs are strong, hardy and brave. They were named “Yorkshire Terriers “ sometime around the 1880’s. This breed was developed gradually from different kinds of terriers – The Scottish Clysdale Terriers ( now considered extinct ), sky terriers and from the maltese breeds. The first Yorkshires were bigger than those we have inow and many of them weighed as much as 15 pounds

In the year 1886, the Yorkshire Terriers were given their due recognition by the British Kennel Club. Thie early Yorkshire Terriers weighed as much as 6 kilograms. After awhile, they were bred with the goal of developing them into house pets and show dogs. These little dogs have personalities that are winsome, loyal and steady. These are the qualiiees that have captured the hearts of pet dog lovers in most countries.

They are small sized toy dogs with heads that are little and horizontally leveled on their tops. Yorkshire Terriers have medium sized muzzles.. Their noses are colored black. This breed has medium sized dark eyes. The rims of their eyes are dark colored. Their teeth converges in scissors or level like bites. These dogs have  ears that stand erect and their four legs are straight, when you look at them from the front. The feet of these dogs are rounded with black toenails. If their claws are not touching the groun, it must be taken out. Their tails are usually cut ino medium sizes and it more or less stands higher than their backs. Their lustrous coats are exceptional looking, very smooth and it goes straigh all the way down on both sides. Their coat colors are blue and tan. The bodies and tails of the Yorkshire Terriers are colored blue and the rest of their bodies are colored tan. Their puppies are colored brownish black and tan. They have plenty of hair on their heads and they must be banded together to keep it from touching the bowls of water or food. The hair on the top of their heads must be trimmed correctly.

These types of dogs have a lot of energy packed into them and they are unaware of their sizes. Yorkshire Terriers are fearless little creatures, devoted and smart little dogs. Owners must take time out to bond with their Yorkshire Terriers. They are amazing pet dogs and they are quite loving towards their owners. Dogs of this  kind can be wary of strangers. These dogs are domineering and forceful with strange looking dogs and smaller animals. They can be quite edgy if they want to tell their owners what to do. Owners must never let their Yorkshires get to be domineering. Owners must assert themselves and let their pet dogs know that they are the pack leaders. They must do this in a loving and peaceful manner. These dogs can be trained easily, but at times they are stubborn. Owners must train these dogs and give them a set of of rules to follow. When owners are the pack leaders and take absolute control, their Yorkshire Terriers will be their loyal subjects. It is better to train them when they are still young.

These pet dogs have heights of 6 – 7 inches and they must weigh 4 - 7 pounds. They will live for at least 13 -15 years.

They must go out on daily walks with their owners because they need the exercise. Yorkshire Terriers must also have time to play because playing will keep them active and stop them from getting bored. If they are not given this time, they will surely show unwanted behavioral problems. If they observe that their pet dogs are like speed car drivers consistently racing around the hallways and other places in their homes, it might be right for owners to spend more time walking their pet dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers must be groomed on a regular basis. If t's possible, they must be groomed daily.. Their coats need to brushed and combed often. The teeth of these dogs must be cleaned regularly. These dogs are not heavy shedders, they will shed a few hair and sometimes none at all.

They are prone to certain ilnesses such as: slipped stifle, bronchitis, eye infections and tooth decay. There are indications that they can acquire paralysis in their hind sections . This can be derived from herniated disks and spine problems. If they see that their Yorkshires are  starting to limp, this could be the result of their dogs falling down. They must have their dogs seen by their vets because their bones might be fractured. There are bones in their bodies that are fragile and this is what owners must be careful about.

These dogs are rather feeble . Give them the proper care and they will always be amiable pet dogs.'s time


Amber DaWeenie said...

My Mom has always wanted a Yorkie.

Priscilla said...

They are cute, aren't they?

Amber-Mae said...

I have a Yorkie friend but he is a very feisty little fella. He no like other male dogs but he sure knows how to charm the ladies.