Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sturdy But Adorable Looking Pugs

By: Ed Gonzalez

These muscular looking pugs have been around since 400 B.C. Pugs originated from China. These dogs were particularly bred to be companions of Chinese Emperors. Their origins are almost the same of that of the pekingese. During those times, dog breeders in China bred short nosed dogs like the pekingese, lion – dogs and lo – sze. The lo- sze or the foo dogs were the ancient pugs. The people who brought the pugs to Holland and England were dutch traders. Pugs were considered to be royal pets in Holland and these pugs were designated as the official pets of the House of Orange in Holland. One of the royal pugs actually saved the life of Prince William when it started barking consistently and this warned Prince William that the Spaniards were about to get him.

Pugs are small dogs and they are rather heavy in features. They have square and tightly packed bodies. Their heads are well rounded, bulky and their muzzles are square shaped,dull and short. Pugs have moles located on their cheeks These dogs have rose or button molded ears. Pugs are energetic, lively, and full of enthusiasm. They are known to be quite playful carefree and rowdy. These dogs are intelligent and comical. Pugs can keep their owners in a jovial mood when they do their funny antics .Owners must use different methods when training these dogs because they become so bored doing the the same routine over and over again. Pugs can be rather assertive, if their owners are not serious in handling them. Pugs need owners who can control them in a calm, self assuring and firm manner. Owners must never change the rules. Do not shout at these dogs in a fierce way because they are highly sensitive. Pugs do not bark sharply. They will do well with children. Owners must be excellent and unwavering pack leaders. If they do not show their good leadership, pugs will display their unwanted behavior. They like doing certain things like guarding the food, toys or any thing that fancies their imagination. Owners must push forward their authority over these dogs but they must do this in a peaceful and unassuming way.

Owners must brush their pug's coat weekly and this will minimize shedding.

Pugs are the ideal dogs for persons living in apartments. They must be kept inside when the weather is hot or cold and the temperature must be considerably moderate.

Owners must take their pugs for daily walks. They must make sure that they are walking ahead of their dogs. In this manner, they are showing their dogs that they are the leaders. Pugs will surely like games wherein they can use their energy. Getting them involved in these games are beneficial for their dogs. This will help their their pugs remain healthy. Do not overdo it, if they make whistling sounds, it means they've had enough and it is time to stop.

Pugs can develop sudden colds and they can become stressful when the weather is hot or cold. They are susceptible to allergies and their short muzzles can cause breathing concerns. ( wheezing and snoring ). They are liable to acquire health problems like: skin concerns, encephalitis ( which can infect adolescent pugs between the ages of two and three years ). Females may have to give birth through caesarean operation because of the big heads of their puppies. Dogs of these kind can be affected with keratites ( inflammation of the corneas ). Their eyes must not weep too much. Owners must never overfeed their dogs because they will become so fat and they will not live long.

Pugs are wonderful pet dogs. Love them and they will become your faithful companions.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Awwwwww how cute! Jus too bad dat dey collided wit da wall and flattened der faces!

twinkietinydog said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me the diaper info on my post about our senior dog. Precious information.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi - this story is about me- a pug.. and you captured every little detail about my whole personality!