Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Small But Great Looking Pekingese

By: Ed Gonzalez

The name Pekingese originated from the well known city of Peking in China and now familiarly known as Beijing. These pet dogs are highly esteemed dogs in China. The Chinese believed that these pet dogs will keep them safe from evil spirits. Before, no one could own these dogs if they were not part of the Chinese Royalty. If anyone was caught stealing these dogs, they were immediately killed right away. If an Emperor died, his Pekingese dog would be sacrificially killed so that they could protect him in his life after death. The Imperial guards killed these dogs juast at the the time when British soldiers were about to take hold of the Imperial Palace. Luckily, five dogs survived and these dogs were given as presents to Queen Victoria. The Pekingese we see now are the descendants of these five dogs.

It's their coats that make them look astounding and gives them the appearance of little lions. It seems like they have artificial long hair growing on the back of their necks and it becomes shorter on the rest of their bodies. These dogs have two level coatings of fur. They have outer layers that are long, innate, similar to feathers and running down freely. Their inner layers are carefree and they work like insulators.

The front part of their bodies are bulky. They have heads that are larger than their bodies. The back parts of their bodies are close – fitting and thin. Pekingese are very short in height but sturdy and they do have long bodies. They have pear shaped bodies that are nearly touching the ground. Their tails go beyond the top of their back parts and it reaches beyond their backs. It has so much feathers on both sides. They have flat looking front faces with thick  muzzles, but the thickness is much more under their eyes. It is separated by the lower and upper parts of their faces. The skin on their muzzles are colored black. Pekingese have noses that are broad and diminutive. Their lower teeth extends over their upper teeth. They have jaw bones that are wide. Pekingese have large but remarkably looking dark eyes that have been set quite a bit a distance from their black eye rims. Their ears are heart shape and it looks as if it is lying flat against their head. Their heads have a rectangular shape and this is the result of the feathers mixing with it. They have thick but undersized necks. Their short legs are thick and heavily boned.

Pekingese are brave little dogs who are alert, freewheeling and very affectionate towards their owners. They are excellent watchdogs. You have to train these dogs and they can be a bit dificult to do so. After awhile, they will follow your orders. You must be able to let them know that you are the leader. If you don't, they will think t that they are the leaders and they can acquire bad behaviors. These means that they will start to growl bark and bite as if they are commanding their owners what to do. All their desirable attitudes will take a turn for the worst. These dogs will become unfaithful and you will not be able to trust them. Pekingese must be trained to follow rules When walking these dogs, owners must follow the general rule that their dogs must walk beside them or at the the back of them. This will show their dogs that they are the leaders. Never let their dogs walk ahead of them because they might have this feeling that they are the pack leaders. Owners must be strong leaders and this will make their dogs feel at ease.

If you train these dogs properly, these pekingese dogs will be so pleasant to be with and they will be excellent companion dogs.

Their life expectancy is 15 years. These dogs will weigh 8 -10 pounds and will have heights of 6 – 9 inches. Pekingese dogs under 6 pounds are called sleeve pekingese and they are the smallest member of the Pekingese family. These sizes are quite well known.

These dogs must walk everyday because this is good for their health. If they are not given this opportunity, they will display behaviors that their owners will not like. It would be nice if these dogs are given the opportunity to roam around in large yards that are properly fecned. When walking with them, they must be put on their leashes. This is to prevent untoward incidents from happening.

Dogs of these types are suitable for living in apartments and condos. They will do quite well living indoors.
sPekingese pet dogs are liable to have colds and they have difficult child births. Pekingese dogs are inclined to having herniated disks and dislocated kneecaps. They can get infected with trichiasis ( lashes that grow inwards in the direction of their eyeballs ) Breathing and heart problems are prevalent with this breed.

If owners handle them carefully and take good care of them, they will remain endearing towards their owners.


Remington said...

I did not know much about this breed! Thank you -- it was very interesting!

Canyon Girl said...

This was very interesting. A small dog in a large package. I have a large, young Samoyed to work with and train right now. Due to a shoulder injury, I couldn't walk him, but I am starting the walks now. Will keep the at my side or behind rule in mind. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I will be back here, for sure.--Inger