Friday, February 4, 2011

The Enchanting Boxers

By: Ed Gonzalez

 Boxers originated from Germany and they have been existing since the nineteenth century. Boxers are descendants of fighting dogs known as Assyrian Molossians .These dogs are brave and were often used in battles. The Assyrian Molossians were seen in Germany and Europe in the 1700's.. This breed became popular in Germany and they were named Bullenbeisers. These dogs were recognized for their power and strong built. They used to hunt and pull down boars. The Bullenbeisers were used as working dogs . These dogs were used to pull carts and they were seen  in circuses as performers. The Boxers were created when the famous english dogs were brought to Germany and they were crossbred with the Bullenbeisers. The result of this breeding are now the well known Boxers. This name was given to them because they were well known to strike and scrape the ground while playing. These modern type of boxers appeared in the nineteenth century and they were brought to America in the middle of the twentieth century. They became famous in america because of their likeable attitudes. Until now, these dogs are one of the most famous breeds in the U.S.A.

Boxers are strongly built. They have heads that are well balanced with their bodies. Boxers have short and regular looking muzzles. Their noses are large and black while their nostrils are wide open.. The Boxers's jaws have underbites ( obstructions - because the lower incisor teeth overlaps the upper teeth ). They have cropped ears that are set high. Owners can just leave it in it's natural state.. When the the Boxers have cropped ears, it will stand up on their heads becoming thinner towards the end. Boxers have round, strong and powerfully built necks. They don't have dewlaps { dangling skin under their throats ). Boxers have strong legs that are straight and extending in the same direction when it is viewed from the front. They have tails that are set high and it is usually docked. Claws that do not touch the ground are removed. These dogs have smooth, short and loose fitting coats that are colored light, yellowish brown, gray or reddish – brown color. They do have dark colored streaks or spots that are tan, mahogany and black. There is usually a combination of white markings. Boxers that have white colored coats are denied memberships in some clubs. Dogs of this kind are always active. They will develop and maintain close relationships with their owners and their families.

Boxers are happy, spirited, inqusitive and playful dogs. They do pack a lot of energy. Boxers like their playing time and they love to retrieve balls. These dogs are intelligent, quick learners and aspiring dogs. Dogs of this kind will do well in obedience competition. Boxers are faithful and loving dogs. These dogs have certain ways that they can do to make themselves have a closer relationship with children. If these dogs have been well cared for and are used to socializing, they will have no problem getting along with other pets. like cats. If owners have other pets, like chicken, ducks and other farm birds, they must think twice before acquiring these dogs. Boxers can be fun at times because they can act like clowns. It is the Boxer's primary attitude to protect their owners and families. Owners must always be their pack leaders. They must train their dogs not to act rough and noisy. They must be firm, calm and constant when training these dogs. These dogs are courageous and are ideal watch dogs. Boxers can be used to do police and military work. They are athletic even during their old ages.Owners must take their boxers for a walk every day.

Male Boxers will reach as much as much as twenty two – twenty five inches in height while females will reach as much as twenty one – twenty four inches in height. Male Boxers will weigh as much as sixty – seventy pounds while their female counterparts will weigh as much as fifty three – sixty five pounds. They will live for about eleven – fourteen years.

Boxers are liable to acquire sicknesses such as heart ailments like:cardiomyopathy ( inflamed heart ).and other heart sicknesse, sub – aortic stenosis, thyroid, epilepsy, skin and other allergies. They are susceptive to acquire tumors more than other breeds. They are well known for drooling and snoring. Do not give food that they are not used to eating because they will develop flatulence. Some white boxers do become deaf.

These dogs will do fine living in apartments as long as they are given the right amount of exercises.. Boxers are moderately active when they are indoors. They must be allowed to run around in big yards that have properly secured fences. These dogs get cold and warm quite easily. It is the duty of their owners to see to it that these dogs are well protected from the weather.

If you take good care of these charming boxers, they will remain to be trustworthy and friendly pet dogs.


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Tweedles -- that's me said...

Very gorgous dogs! They seem so sweet and lovable!

Remington said...

Great information! Thanks for sharing!

BeadedTail said...

We had a neighbor boxer dog named Lacey. She was very skittish and unsure of us but did make a good neighbor.